Matt addison, alongside our liverpool fc correspondent, paul gorst liverpool, have already signed kostas shimakas over this summer, but speculation continues over who, if anyone might be next through the door over the course of the next few minutes, we’re going to dive into liverpool’s transfer strategy. Taking a look at what liverpool do why they do it and what might be coming next plenty of familiar names to come. Thiago alcantara genie, one album and maybe even lionel messi, but paul will begin with a name who many might not have heard of just a couple of weeks ago, and that is vinnie cometio a center back. Of course, i know you’ve been writing about him. Today i mean first of all, how impressed have you been with what is, albeit a very small sample size in pre season yeah. I mean it’s difficult to judge too much and he’s had 22 minutes in one game and 27 in another and um he’s someone who doesn’t look 17. Does he he’s a he’s, a big, strong, liar, he’s powerful and he seems very composed on the ball. For someone who’s so young and seen him in a couple of youth games, a couple of under 18 games and and he does look an imposing figure and he’s got plenty of years left to grow and kind of develop physically and um on the ball. As you say, looked quite cool and composed um, i’m speaking to someone who was with the club at the austria training camp only yesterday and and um, they weren’t exactly raving about buddha cometo.

But there was a almost a measured kind of under understated message that this ladder is going to be good um. The club aware putting too much pressure on them at this stage, which is understandable. The age of 17. they’ve been doing double sessions. For most of that that week in austria, but cometio wasn’t, because they’re obviously concerned that um liverpool’s fitness levels as the premier league champions is obviously famous isn’t, so kind of a little bit wary of throwing a 17 year old who’s not used to that pace. In twice a day so um, he, i think he was doing individual sessions and in place of those double bonds where the rest of his teammates would be kind of getting really put through their paces, with andreas cornmeyer and so on. But there seemed to be a little bit of an excitement around them developing them. He was kind of only thrown into the mix because of a lack of centre backs. Obviously, they’re not on his left and john matthew is injured and i’m sure we’re going to come on to centre, backs in more detail shortly, but um he’s kind of um taking his chance and taking advantage of the opportunity. That’S been given to him, and he was on the bench for last year’s kind of cup tie against the household. You might be thinking that maybe this has been a little bit of a breakthrough for him, where he can possibly expect to be named as part of those squads a little bit more next season, yeah, absolutely, as you say, only 17, not 18 until november, and as Much as liverpool fans and possibly the club as well have been impressed and he’s been sort of with the first team that is still very young, especially for a centre back as well, because you know even someone like joe gomez.

We still talk about as a young centre back, but you know he’s been there and done it for two or three seasons now yeah exactly, i think, with with since i’ve actually kind of matured a little bit later than an attack on talent, selfie and, as you Say with gomez he came to liverpool when he was 18. and he was probably only when he was at 21 22 that he was getting runs in the team in his favorite position. So um yeah i mean, i think, he’s. Definitely a talent billy matto, but it might be a couple of years before we start seeing him approaching somewhere, where you’d expect them to start. You know making a real impact on the team on a weekly basis and liverpool, of course, have lost down lovren this summer. They’Ve sold him to zenith and petersburg cometio is there seth, vandenberg and kiana hoover are both obviously very, very highly rated as well, but i mean what’s the the latest in terms of of that situation, as you understand it, because i suppose a lot of fans would Maybe want somebody to be brought in yeah i mean i, i can’t see a a scenario where cometio hoover or vandenberg. I love that as a fourth choice centre. Back next season, liverpool have just lost diane lovren. Somebody played the welcome final. You know the most recent welcome final in champs league final um, 2018 started and obviously played in the 2019 one off the bench as well.

I think so. Um liverpool can’t really afford to lose someone of his experience. I think it was seven years in the premier league, over 200 appearances for liverpool and southampton with someone who’s never played already played very few games um on a senior level, particularly in the premier league. So if you’re asking me do they will need a full choice. Center back and someone to come in then most definitely um, no question there, almost ragna clavinesque, if you like someone, who’s, dependable, experienced and he’s, not gon na break the bank. I think that might be the type of profile that liverpool are going to look at to come in and kind of um pad out the squad for the coming season. I don’t see any of those three that we just mentioned: um kind of moving up to the senior setup on a long term basis. Next season, then we’ll see what can be done in the market between now and october. The 5th is it yeah, all three of those players, i think very much long term projects for liverpool, rather than short term solutions. I know somebody that we’ve spoken about in the past is ben white and you’ve reported that liverpool have taken a little look at him. As well as a lot of other premier league clubs, i mean his agent in the last couple of days, says that brighton won’t, let him go to leeds united. They don’t want to sell him to somebody that they see as a rival but he’s not necessarily ruled out a move somewhere else.

