Did he get it? Wow he’s had two monster: homers to the western metal supply company building, he’s, doing some damage on that wall out there yeah and that’s a cool building, i remember being there for the all star game and those are suites up there. The balls are bouncing off the back wall. It’S, a pretty cool spot it’d, be a nice place for an mlb tonight, set out there, not bad at all. Sit out in the corner. Catch some home runs. Do a show. Nice weather surf in the morning heidi’s been following to move this network to san diego forever. It looks nice it’s, a nice building out there, but springer springer really sets the table for this team it’s. However, he goes the team seems to follow and, as we said to carlos correa, first pitch of the game for the astros out of the ballpark carlos crea hits the last pitch of the game. Out of the ballpark. You know we talk a lot about: bgo lead off home, runs and and through the years, but the guy for me was paul muller that first inning you better come ready and that’s. What springer and altuve are doing. I mean the first inning the astros are getting on the board and whether they win or lose that game it’s a game changer to all of a sudden have that that was a game one. This is game three, so they’re hitting one two or one and three in the order.

So that’s telling you in the first inning they’re, going to get on the board early, and then this happens game four i mean al tuve has been killing it. That’S three first inning home runs by him and then you throw springer into the hit parade and springer. All sudden starts off this game with that rock we just talked about, but he’s a guy that legitimately can lead off games with home, runs so you’re. Looking at today’s scenario, one pitch you’re down one, nothing that’s a frightening thing. So what happens when we played against paul molitor and he’s dan – and i were talking about this and he used to kill us so now the pitcher says i’m, not throwing a fastball break a ball. 1 0 bragging ball. 2. 0 bam. He hits this pitch anyway. So you just play into their hands when they come out aggressive like that you’re in big trouble as a pitcher. It just changes how you focus so dan i’m curious. You got a guy that’s going to be that aggressive, leading off a game. What are you doing? It gets your attention, i think, it’s a starting pitcher. Your last warm up your last four or five warm ups, you’re gon na go out and try to mimic what you want to do when that when that game starts and when you have hitters like springer and altuve, you better have your attention on that game plan. Right from the first pitch because you can ill afford as the race found out one bad pitch, one swing in the bat it’s one nothing this team can be pitched to.

But i will say this they’re a real good fastball, hitting team they’re they’re sitting on the fastball and they can hit high fast balls. As we saw what cray have done. We saw what springer and what l2 they can do. They can get to that high fastball. That ball, that that that corey head out was 96 miles an hour and more than likely, if he doesn’t swing at it, it’s probably a ball, but he was able to get on top and drive it along now. What’S interesting about that is, we knew tampa, has 98 all day long in the bullpen as well yeah. You know as as cass stable, full of guys stable fool, but as you go through playing, usually it’s a three game series, do you may not see everybody, then? All of a sudden, now you play four games in a row, five games in a row tomorrow. Six in a row pretty soon that 98, that you’ve been seeing looked like 105 now it’s starting to look like 90., because you’re, seeing it repeatedly the same guys and what we’re seeing now, as this series has gone on, houston, has caught up to that it’s. Not just altuve and springer, but it’s now it’s the bottom of the order that’s starting to hit as well. So this is real interesting. How will tampa make that adjustment and you have to stay with your good stuff but that’s where the secondary stuff comes in yeah? Second time, seeing nick anderson in this series for the outros starting off, though with the rookie, luis garcia, he starts off that first inning has a great inning.

I mean dusty, had to be happy with how they started off the game. With such a young guy, no post season, you know and dusty baker. Heidi has taken such a knock and i think, a lot of it from the analytics standpoint because he’s, an old school kind of baseball – and he has said last night before the game – that he was going to go on field. And he did that with zach grinky. In game four and – and i thought early on in this game – you have a young, pitcher and luis garcia, a handful of games outside of a ball, and he was up against it through some really good change up early on here, o2 pitch, you can see maldonado The frustration just this is the inexperience and there’s dusty. So what do you do? You have an o2 count and he stays with him and he gets a fly ball to right field, so they dodge bullet number one and then they start running through all these relievers and then they go to paredes who in my opinion, might have the best stuff. He has an exploding fastball, but he was one of those hit myths. Today it was a strikeout, it was a walk, it was a strikeout, it was a walk. He was like he, you know, earl weaver would describe him as one of those top step guys like do you go get him. Do you stay with him? Do you leave him out there and if you stay with him, this is what you get.

