Album has his first goal for the club Applause it’s, just about liverpool’s. First attack of the night, a quality cross from adam lallana, shot comfortably blocked clipped in then by henderson there’s, no flag milner back across, and then they head up wine album liverpool back on terms 12 minutes into the second half thought about getting the pass away from. He does so now the riggy, looking through the middle played across to him this to finish it that finishes it liverpool, three arsenal, one another classic liverpool, counter attack, rory, point alden and second time, that’s the break that liverpool so desperately needed wine album with his fifth Of the season, Applause klein to firmino well collected by one elder, have a listen to that. That’S changed things massively in the final seconds of the first half it’s a little bit tight shots, Applause and liverpool get a second goal and that’s the first time that genie. Why now them has ever scored away from home for liverpool illness corner warm, not enough on it headed back in formed just enough on it that time, but did it cross the line? It did. Liverpool have a goal: robertson, good run from one album, dutchman’s been fouled. He went for the lord Applause liverpool back in the team and back with a big goal with the corner. Oh brilliantly, driven in by genie Music, a thunderbolt that could have liverpool heading back to the top of the table. Davio marney is on his way into the middle.

So is why now then off the bench he scored liverpool get a second goal in front of the cop. Why now, then, Applause and liverpool have got the breakthrough. Applause mishandled by sheffield, united’s goalkeeper gets milner in. He did well to reach that slides it in behind. Are they Applause, it’s Applause with a classically Applause, Music Applause again? Well, there was a hint of a handball in there.