I suppose the one thing you would say in terms of ben white, being a liverpool target is that he is going to cost a lot of money. Definitely i mean, i think, get the nail on the head there he’s someone who, i think brighton turned down. 30 million for leeds was it first. It was, he was 18 and 22 and then they’ve turned on a third one of 30.. So they obviously see him as a as a tough talent, and it begs the question: would he not? Is he not going to be a starter right next season, but are they still looking to obviously cash in on them to shut the team who they don’t consider to be arrival? Liverpool obviously would fit that profile, but i don’t see liverpool spending upwards of 30 million on someone who’s gon na come into the squad initially, his fourth choice, um, obviously he’s young and he’s – got plenty of time to develop and improve, but um how many games did Lovren play last season. How many games would his replacement play next season that he’s someone who i don’t really see liverpool bringing to the club for that kind of money? This summer, yeah? No premier league experience, of course, as well, which could be a little bit of an issue. We’Ll move on then from center backs and and move into midfield. I know it’s a topic that we sort of have to talk about almost with links to thiago alcantara continuing uncertainty a little bit over.

You know someone like ginny one album’s contract. I mean first of all, just what is the latest? Is there any more developments that we have on those two players and and if so, what are they? No, it is the answer. In short, i mean there’s no active contract talks with genie ryan album at the moment, which is a little bit of a concern when you think of how important he is to the liverpool squad liverpool’s team on the club. I think he played 37 times in the premier league last season. I think it was bournemouth the only game away that he missed so he’s. Obviously, one of the first names on the team sheets and with no active talks that would suggest that he’s not going to be offered the new deal and he could feasibly leave as a free agent next season in the same way, i’m rich handed um. So hopefully that can be resolved, but at the moment you have to kind of accept that if there are no talks, then that is the case um by munich, i suppose, are in a similar situation with tiago aren’t they, although they have reportedly offered him a new Deal that he has turned on, but it looks like he’s going to be walking away from from the uh from from unit from the european champions. Liverpool, of course, have been regularly linked, but um no change as far as that situation goes. As i understand it and um is it a waiting game? Are the two situations linked quite possibly um liverpool, probably unlikely to go and spend 30 million on a player? Who could be available on free in less than a year’s time? So particularly somebody who’s going to be 30 at that point, and you know, has others injury problems so um.

They really are looking to play, play the um, the waiting game and kind of waited out with both players situations and but, as i understand that it’s still no change. As far as thiago was concerned, yeah i mean in terms of one album specifically, then i suppose the fact that there is no contract talks will be a little bit of a surprise for a lot of people, because he’s been such an important player for jurgen klopp. At the moment i mean what’s your opinion on that sort of situation because, as i say, he’s he’s played such a huge role for klopp you’d. Imagine that he’s a player that he would quite like to keep around definitely i’ve i’ve got no doubt that game club would want to keep genie. Mine i’ll give me such a versatile midfield disney and, as we’ve mentioned, somebody plays virtually every week. I think it might come down to what his representatives are asking for in a new contract, then they’ve seen virtually every other player sign a new contract um at liverpool since mohamed salah facebook pen to paper in june 2018. I think pretty much wine album is the only one who hasn’t had the new contract, and i know that agents do talk and do ask people involved and people around the deals trying to get a little bit of a feel as to how much certain players are In and then maybe it’s a situation where they feel that one of them should be rewarded, a lot more handsomely than liverpool are prepared to offer or have table.

