Dave clayton had said that the plan all along coming into that inning, was to have him face the first two batters and then uh have him come out. Why? Why was that the plan for you guys tonight? I i just felt we felt that you know he was at the end and he just had enough to get two hitters um to go to dustin at margaux, and so you know we talked about it and he executed. You know he held up his part of the deal and got the two hitters and we didn’t say how many pitches we said, two hitters, and that was what we agreed upon and at that point in time i felt that i wanted to take the baseball from It and uh, you know he just grinded, he uh he willed himself. To that point, um – and i will say it wasn’t his best stuff, but he found a way to get out and i give him all the credit it looked like justin was trying to rally for him to stay in there. Was that the conversation, or were you guys talking about something else? Oh, it was justin trying to lobby to keep him in the game. Yeah you heard it. You saw it right uh to be able to come out and get the job done tonight, uh. How much do you think you needed this one after last night, yeah well, uh, going into this one two two to get a win was huge uh any way we could get it and um started with clayton in austin tonight they both did a great job uh.

Getting a lead early, the corey base hit to start us off was huge tack on some runs and uh. You know the guys in the bullpen. It was just fun to watch tonight, watching dustin, victor and blake. It just really came up big tonight. You mentioned the bullpen uh. Why bring in gonzales when you did yeah? I just felt that you know. For me it was kind of two innings. If dustin can give us two innings um parts of twinnings whatever it is, that would be enough um. I thought he’s throwing the baseball well, and you know at the top of that order, where you get choy coming and um. I just felt that for them to to either take on victor or to make a three player move to get a match up, it’s worth it. I i like victor spinning the baseball against a rosariana, so um i just liked the matchup and victor performed. Finally, tonight, how surprised were you when marco tried to steal home yeah? I was surprised um, you know we were all surprised. We don’t see that uh. You know very often at all. I haven’t seen it all with a savvy player like clayton. Obviously, left handed pitcher with his back to the runner, but you know kier meyer left on left. I i could see it um, but clayton just really heads up and made a good play and also with a great tag. Next questions from jordan, jorge castillo god dave how difficult is it to stay the course when you hear the crowd you hear justin lobbying clayton.

Obviously, doesn’t want to come out of the game. How difficult is it to stay the course um, i wouldn’t say it’s difficult. Um, i just understand that you know fans, um players get caught up in emotion and i’m emotional, but i still have to have clarity on things on making decisions, because, ultimately my job has helped the dodgers win the world series, so um yeah i get. I can’t get caught up in you know: fans reactions um, with with a decision i make, because i think that the decision ended up working out so yeah. It looked like you had a conversation with may on the field before the game was that about tonight. Um yeah, i just kind of talked to him and just kind of you know, gave him heads up that he was going to play a big role in tonight and just kind of making sure that and knowing already that he was in a good head space. But yeah we had a little chat. It was good. What are the next uh 44 45 hours gon na be like for you um, hopefully uh. You know tony’s gon na start game, six and uh just kind of think through you know our guys and and uh what they’re gon na do to us and a little bit take take tomorrow and relax in the bubble. Next, questions from ken garnet go ahead. Dave in the nineteen went with trying in uh, not kenley.

Can you uh talk about what went into that they’re, both great choices um? I just felt that um. You know margot um kind of i liked blake right. There gave up a grounder, um and the lefties and then another righty uh in adamus. I just felt that you know we’ve leaned on kenley uh. We haven’t done three in a row. I don’t know in quite some time, but we’ve done three in a row with blake um. I just i just liked it right there, but kenley is uh. You know he’s high leverage and uh they’re, both uh unbelievable uh, guys in high leverage thanks next questions from dylan hernandez. Go ahead. Sorry, i just had my hand up next questions from bill. Plunkett go ahead. When did you tell clayton about this plan before the game or before the sixth inning or when? No, it was right before the sixth inning, you know, because after he came down after the fifth, i just wanted to kind of you know gauge where he was at. How he’s feeling – and that was our conversation, but you had that target in mind before that um. Well, i mean you know if you look at his starts or any starter for the most part, you know you’re talking 21 to 24 hitters. You know that’s kind of where guys are at 20 to 24., so you kind of have an idea where guys are going to be, and then you kind of lay around how they’re throwing the baseball um.

