No big transfer news today around liverpool, it does seem like chelsea, are signing half a football team, but they are only half a football team compared to the boys in red uh. So what i wanted to talk about today, josh it’s, just just the reds really and where we’re at, but also where we’re at in terms of a club behind the scenes and stuff like that, the reason being is um. I spotted something in the sunday times that i thought was interesting. It was a bigger piece about sort of recruitments about the new season and stuff like that, but there’s just a little mention in there or something i just thought. You know. Liverpool are clever auntie, like it constantly comes across to me that they’re clever, oh hello, excuse me it’s neil atkinson uh, not just now neil anyways yeah. So if it it comes across to me that they’re, clever and they’re constantly like looking at different ways, you can get a competitive edge. You’Ve had the throwing coach you’ve had various bits of you know the nutritionists coming in. They seem to lead the way on that you’ve got people like behind the scenes, like mathematicians and all kinds of madness, which is really really interesting, but something mentioned here called a skill corner, and apparently they worked exclusively with liverpool. Last season and they’ve got this unique performance tool that allows you to watch hd videos of games, and you can measure how far players are running and their physical output because surprise, surprise.

It says that clubs don’t normally share that information with each other, and i just thought it was interesting, like i say, it’s just another way that liverpool are sort of looking for an edge and which, when you look at the season, that’s coming up and the schedule Of it so we’ve got salzburg tonight. Obviously charity shield on saturday against arsenal. Then they go away and play internationals and they’ve got this nation leagues bollocks that strike that everyone hates. Then they come back from then it’s leads in the premier league and then once it gets going once you get into like october, and all the european football start it’s, basically a game every three days, and and so i started thinking well, obviously, the the sides that Are physically better and physically at their peak? More often, you would think they’re going to triumph and it just seems to me even in terms of recruitment. You know you look at our stats and like there’s, so many players last two seasons that have played virtually every game and i think some people are saying well that’s a negative because they played too much football. But i might know it’s a positive because they’re resilient and they don’t get injured much and whatever they’re doing behind the scenes at liverpool, they’re doing it right yeah. It feels like, as a club we’re just getting sort of everything right at the moment. I think to be fair, i think that’s been the case for a while.

We we feel at the moment, like the model. Clubs are following it’s, interesting that you mentioned chelsea at the start and their sort of recruitment policy. And you look at united and you know even maybe arsenal, although i think they’re sort of coming somewhere towards a better kill with with arteta and things like. And the reason that they’re going out and just you know, scatter gun approach, signing a load of players is because they have to do that and ultimately, liverpool don’t have to, and obviously we give you up loads of credit because you know he’s the best manager in World football, but he’s also allowed to do that because of the the system that’s in place for him – and you know he he’s constantly talking about his backroom stuff – and you know when he gets these manager of the year awards, even his manager of the month awards. He he wants to make sure that he’s they stood on the training ground with all the staff and that and that’s not just you know, pep linderson and peter kravitz and whoever it goes right down to the analysts and stuff who’ll be stood there with them and That’S, because liverpool is a club of innovators, so much and it’s it’s, due to the it’s due to the marginal gains really to be honest, it’s, probably due to city and and the way that they were as a club for for so long when they were winning.

All the league titles and just looking like they were going to dominate english football. I think liverpool took a bit of a leaf out of city’s book and and almost went one better and and tried to get those marginal gains, and you mentioned you know the throwing coach, the bloke who came in to do the psychology thing was either. I think he was the surfer wasn’t it yeah um and all those sorts of things or just sort of feed into this. This big, like one club mentality we have now. I think you wrote about a few weeks ago for our website as well, where everything it just feels like everyone’s singing off the same hint sheet and it’s it’s not always been the case with a pool at all. In fact, there’s been times where it’s been so far from that and you don’t trust people who are in charge of recruitment and stuff for the club, whereas now you know i i’m sort of so like zen and just sang one about it all, because i just Believe in like each transfer that happens – and you see this sami castle coming in now, i’ve i can’t say i watched olympia cost much last season. I think i actually watched him once again against wolves, and that was the game which happened a few weeks ago. So, i’m, just at a point now where, where i just trust the direction that the club’s going in and that’s because of it’s because of klopp but it’s because of all the stuff, he’s got around him as well, and you know even to an extent.

