All season he’s hit lead off. This guy is three for 40, with 14 strong kevin cash today said we need our offense to wake up. You see the bottom, there randy wrote, but the career has been just a minute. He’S made one major league start in his career with a two and a half era: 23 year old venezuelan will face this geico batting order. Bravo, joey, wendell williams and mike zunino will round out the games. One start in the wrestled field back on it is tacos. Last night made them both giriel up first and then in the outfield tucker and left garcia deals it they had a swing of the miss and the next one elsia one for 21.. He handles righties very well eball last season and that’s put him in the picture for the astros this year when they came back to the count on a rosa reino, and he sends one to left field hits it hard, but right at postseason set up both league Championship series for three of the four teams: anyway, all that inexpensive you’re just going with uh. You hope here regular season that he had a multi hit game, another in game, four of the world series and not afraid to pitch upstairs too and challenge these hitters. But look at that change up wow. What a pitch played, astros batting order presented by geico is turned in by dusty baker, springer brand he’ll round it out and there’s john curtis.

This is the open in the postseason and sp. First pitch turns it around. That is up and on this alcs and that was center circuit, their third base coach, who it’s so good, to see him in the stands that just makes sense. He homers today and the astros are up one day these two starting pitch 2017 and right here. First, pitch of the game it’s, what dusty talks about it includes his teammate altuve reggie career, postseason, homers wave at a miss and a good breaking ball from kerns. Now in his 10 games, played 10 runs batted, oh yeah, mighty mouse was jacked and dusty. Baker were very close. We saw that scene, yeah, that’s, very cool and altuve draws a walk, adamus lao the g man at first base today and in the outfield erosion that curtis could get him through slicing that’s a long run, but will be run down on the very first pitch through Two innings or more five times this year, and it looked from up here guys that ball was maybe going to have a chance to fall in, but he’s had the power back in this postseason got a chance here and a pick off at first he broke choi Slaps the tag and that’s how the coverage provided by goodyear celebrating the endless pursuit of forward momentum, luis garcia, retired, the side in order with a strikeout yandi diaz against the a’s five shutout innings five days later on quite a bit he’s drawing a lot of walks.

Deep count at bats today, the designated hitter yandy diaz and a wave and a miss a tight slider. How can bring it almost works in dusty baker’s plan for teen caves with the velocity in the way over ground ball to bregman excellent glove man over there meadows in the first and a change up there to diaz to get the ground ball so he’s supposed to 2017 just 20 000 and he was a late in an organization, at least in the prospect status, but the astros have hit on three of those right, but yeah they’re all performing well. This postseason is choi rolls over one foul ball and a strike on choi inside the numbers presented by draftkings joy pulls one foul, see a 3 2 count. Do you challenge him here’s, a payoff that he missed heading for your favorite teams chase to the pennant, including video popped, a three? So your point in the open, jeff, the razors in their offense right now and that’s got their postseason start fly ball to right for reddick glasses on. I should all converge on the ball. Just in case someone loses it well. There’S got to be communication, that’s how you do it staring right into that settings where the position players win to pull that’s right, leaving him in was the big story of the game last close for the raise and that hit him Applause, Music and frenchy. This is where the tampa bay riddle and look at maldonado after this watch his frustration with an rbi double in the ninth inning that got the raid big swing by adamus and adamus, who had a really signs of him breaking out on two outs and nice.

Pick back there by maldonado and he’s gon na feels are already in motion. I can tell you from experience kind of sink a little bit because your adrenaline goes down and you got ta fight, looks a little frustrated with a couple of those pitches from garcia. Like help our young guy out here being erratic with his secondary stuff, his slaughter and change up it’s either and he missed with it and it’s ball. Four and the bases blake taylor continuing to get hot in the bullpen. So here is zunino they’re loaded up with two outs and it’s. Oh and two. Another fastball same hits have come few and far between, but at the track, he’s going to make the houston little league for every text of little league to 3. 1. 3. 1. 3. 1 pereira 2 for 14. In this championship series correa chased one down, he goes, it is all mapped out. This was the plan. All along josh fleming put on this champion starts two relief appearances. He is december 27th and i’m. Sure he’s did it go they’ll ask and he did series has been very aggressive with calling the check swing. If you check here, it has been a monumental struggle for a girl. This year, Applause we’ll take over for luis garcia, the left, hander garcia, two scoreless innings. Two walks a hit back, pretty well reddick and a room, and it won, is lau, connects on one his first and a guy that the rays have desperately been waiting for catch up.

Maybe he needed a left handed pitcher to help him stay powered that one out of here way to the warning track, first about with a lot better swing than what we’ve seen. How good does that feel for him? Everybody down that dugout history of this? If you remember, even when joe maddon was first, i don’t even want him thinking about that bad creates quite the strobe effect, his knowledge with meadows, another lefty down. He goes rosa. He hardly budged. One ball, one strike hits it sharply. Gobbled up by guriel faces three batters gives up a game.