Now he wants to leave barcelona. He wants to win another champions. League you’ve proved you’ve got a squad, a team capable of winning those kind of trophies any interest in signing him, bringing him to anfield interest yeah, who doesn’t want to have messi in his team, but um yeah, no chance. So the the numbers um are absolutely not for us Music, so primarily saying what is that? What other boy is saying stuff like this i’m i’ve? I followed it a little bit. I saw that. Obviously, some actions were taken by players – um yes and it’s. Uh it’s america it’s not here, but racism black lives matters all these kind of things they’re all they will stay with us or dealing with it will stay with us for for a long period. It is we have to. We have this issue already for a long time so and as long as people don’t really um, get it and understand it, and really that we have to mention equality and stuff like this it’s. I i for me it’s really difficult as human being to understand, but i realize that we have to and um but it’s easy for me to say that we are all equal, because we are, you know, easy it’s, a fact and um that some people see that In a different way, i i never understood in my whole life and i’m 53 years. I never get it and will never get it so, whatever actions they take there, they will have their reasons for it.

Um – and i don’t um – see it in a moment coming in england, but we have to see we have to see. How is that it’s a it’s a worldwide issue, but in the moment i think for some specific cases: it’s um they’re, real um yeah. They think about proper actions in america, because it’s another thing happened, which should never have happened and um so that’s. Why the the players there do what they do um, but i don’t see it coming in the moment uh in in england. Thanks for your time, jugging we’ll move to uh john southall from bbc hi jorgen. How are you good? Thank you. Good um, michael orteti yesterday said that this game doesn’t really come at a great time for arsenal. Obviously, because the lack of preparation is that, is that the same for you yeah would i want to play um a proper game after two weeks, um preparation, no but it’s. We know it for a while already and so it took a while until we had any schedule, but now since we know it yeah, we accepted it 100. So we had now two weeks: training um until then worked really hard, which everybody who wanted to see it could see in the salzburg game, because the boys had overly obviously and some heavy legs. And so we tried to make sure that they are not that heavy anymore, but it’s for us like it is for arsenal.

So we prepare for a for a whole season, uh one of the most intense, probably we ever experienced in our lives um because of the amount of games the the time we have for that and and and and all these kind of things so um not perfect. But it’s as perfect as it can be, and we will try everything to win the game that’s, how it is. So how do you do probably the same i’m sure they will so so? How do you approach it? Is it just another friendly on on the way to the beginning of the season, or is it a bit more than that? Actually we don’t have friendlies really. I know we have test testing games or whatever training games is kind of stubborn it’s, neither or neither nor it’s, um it’s a competition and it’s. You never have to perfect it’s, really rare that you have the perfect time to prepare for a specific game. It would ask me: how long do you want to have time for for a preseason, i would say, give me six six weeks and we and it will be the full squad that would be great um, so we have until the season starts four weeks, which is Like will be slightly interrupted by the international duties and all that stuff and now, of course, by this game, but at howa said um it would. I would be very surprised if this would be the best game.

We play this season um, but we should be. We should be uh ready to fight for result because your opponent has a similar situation, so just give it a proper try, give everything you have um and and and try to win it that’s all what i can say about it: um it’s, not it’s, not a Test game: it’s, not a friendly, it’s, a proper it’s, a proper game against arsenal anyway, so we will try whatever we can. I know you’ve spoken this week about transfers, bringing players in how difficult it it’s going it’s going to be so. Can we expect any players coming in or have you got anything in the pipeline anything but they’re coming closer and closer the kids coming closer, so that’s um looked really well in the preseason, so i don’t know i don’t know what will happen to be honest, um, But that’s a long time to go until the 6th of october and um, so we’ll be interesting to to see what other teams are doing, but we are more or less um in our situation and we will deal with our situation like we always did um. I think the philosophy of this club is pretty clear um. We always did that um. We will see how much we can um, how much we can or how much we want to spend and and all these kind of things. So nothing really to say about it. Okay, thank you.

John much appreciated we’ll go to james malford and then, if he wants one james from talk, sports or two james in a row but uh james malford, first with a question hello jurgen, can i just get the injury situation please for the game tomorrow. Yeah so um yeah, all the boys, which were not involved so far or got a slight knocks in the in the preseason, will not be available for tomorrow, but come getting closer, all of them getting closer and really closer and closer. So hopefully a majority of them can start training completely normal after the arsenal game, but this game is now a bit too early for them, maybe one or two i’m involved in a squad. We have to see um but that’s it pretty much so handles. Looking really good um on a good way, yeah ox early stages, but good shark good trend. Very close, very close. We have to see that we have to make a decision about tomorrow, um yeah, don’t, forget yeah, harry um looks good um, who else virgin? Oh virgil van dyke, you see yes, no, he looks fine, he looks not good because he has obviously a little cut there, but um apart from that, it should be fine. Can i just ask as well a player. Who’S obviously started in three seasons, and so far and brewster is, is he part of your first team plans this season? Can i ask at the moment he is in a moment he is, and we have to see we what will happen in the next few um weeks or so that’s uh we wan na we wan na use rin but wan na help brienne as well so that’s.