I know people don’t like to hear it it’s because it’s because of fsg it’s, because they’ve been the ones who’ve who’ve sort of put their money where the martha’s to an extent to go and get all these right people in place because ultimately they’re just they’re. You know the baseball at best. They don’t know much about football. They never did know much about football. I know they gave it the spiel when they came in that tom werner. Was this massive liverpool fan and had this big project and lebron james liverpool fan and whatever, but they were just baseball moneyball people at the end of the day, but they’ve come in and made sure that the right staff are in place and and that’s. Why we’re sort of almost the perfect football club at the moment yeah and it seems like they’re, all sort of open to new ideas as well, which i think is a good thing. I mean we were doing a pro view with steve warner the other day, and he was talking about how he wished he’d embraced working with a psychologist earlier on in his career, because he he got such he notices that he got great gains from working with one And obviously, liverpool have got them on board as she sat there and yeah i mean i tried to find some facts and figures about like some old school reds. If you like i’ve, said to me, like you know, oh don’t get this obsession with like running like why’d, you see, run and stats when you’re watching the footy, sometimes and i’m like yeah, but you know it’s, not the game that it once was, and so so It kind of i get what you’re saying it: shouldn’t just be an athletic thing, but equally if a player is running loads, it’s normally because the closing downloads it makes you really really hard to play through yeah.

I think you saw that to an extent of the night with bayern munich against psg. You know, and people are still discussing now. You know about the high line they play and that it was dead risky and that psg could have broke through and in fact they didn’t have chances and things like that. But equally, though, the fact that they were the intensity they played with the tactical foul and all that kind of stuff people might not like that, but it’s hugely part of the game, so try to find some stats, because you know it does mention in the sunday Times piece that it’s almost like a secret if you like, and it is hard to try and find them. So i found something from may, which was talking about um, the the players that are covered the most distant in the premier league, um and there’s. A couple of liverpool players who are mentioned there’s only a handful of players, who’ve ever run more than 13 kilometers in a game this season and james milner’s, one of them, which is which is mad, but equally no surprise in terms of the best one out of Liverpool players it’s um it’s. For me, you know he’s the one who’s clocked up the most over the season, but again he’s another one where he plays almost every game and he’s clocking up the most distance and – and you know you just think, like there’s. So many players that are on board with this system – i remember reading the um the book about when clock was at dortmund and how you know after a while, they fully embraced the system they knew where they were at.

They knew what everyone was doing and i feel like that’s, where we are now. You know that’s why you know, like you, i’d love us to santiago don’t, get me wrong and i’d love us to sign a center off, and you know even someone else up front. You know i’d rather see someone else coming off the bench than a regi, for example, but equally i’m. Just all right. I trust them. I trust what they’re doing i think everyone’s in a good place and we haven’t lost anyone key. You know we’ve lost love from los alamos, but you know the core of the the group that’s one is the league and one is the european cup and one is the world club cup is still there yeah. I think the reason that we, probably as liverpool fans, are obsessed with that sort of you know the running stats and the distance covered is because that was sort of it was almost the dream that we were sold and when klopp came in wasn’t it and – and You think back to that first game against tottenham, where you know it’s like the iconic image now lallana falling into his arms when he gets subbed off and stuff and and that game i’m pretty sure there was stats kicking around from that game. I don’t obviously don’t know them off the top of my head because it was it was years ago now, but about how much more live paul’s run in that game compared to the game before which i think would have been everton away.

Wouldn’T it rogers last game. Um and and that sort of you know that was the whole uh. When club came in, it was going to be heavy metal, it was going to be gig and pressing and that’s. Probably the one thing that he’s sort of retained from that heavy metal football style, because i don’t think we’re really a heavy metal football team anymore. I don’t think it’s all gung ho and hell forever there’s an argument that it never really was. But you look at games like you, know, norwich away that season where it ends up five, four: does it something and it used to be the sort of liverpool were so good going forward? It actually reminds me a bit of manchester united now. To be honest, the way that they’re they’re so good going forward they’ve got all that forward. Talent they’ve got lads like mason greenwood coming through and stuff, but then at the back, they’re still they’re still absolutely all over the gap and and that that was the way that we were for so long and then it felt like clop actually started to to build Us from the back and and maybe that was a sort of change of style from him in terms of the teams he’s had in the past. I know that you know dortmund weren’t necessarily bad at defending. They had obviously humbles and sober titch and players of that. But it didn’t seem like dortmund were with the sort of side, who’d win loads of games, one nil and that’s, where i feel like – and i know neil likes to make the comparison we’ve almost developed into this – this fergie united side.

Now, where look, we can still blow a team away like we did to crystal palace just after the restart and if, if, if a team lets us sort of, you know, get the foot on the neck and and get that grip holding a game, then then we Will but for the most part, liverpool side will just we’ll just win games and and just keep doing that and that’s why you know we’re we’re so relentless now in terms of winning trophies and winning points. Yeah salzburg tonight or this afternoon rather and the anfield will be as ever, covering that in all the usual ways and then the same with the charity shield at the weekend and on the charity shield and on the schedule generally, it is mad, obviously uh with the Coronavirus situation, the fact that we sort of lost a month of the season, if you like and everyone’s, got to be crammed in uh clubs. Talk today about the community shield, basically being a bit tricky says: we’ll have to give some players a few more minutes. So we can get closer to the 90, but i’ve said before we cannot do less now, because we play the game on saturday. We have to prepare prepare for a full season after arsenal. A lot of our players go to the international games. They’Ll have to play for their countries and they now need proper training. The weekend will be tricky, but we will be as ready as possible.

