He has arrived, alex oxlade chamberlain. Well, you talk about grabbing the shirt alex oxlade chamberlain he’s had his doubters aguero de bruyne city, looking to hit back they’ve got five forward here de bruyne and it’s offside, salah no flag, it’s, Music Applause, Music Applause, oh manchester city, again, Applause hit them with his Left foot darius was absolutely wrong. Footed doesn’t need any identification from me when he’s got the ball. The brightness, oh whisker, away from sergio aguero’s first anfield goal de bruyne steer one in again and again nice joe matip chamblin Applause. Oh Applause, shooting distance on target. Almost a mirror image of oxlade chamber in the premier league this season second would be very timely, liverpool happy to play on the break with salaz offside, maldon, salah. His kind of angle is taken out by the pass and sonic Applause in september has come up with the equalizer here. Well, it’s come from nothing it’s, a wood natural to try and save it. That way, there’s off road mistake by danilo, taken by chamberlain, hit on him firmino, Music Applause as well and edison and liverpool are in trouble here. Aguero sterling took it on and then opted to pass and matic was able to gomez and well here, a good match to city corner what a good header it was by otto mending, as he was Applause it’s, a lovely, very clear Applause, a little bit edison. But then recovers their lines yet and liverpool have got a bit of an overload here with oxlade chamberlain, lovely footwork, a little overlapping chamberlain, really good disguise.

Does he drive it across the box? No, but not in a shooting position, even for his left foot. Oh, hang on a minute i’m, not sure quite going for goal was in his mind, but medicine comes again for him. They could do with another option by walker. Applause, roberto, the firmino dazzler certainly shines here: liverpool have the lead again. Applause. Is that going to come back and bite he’s got plenty of support, including monet. Can he pick the right option this time, you better believe it 3 1 payback time for the red card Applause, so many great games in the past. The current Applause stuck with him money Applause at Applause – they might not need it, but Applause, fernando silva robertson got a consolation at the end of the match. De bruyne and carius Applause has a crack. Seven minutes to go. Don’T write the obituary on this result from manchester city. Just yet.