Why we have to make decisions um, but not now. Obviously he looks really promising. I know the goals are the most important thing in in the football world so he’s. Obviously he can score goals that that’s good and all the rest. We will see he’s still a young boy and especially on this on his position on number nine up front. Um experience helps a lot. We have to see how we can give him. The experience is it here. Is it somewhere else it’s just? I only mention it because it’s not decided yet. Why should we it’s absolutely substantial reason for it to to to rush anything in that in that thing, he’s, our boy and and so now, in the moment, he’s here, and he will be involved tomorrow, um on the squad for sure and um that’s it, okay. Just before we go to james from talk sport andy, i know you’re on for pa. If you have a question to us, let me know please uh, if not we’ll go to neil jones, but next is james from talksport jorgen. Can i ask you about genie? Why now, then, we know he’s entering the final year of his contract. Would you like the club to to try and extend that i don’t think any midfielder played more minutes in the premier league than genie last season. Look that’s that’s a an open contract situation, obviously otherwise you would know probably and that’s it. That means we don’t talk about that that’s all i never did since i have to press conference.

So why should i change it now? So that’s all that’s, all between us and the player and all these kind of things, um it’s, all it’s, all good in the moment. So all fine – she looked very good in the preseason played obviously a couple of good seasons for us so that’s all i can say about that. Okay, i only have two more hands up for the open part of the press conference. Neil jones, followed by james pierce we’ll, go to neil first and then we’ll go to james okay and with regards to the season, obviously it’s a it’s, a shorter season, it’s a shorter pre season and the fixtures come very quickly one after the other. Does that mean that you need a bigger squad than maybe you would normally need for for a normal season? Do you need more players around that you can that you can use, so we will see. We never been in a situation like that. Um um, if you, if you get injuries too many injuries during the season, you’re never prepared for that, you can usually not cannot um uh. Do that or sort that problem beforehand, um with the biggest squad ever so yes, um numbers in the squad makes sense. We have we have a big squad in the moment, a lot of young boys involved, but they’re all promising and looking all good and and these kind of things so um, the the number of the size of the squad is absolutely okay in a moment.

It’S not probably of injured players and still and can take a bigger squad tomorrow to um to london, but um still, some players will not be involved, so that shows you that we have. The number is okay. Um, probably you talk about the quality and stuff like this it’s again, nothing really to talk about i’m. I’M. I’M, happy with with what we have, but we look constantly for improvements. The only difference is we look for improvements as well internally. How can we improve the players and how can we make them more ready for the specific occasions and um that’s what we do, but um it’s the biggest squad ever the solution for the seat for the next season? I don’t know we will see um how it is, but it’s yeah, nothing really to say it will be intense, but nobody’s moaning in the moment that we are all happy that we can play it all. So um it’s, just two weeks, presents and then playing such an important game tomorrow, it’s on idle, but nobody would moan because we are happy, we can play these games and then two weeks after that, we start the season and from these two weeks 10 days, i Think roundabout, then a lot of international players are away it’s, a perfect no, but nobody moans, because we take it we’re, just happy that we can play again and that’s how we have to approach the whole season. There is no the seas that that time is still uncertain for all of us, not only in football but in football as well.

Um. The situation is not sorted where we are all living in, and so we should not deal with it like. It is sorted um. We have to show responsibility for a lot of people um in the world, in the in the countries and in the club, and especially here and so that’s. What we try to consider and um so it’s we don’t live in dreamland at the moment where we say come on: let’s bring him in let’s, bring him in let’s, bring him in, and then we realized later on, um yeah. We have some other problems, so you you you deal or we deal with our situation, um, which is a good one, but we deal with the situation already for a while and we try to or think we should do that for a bit longer and um yeah, Because how is that it’s still uncertain out there? And we should not forget that. Okay, final question in the open, which goes to james pierce and then we’ll, go to the embargo section for a few questions: james hi jorgen, you, okay, um. Some managers who have won the community shield in recent years have have mentioned it when they’ve talked about winning, doubles and troubles and quadruples classic as a major trophy for you is this: is this a proper trophy up for grabs or, or is it simply all about? Building up minutes in players ahead of the premier league kicking off that’s that’s.

What we did in training now, but in the game we just have to, we just have to deliver so that’s how it is it’s all about fighting it’s, all about um it’s of really fighting hard, it’s um digging deep and all this kind of stuff that’s how It is since um it’s how i said: it’s not perfect, but it’s the best moment we can get so we should. We should um really give it a proper, proper try, uh what other people make of it. It’S, never important. I remember last year we really everybody, told me team club world cup is nothing. I should even consider going stuff like this. I can tell you when we won it, it felt exceptional really and then it was not one. Second, i didn’t think a second. What do other people think about it? So it felt exceptional for us, it felt exceptional for our supporters, and so we have the first chance. So we really we really want it, but that doesn’t mean we get it. It just means we have to give our everything to have a chance so and that’s what we are working on, nothing else and what it means to other people or not. If i couldn’t feel really bothered about it, it’s just how it is there’s, a final it’s wembley, so let’s give it a try. Thank you thanks james.