I think it’s fair to say that we’ve been rather restrained in the business that we’ve done over the past three or four windows and our net spend overall hasn’t been great, but i’ve never really bothered about that, because we’ve done very good business with the business we’ve Done and we’ve recouped a lot of money for the players that we’ve sold, but there seems to be this, and maybe it’s just in my head, which is why i want to have this conversation. There seems to be this recurring theme of we’ll be able to spend money next summer. That seems in my head. That just seems to be the story every summer last summer we all understood it. We were maybe a little bit frustrated, but we understood it because you know we were told we need to get the finances in place because we’d renewed, so many senior players contracts giving them approved contracts paid out a lot on agencies. To me i took that one on the chain. I understood it. We brought into kiwi minimino in january, sound again, very good piece of business for very small money, but this summer was supposed to be the summer where we opened up the purse strings and we spent a little bit of money now it’s very hard to be critical Because nobody could have foreseen the circumstances of what was going to unfold in the world. But again the line seems to be that we’re building to spend a lot of money or to spend money next summer.

And i just don’t want this to become a recurring theme and i don’t know if in my head, this is an easy get out of jail free card for the owners not to spend money or i don’t know, if i’m, making too much out of it, which Is why i’d love to know your thoughts? Now i wan na caveat everything i’ve just said by saying i don’t have any ill feelings towards our owners. In fact, i think we have very good owners of this football club. Who’Ve done a lot of great stuff, improved the stadium and build us a new training ground god is the best manager in the world, deliver us the holy grail and for all that stuff and a lot more. I and many other liverpool fans will be forever grateful. I understand the theory about working in between our working within your means, but we have brought in a lot of money. You know we’ve brought in a lot of money from from champions league money from television money from premier league money from sales. And, yes, we reinvest a lot of our um sales money back into buying other players. But to me i hear we have a really high wage wheel and i wonder to myself: is it because we have a lot of players on x amount of money because we’ve got nobody on 350 400 grand a week? So we must then have a lot of players on a hundred grand plus and those players have earned those contracts.

I suppose, because you know they deliver the goods, but i just wonder: is this going to be our current team? If this pandemic hadn’t hit the world? Would we be getting players this summer? Maybe i mean a bit cynical. I’D. Just love to know your opinion on it, because sometimes these things go on in my head and um. I just love to get different perspectives on things. So again, please do. Let me know what you think with regards to the elf finances uh. What if we got lens based media set, has to be controlled care for local residents when opening up a 30 crowds, because of i don’t even want to say the word. But you know what what i’m talking about, i think it’s safer for locals to go first, not anti wall or day trip or just thinking of the anfield population. I think that’s reasonable enough mate. I genuinely do and when we’re being advised at this moment in time to keep travel to a minimum and certain areas might have lockdowns and those lockdowns might be done for certain regions of the country. I completely understand where you’re coming from, and i don’t think that that is um and i don’t think andy wall as you, you called it or anything. So i understand where you’re coming from on that one uh andy kirkland said craig. We have until october the fifth, but i get what you’re saying it feels deflated. So far in the transfer window and and as i said, may i and i didn’t say just there, but i said in previous streams.

I am willing to sit back and wait to see how the window unfolds, because, if nobody’s spending money because we’re all in the same boat with finances, then okay. But if you know you were to go out and get sancho and chelsea continued on spending and brought in kai havertz and maybe a couple of other players and you see other clubs may be strengthened. And then you wonder, you know why haven’t we got money to spend, but i am willing to give the window and see how it unfolds. Absolutely, i think that’s very fair.