So maybe that is a situation it’s, probably the only one that i can think as to why there hasn’t been an agreement because he’s so important to liverpool yeah, all quiet on the the liverpool front, but certainly not anywhere else. You look at manchester city. You look at chelsea in particular spending a huge amount of money. There is sort of some suggestion that liverpool could almost be left behind, but i think that probably forgets two crucial things. One being that liverpool won the league by so many points last season and, of course, it’s only really chelsea – that spending manchester united have been relatively quiet as well. I suppose the the question on a few liverpool fans lips is, should liverpool be concerned about either chelsea or manchester city going into next season. Manchester city i’d say yes, i mean the the closest rivals are people. I hear the phrase standing still quite a lot and people are worried that liverpool are going to be standing still and let’s face it. Go stand still, leave them well, because they’re going to be approaching 100 points again. So for me i think that’s just one of those phrases you that people have repeated and and kind of saved themselves, because standing still, as i say, that means that people are going to be what 99 points 97 points that that is more than enough to win. The premier league title isn’t, it manchester city gon na – have to have another extraordinary season to get near that.

If that is liverpool, you know staying where they are. So i think, with with city they’re, not exactly making silence that are going to make liverpool sit up and and really concern themselves with ferran taras is, is a good player with plenty of room to develop nathan. Aki he’s been around the premier league for it. For a good few years, now he’s a decent center back, but is he um someone who liverpool should be worried about to know um chelsea’s a little bit different? I think. If they get their defensive act together, then they could push on significantly less season but same they’re, putting a lot of stock in in a 35 year old, tiago silva 35, 36 and someone who okay, he has just played the champions league final. But he’s going to be coming into the premier league in his mid 30s um it’s, going to be a little bit of an adjustment period for him. Of course, they’re signing good players in terms of going forward with team, oven and hacking science, but they’re so far. Behind liverpool last season that i don’t think liverpool have to be hugely concerned with chelsea but city. Of course, they will be looking over the shoulder a little bit to who they might stand, and if they do get a certain line or messi, then they will be a lot more worried um. I can guarantee that yeah it’d be interesting to see if the finances do add up for city to get someone like messi over the line personally.

I’M – not convinced yet that he will actually leave barcelona, but we will see what happens. I mean let’s hypothetically suggest that city do end up with messi. You think liverpool would then have to react to that deal. Would it be so monumental that they would almost be forced into the market? I think even for someone like messi, i don’t think that would knock liverpool out of their stride in terms of their plans and their succession planning and all that type of stuff it would be a blockbuster set let’s face. It would be the biggest big biggest transfer in football history wouldn’t it um lionel messi, okay, he’s 33, but i’m gon na be the greatest players. Who’Ve ever played the game. Moving to the premier league moving to liverpool’s closest rivals, it would be seismic and it’d be huge, but i just think liverpool are so kind of hyper focused on what they do, that it wouldn’t really knock liverpool after their stride and it wouldn’t make them break their Um plans in terms of bringing in other players, because i don’t think they’re in a position to do that, even if they couldn’t, even if they wanted to so um, look as much as we don’t like to see like lionel messi in the premier league next season. Let’S hope he doesn’t go to manchester city because um the chances of retaining that title would they reduce significantly yeah manchester united as well as a final question.

I said they hadn’t been particularly busy before they have far more money normally to splash about than liverpool, and i suppose that’s almost a reality check for liverpool fans that, if they’re not splashing the money. That kind of explains why liverpool have taken the approach that they have as well yeah. Exactly i mean i think loads of people kind of lump in united when they’re talking about teams spend the money as to why liverpool aren’t, but an accident actually aren’t. Are they they’re, obviously embroiled in very public negotiations with jaden sanchez at the moment, he’s still a dortmund player and the reason he probably isn’t a united one at this point is the fact that united aren’t willing to meet dortmund’s asking price because he quite frankly, don’t Have that kind of money to throw about so united in a very similar boat to liverpool in terms of watching what they can and can’t spend because of the earnings or the lack of ends over the last few months and the other two are different party. Because of who their owners are and their financial models, chelsea have obviously had the transfer ban, so they’ve been stored in their transfer funds, if you like and they’ve given their manager funds to spend and who let’s face it. Frank lampard was probably promised that 12 months ago, wasn’t he that next season, when the traffic bombs over with you, can go and spend x, amounts of money and city will always spend because of their ownership model and united, crucially aren’t.

So um look this isn’t just liverpool who are affected by the the constraints in the markets. United evidently are as well and i’m sure that will be the case exactly that. We will see, of course, how it all plays out. Premier league clubs have until october the fifth to get deals done.