First, questions from alana rizzo go ahead, dave the players that we’ve talked to so far share the sentiment that you just have to wash it off and move forward. Can you, as a manager, do the same thing or does it linger with you a little longer? No, not at all. You have to lana um, you know yesterday was yesterday and our focus has to be about today and today only are you allowed to get shell shocked? Oh, i was shell shocked. You know right after that game winning run scored. I was certainly shell shocked, but uh. You know you got to kind of turn the page that’s. What uh? You know baseball that’s, what’s great about this game, the unpredictability it’s, a tough game um, but you have to be able to turn the page and come in fresh and we do a good job of that there’s. Always pressure on clayton kershaw in the postseason there’s always been a narrative surrounding him. Is there even more pressure on him tonight in game? Five, considering it’s 2 2 versus 3, 1 um, 3, 1, certainly more ideal, but no, i think right now. Clayton is just ready to pitch. You know he just wants to help us win a baseball game, whether it was to close up the series or just win today so i’m, not worried about his psyche or preparation at all. Thank you. Next questions from eric stephen go ahead. Dave i don’t remember if this came up post game last night, but was there any thought to leaving julio in um to finish the fifth or possibly beyond, or was that just a situation of matchups? No, it was.

It was basically, it was for me uh, just seeing the bats. Uh diaz had um he punched him out twice, but that second at bat he saw a lot of pitches, was on his fastball, ultimately struck out and uh that at bat prior i thought that rosarina was seeing him well. So for me to lea, if i, if his last hitter was gon na, be um diaz, why would i why wouldn’t? I just make sure that you know a two out homer doesn’t happen and i just felt blake was the best option to kind of get that out and then go back out there and get a rosarina next questions from dave, assago dave out of all the teams That you’ve managed with the dodgers. Do you feel like this? One is best equipped to turn the page, like you said sure i i think absolutely and – and i think that comes with experience um, you know we’ve already experienced some some tough uh, some tough losses. Some tough games, um, so yeah i mean that’s, just part of experience and um. You know you learn a lot from guys when they go through some tough times. So as far as coming in today, seeing guys how they’re approaching today it’s not a surprise, where do you go now with kenley for the rest of the series, you know, we’ll see we’ll see right now, he’s uh he’s been up two days in a row.

Um, you know so right now, we’ll just kind of play it by here and see where we go. What the game situation you know how the game plays out. Thank you next question, from jorge castillo, did you allow yourself to re watch that finish uh? No, it was pretty clear um so to kind of go back through. I know exactly what happened so um to re watch it. I i didn’t do that and how did you sleep actually i slept well. I had a little help, but i slept well a little help, yeah exactly so medication. I was like a baby. Next question is from rowan kavanagh: go hey ahead, uh cody’s in center field! Um! You know what was that kind of conversation to see uh how healthy he was and – and you know what what have you heard about his back dad today, i’m 100 i’m ready to go sounds good next. Questions from mike digiovanna go ahead. Sorry about that uh dave! You seemed you seemed a little reluctant to extend grader all but i’m. Just wondering you got three games left here in the season. It’S. Is it sort of time to let him go a little longer, maybe a second inning even more. If you need to yeah no it’s, not about um, you know extending uh bruisard off. I just think that it’s it’s more about um. You know what he’s done the body of work uh, what other guys have done their body of work against uh, certain handedness of hitter? So i think that uh, you know i i like him a lot.

He can get left and right out, but you know the truth that matters that he’s have has a lot more success against right hand hitters. So when there’s a run of lefties um, you know we have other guys that have shown uh to be more efficient. Next questions from bradford davis go ahead: hi dave um, you know david price, actually tweeted about the importance of uh. You know flushing, you know flushing out moving forward. I’M curious was anything that he shared with the team to encourage y’all. After you know, rough welsh last night um, i don’t know nothing kind of as a group um. Obviously david has a lot of experience so i’m. Sure he’s kind of reached out to guys individually, though, which is great next question, is from daniel lombroso: go ahead. Hi uh dave last night uh, you and julia were trending topic in mexico. Uh was julio like angry when he removed from the from the mouth he was pitching. Well did he tell you anything later? No, no! No! We didn’t talk after and i think he understands, and no no, no, no pitcher wants to come out of a game so and that’s understandable. So that was a decision i made, but julio pitched really well. Last night next question is from alden gonzalez: go ahead, hey dave! How did you avoid re watching that play in all the hours that there were before you had to go to the ballpark? I can’t help but be impressed by that, given that it was seemingly everywhere.

You know it was actually um yeah. I i just kind of heard from from coaches and and to be quite honest, i kind of took my eye off the play. Once i saw a rose arena fall, so i was kind of thinking about that. Next top half. I thought we were going to get him in a rundown, so i was thinking about our top half of the inning and then next i know the ball is kind of to the backstop, so that’s why i was a little befuddled or a lot befuddled, but uh Yeah, i don’t need to watch it i’m, just focusing on today time for one more go ahead: stephanie hi dave just to start. I just wanted to be clear. Last night, when i asked you, if there was anyone you were gon na pull aside, i meant to comfort not to blame, so i really apologize. Oh no steph, no, not at all and no you’re you’re great um. I i’ve had a lot of conversations um, but as far as last night, i think it’s just kind of we just didn’t execute and we didn’t win a game collectively but uh. I kind of have those conversations a lot, but no your point. Your question was well taken sure. Could i ask you one that’s not about last night, then actually um corey seeger has been is a guy who loves uh video who loves taking the extra swing and he’s had no access to any of those things really this year, given the protocols uh and yet He’S having such a good season, can you explain why that is.

I i think that it’s a credit to corey for being open and understanding the situation is the situation and he’s uncomfortable doesn’t like it, but you still can flourish on things that you really think you need, and i hope he looks back at 2020 and feels that I might not need it as much as i thought i did because i’m, a heck of a ballplayer but to have corey on the bench, engage with teammates it’s, so much fun for me to watch thanks.