That kind of sounds like he’s sort of prepping, the way to say: listen, it’s, not it’s, just it’s. Just the charity shield, that’s kind of where i am with it, to be honest, it’s, a nice thing to win. You know you want to win any game that liverpool plays in, but it’s all about the leeds game and it’s all about you know attacking the next title as clopto off the bottom yeah. I think it’s it’s always been sort of classified as like a glorified friendly, hasn’t it, and i think, to be honest this this will be the most pre season, friendly it’s, maybe ever been. I think, there’s been times where, particularly when love portable in it. To be honest, you’ve watched the charity shield and there is a competitive edge to it. I think back to you know, city last year i i almost went into that thinking. Look if city win is one of them. It’S it’s a day out at wembley in august and and that’s the way that i was thought gon na take it. But then i think when we equalize late in the game – i’m i’m banged up through at that point – and i i might be that way on saturday. But but it feels like clopping it, and i think our tattoos will be the same as well, because they’re, both smart managers, they both they both care about the players as well, ultimately, and they want the players to to come out of that and retain fitness they’re.

Not going to you know, push to push their players through the ringer to try and win some some shield, because that’s that’s the way they see it look it’s not counted in the in the major honours that you have at the end of the season. I know city want to put it in front of their team when they talk about call themselves, the formidables or whatever, as though it counts as as one of those sort of end of season honors and but it, but it doesn’t and that’s the way these managers Are going to see it and they’re going to see it as another step towards getting fit for the new season, they’re going to see it as a chance to maybe test out a few things? I expect to see lads like curtis jones, maybe getting a bit of game time and stuff like i know. I know we obviously featured heavily the the other day in terms of the the general play on and off. Obviously, i’ve only played 45 minutes, but i expect to see lads like him. Getting a run out and maybe to be honest, they’ll, be doing that same sort of minutes pattern where it’s one team for the first half and then and then you know not obviously not the sort of wholesale changes you would see in the preseason friendly. But you know as many as he can make for the second half of it yeah. I i don’t know what the score is with the kits.

I don’t know if they wear the swimming pool, one um again against the arsenal. What would you say, i’m banging into it? You know i know. I know people don’t like to obsess over the kids anyway, but i’m i’m actually into my son, like you know, because i think that’s what’s interesting for like for me like. I saw it and i just said the same old things about you know how it should be the traditional colors and all that kind of stuff. But you know my son would probably market to that more than it is me because he’s more likely to wear it than i am he’s banging through it. He really likes it and he, you know like he and he’s, like they’re all different. You know dad and i’m like well, i think he’d be different to be a kid and he’s like yeah, but they’re all slightly different, because it’s just the bottom of the swimming pool – and i was like okay, okay but yeah. The schedule is mad. I just wanted to mention that you know there’s only four spare mid weeks due to the champions league final on may the 29th, so i think there’s going to be lots of fingers crossed among football administrators. We obviously saw the ridiculous situation last season with the world club cup final and something like that could well easily happen again if one side gets to sort of carabao cup final deep into the fa cup deep into europe and all that and obviously liverpool are capable Of that city, or maybe chelsea, may be man united.

We shall see so yeah it’s going to be a it’s going to be a mad one, and not least, of course, that is the the the possibility of him a second wave of the coronavirus as well. So you know fingers crossed that doesn’t happen, of course, but yeah, a few couple of things to uh plug before we go the stuff in the shop for you to go and have a look at the forward. Slash shop is that right or, both both of them. There you go, they both work. What have we got? Josh uh you’ve got one of the adult ones there. So this is from our premier league champions range i’ve got one of the youth ones, obviously, because it has the comments. One i’m, a very youthful man, we’ve got the mugs here as well. Just won it that’s part of our range as robert’s got there and i’ve got the one which matches uh, robbo’s mug there as well, so get on all of that yeah loads of stuff on there go and have a look get yourself dressed up announced to the World that liverpool are the champions uh worth remembering that that whatever happens with this coming season, we get to go all the way through it, singing that with champions telling the world that we won the league telling the world that we’ve won it 19 times and fingers Crossed that we’re back in the stadium soon because that’s, what we’re all looking forward to isn’t it but whatever happens, as i say, the answer that will be there doing it, a video podcast stuff on the website.

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