So i had an idea and then after that 15 i just want to kind of gauge where he was at and clayton isn’t, always the first guy on board with a plan like that. How did he react? He was very supportive and he understood, and he just wants to win, and i think that i’ve built up enough trust equity, that you know we can have a conversation that’s best for the dodgers. Next questions from tim brown go ahead david over the past five falls. You spent an awful lot of october nights on the mound talking to clayton the two of you deciding which one of you was going to leave at times. Do you have you worked up like buzzwords or a way to approach that conversation that works better than most um over these years? Um, you know tim, i i just think it’s just you know our relationship again it’s. This has been five years, so we’ve been through a lot together and i trust him. I know he trusts me and uh. We just have good conversations and just honest. You know how he’s feeling so right there. I thought he pitched a heck of a game and um Music. You know to go out there and get two more hitters. We felt that that would be good enough and there, then you know at that point in time once he did that i thought it was time to take the baseball and i think – and i think he felt good about it.

Next question is from stephanie epstein go, but to take you to the conversation, one of them afterward did you, what did you say to him either as he was coming off the mount or when he got the dugout or after the game? You know what did you say to him? No, i just i just told him. I love the way he competes and and uh. You know that’s it and just finish the game, cheering on your teammates um, but it was a gutty performance because again i don’t think he was his best stuff and uh. He still found a way to go five plus and put us in a chance. Give us a chance to win a baseball game. Next question is from alden gonzalez go ahead, and this might feel like a weird question, but did you miss being booed um? Did i miss it? No, i don’t think that ever feels good, but you know it’s. I i think that you know, i think my job is to help the dodgers win the world series so um. Hopefully i didn’t get a chance to see the booze turn to cheers, but uh that’s, okay, that’s, just it’s passion, the fans have passion, that’s good. Next questions from jack harris go ahead, dave when you look at jock’s season um, you know how difficult were things for him going back to the you know the trade in february and the struggles he had and did you see this kind of postseason coming from him? Uh you’d never know what to expect from a player in the postseason, but i think that if you look at jock’s postseason track record, he always performs and um he’s, just laser focused like a lot of our guys so um believe me.

I couldn’t be happier that he remained a dodger next questions from tyler kepner go ahead: yeah dave uh, even though he maybe wasn’t too sharp tonight clayton has had a terrific postseason, maybe his best overall. How much of that do you think, is you know from you guys not over extending him on short rest, not asking the pitch in the bullpen and just getting the best out of him. You know uh to his credit. He he will do whatever we ask and um. I just don’t know many pitchers. That would do that. You know and um, but in this situation in this case, we’ve used him kind of more conventional and he’s responded, really well um, so we’re just very lucky to have him, and i couldn’t be happier that um. You know the poster season. He’S had um. You know mirrors who he is as a pitcher um it just. He deserves it and it’s great questions from joel sherman go ahead. Joel dave uh! Can you just clarify, did jansen not pitch tonight because of workload the past two days or performance? And if you have a close game in the ninth inning on tuesday night who’s pitching the ninth inning, you know joel it it’s more of i just see a lot of our guys. You know kenley and blake in particular, high leverage and and whatever that means. I think conventionally it’s closing um, but i think that we’re just kind of peeling back a layer on that um kelly went two in a row.

Blake went two in a row. I i just know that we’ve done blake three in a row more times than not and so to feel that he can bounce back that third day. Um is an easier bet for me and uh kelly. I thought through the ball. Well, yesterday, uh just was unlucky. So uh, you know come game. Six kenley will be ready to pitch in high leverage. Next questions from jim go ahead: yeah dave um ever since you’ve got here. Uh you’ve said the same thing: a lot that it’s about winning that night’s game winning a ball game. Today, establishing that sort of philosophy in the clubhouse does does that make it easier for guys to get past what happened last night and turn the page and – and you know, succeed tonight, you know what it’s interesting, i i think it’s it’s uh, it’s kind of it – Makes it easier, but it’s not easy to do um? I i think that past successes or failures, uh things looking out um sort of bleed into kind of a player’s psyche and a team psyche, but that is a message that we believe in and so now, when you can kind of drown out all that other stuff Past and present or past and future it does make it easier to focus on that nice ball game and tonight there was 28 players collectively focused on winning tonight and we got it done next question is from claudia guestro: go ahead dave.

I know you guys think about game by game, but how important is to put the next one away quickly and avoid game? Seven yeah i mean i, i don’t think anyone’s thinking about game. Seven we’re going to kind of enjoy tomorrow as an off day, get guys, rested and focused on game six gonson’s gon na start, and we expect to win um and that’s all we’re thinking about next questions from jorge casio. If you guys consider going with walker buehler on short rest uh, we did not. I got time for one more go ahead: carrie dave, you guys got things jump started in the first inning and it was uh base running is a big uh reason for that. How much of that was corey siegert? How much of that was intel on zunino and glass? Now um it’s, a probably a combo um. You know, i think that it’s been good. This postseason, as far as our aggressiveness we’ve been making um. You know we’ve been aggressive on the bases, the right way, um putting pressure on the pitcher, the catcher and yeah glass.