As usual, the game has all the elements really to excite us and i’m sure it will live up to the billing it’s liverpool against stuttgart, yeah thanks martin, looking forward to this we’ve got some really good players out there and importantly, we’ve got some match winners. Some goal scorers down on that pitch, i don’t think we’ll be disappointed. Applause, Music samia. This is the liverpool side in goal – is alison. Virgil van dijk plays alongside joe gomez at the back. Georginio winaldo starts with nabi keita in midfield and roberto firmino is the one striker Music it’s stuck up. We can look at their lineup now. Well, three at the back that’s. The first thing that catches the eye: what about the rest of the team? Well, it looks to be a three four three. You certainly don’t see it that often and when it works, it can catch the opposition off guard. Really it can be a really awkward shape to contend with. Applause, Music and phil’s seen some wonderful teams down the years of course, great title: winning eras in the 70s and 80s european success: wonderful history for liverpool football club, but they’re really trying to bring anfield into line with the modern day. A big new stand, of course, and also with the kind of uh approach to try and build a team that has a legendary status like the forerunners yeah. Well, that is always the challenge for whatever manager is in place and they’ve got pretty close in recent times and uh.

These fans haven’t gone short on entertainment and that’s for certain when you think of the exploits of salah firmino manoj brilliant good connection, just off target over the top yeah that has flown off his foot. Applause, the manager just hoping that that miss is not going to come back to haunt them. They are creating chances, but that was a costly, miss intercepted. Well gomez, jurgen klopp will tell you what a wonderful addition to any team is roberto firmino. He does what he’s lovely ball he’s away, he’s in the clear it’s liverpool he’ll score; Applause; well, that’s a poacher’s goal, maybe not his most spectacular, but an important one. Here, Applause different angle on it here, Music it’s been tight before that goal, but now the manager he’s so pleased because i reckon he feels his team can go on and win this so liverpool have that lead, as you would expect number nine roberto Applause back with One album – oh they’ve, got another one, brilliant football from a superb team who have struck twice in as many minutes it wasn’t an individual goal. It was a beautiful team effort, lovely interplay, Applause, Music Applause, just widened the margin here to two nil number. Three fabinho played down the wing, keeping the wide attack going good idea pass not executed with enough subtlety really. The run was a good one, easy work for the keeper here, they’re trying to dispossess him able to intercept here. Applause gomez, that’s great, defending with the block Applause Applause corner, swung in gets it away from the goal with a punch here gonzalo castro Applause gets the ball out wide with time to assess the situation it looked on to really go at the opposition, then they wasted The opportunity Applause, roberto, firmino that’s, a dreadful error.

Well, that should be the game. You could call it another insurance goal. Surely they can’t throw it away here? Applause! Well, the keeper won’t want to see this again. What a horrendous mistake! Sometimes you can get away with. Not here, let’s have another peek at that goal: Applause, oh he’s, loving it. The manager he’s, seeing his team playing really well just what he was asking for. Well, this is delightful football from liverpool today, another turnover in play here with that interception. The hosts had more than enough of the ball today, we’ve seen some lovely football, their key players really pulling the strings and put them into a dominant position from which i can’t really see them. Messing it up. Oh, he snuffed out considerable danger with that interception. Applause. One pass away from being a great move: he’s still going fine run this pound good room out here. Strong piece of defending and clearing roberto firmino, now sadio monet, guided through salah didn’t, quite get the pass right. The keeper’s ball roberto, firmino gomez, difficult for the defender against the player, who wants to take him on like this Applause? They can attack here from this wide position. Liverpool roberto, firmino now with one album, what a fine save and that will be a corner for liverpool. Music decided that this time, they’re going to play the short corner, jorginho one album mario gomez chance to go at the opposition with pace. Applause he’s got a chance to cross daniel d’davi, very good, tackle the board shows three added minutes.

Getting the ball back and thinking attack straight away, roberto firmino, now one album and that goalkeeper can just saunter out pick that up Applause. Well, there is the referee blowing for half time, it’s three nil, here, he’s doing more isn’t he than just keeping them ticking over. In midfield he’s he’s running the show, oh he’s been the catalyst, the architect really for his team and provided them with an assist Applause. Well, as you can see from the scoreline as we start the second half, there might not be too much of a contest left in this game. Well, the wide man can show his skills here. They’Ve set it up well for the cross put away, but not out of harm’s way gonzalo castro he’s blocked that well making sure there’s, no turnover still got a bit to do, but this is promising a goal. Well, he swung his foot at it and he’s good at these one touch finishes and that was as sweet as a nut. Yeah kept his eye on the ball, kept his head over it and the lovely connection. Applause. 3. 1. The scoreline as we restart the game. Applause, gonzalo castro castro, gives it away Applause impressive, in possession, passing’s good, possibly dangerous chance for a break in numbers just lost their way at the crucial moment of that counter. Attack and they’ve lost the ball mohammed that’s, something for him to chase a bit of a sprint for the goalkeeper, but he made it Applause, endo and it’s.

Now, with liverpool, the real speed in this side comes from sadio mane another shot. Well now it looks like a question of just how many they really are on top now stretching the lead. Looking like the real winners of this match for liverpool, it is looking pretty much now that the victory is assured. Oh it’s, an enviable situation for them should be home and host well. Let’S. Take another look at the goal: Applause, Music, well that’s. What substitutes before to be used and we’ve got one coming on now it’s turning out to be an embarrassing score line, really as we’re underway again well, he’s, giving the ball away here unnecessarily: it’s marnie, that is a decent, tackle, well defended, not just getting across. He thought quickly as well: jorginho that’s, a very good goal, no goal flag up. Well that assistant there he was certain. The flag went up straight away: Applause, trent alexander arnold here’s, nabi, keita here’s; one album now cater for better. For me, Applause that’s, the right kind of football dive to turn the shot away Applause he has to clear it. Well, maybe the counter attack is on here over the top of the defenders, and he could be in here well that counter attack didn’t work and they might be counter attacked themselves, now roberto Applause away from him time ticking on just over 15 minutes to go castro Guiding it through great chance, oh goal, they’ve got one back, you can’t be too critical of the keeper, but he just needed some help from his defenders.

There prospect of even more goals. 4 2 is the score Applause now: sadio monet, here’s nabi, keita Applause, marne. Trying to set up a teammate with a cross danger lesson for a moment, but still the corner to come well they’re going to shuffle the back of it now Music. Well, alan! It is the substitution now wonderful to watch. He took those two goals: superbly well short corner Applause, jorginho, one album and the cooper doing his job. Wynalda jorginho, one album good block back into play off the post Applause time is ticking away here, four minutes to go substitute coming up for the away team. Well, suddenly, they could be on the counter attack it’s given away anfield. Please give a round of applause for today’s man of the match. Number 10 savior. Now they’ve got the ball back. What can they do from here? There will be a minute he’s, had a good look and decided what he’s seen from this period of play to add on three minutes promising forward he’s one on one with the goalkeeper. They have scored, and there is still maybe time on the clock for them to go again. That’S what they’ll be hoping for. Rushing back to the center circle to get the game restarted, well, there’s, still time and with time, there’s still hope, but there’s not much of either commodity, no he’s lifted the team, and who knows we could have a grandstand finish here incredible game, one that will remember A long long time with so many goals – and that is the end it’s all over really bad weather today – really good game yeah.

We forgot about the weather only 10 minutes in because it was so entertaining great stuff Applause.