You get swings and misses, then, to me, the guy that really unsung hero is andre scrubs. This guy has a tremendous arm. He pitches well in traffic dusty, said before the game that he was his guy in the shadows, because the big fastball, then he gets hit with a bullet foul ball and a dugout in between innings dusty, wanted to use him with the shadows, because the fastball and The curveball combo the 96, with the overhand curveball. This i thought, was really a risky move, so they bring in brooks rayleigh right and he has to face a rose arena. Who would right now be my the hottest guy in the postseason and he strikes him out. So he faces lefty righty lefty retires, all three, then they turn it over to josh, james and presley, and this was a marvelous game plan by dusty baker to stick with it, and i thought sticking with the rookie. In the first thing it could have backfired harold. He manages a lot by gut and instincts and that’s why i think the players love playing for him so much well, and you know it comes from great experience and great respect. I mean you think about dusty baker. He was in the middle of those dodger lineups that were so powerful in the 70s, but he broke in as the guy who protected hank aaron in the lineup. So when hank hits 715, his 715th home run dusty’s the on deck hitter his job.

That year was to make sure hank aaron got pitches to hit he hit behind him. So when he says, look it’s harder to hit in the shadows with a fastball, curveball, combo he’s saying because i’ve been in that box, i get it. I saw nolan ryan in the shadows. I saw sieber in the shadows, you know, and so it gives you a different feel than just numbers, but i’ve been in there, so we’re seeing his playing experience. What he did last night with grinky i’m going home i’m going home with grinky he’s yours go get him. He knows what that means to somebody to say: you’re, my guy and and the next time he has to turn to granky. Granky. Has that confidence? He said after the game, this is one of the first times in this organization that i felt like they had confidence in me because he let me stay in there and that’s big let’s, hear what dusty has to say he’s at the podium right now pointing the Game, how crucial was it that you guys scored the ninth and then have carlo carlos come through? Well, that was very crucial. I mean you know carlos told me, you know before he went up there. He goes, you know, walk off and i said, go head on man and then i said prayer to my dad and my brother, and i said lord please let us walk off, because if not we got to use framber and then we don’t have foreign tomorrow.

You know to to start so you know things things. Couldn’T have worked out any better at that time because we were down to framber was warming up. We were down to, i think uh, sneed and uh see. I think that might have been. You know been it and you have nightmares of going, you know 15 innings or something and uh that was uh boy. That was as big a game as i’ve ever been uh involved in you know: uh and that’s uh that’s. One of the reasons why why i came back, i mean it’s, like you know, um, you know it’s, like uh, you know you birdie the last hole on a golf course. You’Ve had a bad day and then you keep coming back to play and uh man. That was boy that was sweet. That was as sweet as it gets right. There gather rope dusty. What can you say about the job of your entire bolt, though especially i mean you used five rookies today to start that game off great job that they did well. Hey man, i was uh like i’ve, been proud of these rookies all year and uh. You know they did the job. These guys are, are, you know, become veterans in a short, you know, period of time, and i i looked at all our our playoff roster and they had the times like some guys 84 days, some guys 60 days, some dies no days, and i was like you Know i mean we got a bunch of rookies that you know that are playing like you know, like veterans and uh.

You know i was proud of all those guys. I mean you know. Paredes gave us more than than you know we would have liked, but you know we got him out of there in time. Uh, garcia, we’re hoping he could go three uh, but at least one time through the lineup which he did, but it was only two uh stubs did a great job. Josh james did a great job other than the you know. The home run uh to tie it up, but you know, if you give up solos, you know you got action on on winning the game and all their homework of souls. Jake is, okay is james. Okay, uh, we don’t know you know like his uh uh. You know his back tighten up on him. At least it wasn’t his hip. You know like it was before so we’ll. Have him evaluate it tonight and then and then make a decision tomorrow? Okay, go ahead, jake rusty! If, if the game had gone to extras, what was your pitching plan? Was it just to ride for amber for as long as you could? No, our pitching plan was, it was probably you know max get. You know uh two out of framber. You know one out of you know javier, which we were both we’re trying to stay away from, and then the game was sneeds. After that you know, he’s the only guy out there that could give us some. You know some length and some and some quality that’s.

Why we’ve been holding him back and he hadn’t pitched in a while? And you know that was our you know that was our plan greg, bailey, hey dusty, for all the fans back in houston. Man can. Can you take us inside the wild stadium home plate, you’re dancing, you’re hugging? What was going on and what? What could you see in here? Well, i don’t know i mean everybody was just jumping up and down and pouring ice and carlos was going crazy, as he usually does when he does something spectacular like that and uh. You know we were just, i mean i was grateful and thankful and and happy you know at the same time, and you know we get to play, you know another day and uh and tomorrow’s is huge and uh. You know i mean we’re one step closer to being. You know getting over that mountain and that hurdle that that was uh. It seemed like it was way off in the distance um a couple days ago and so um i’m just glad we didn’t use scramber. I am so glad like i said i was praying to my dad. You know who’s who’s who’s gone and my brother, you know who’s gone and i was like. Please i mean you know and all the greats that are up that are up there. I said: please, let us uh walk it off here, because we’re in bad shape, you know pitching wise and they were in great shape.

I mean you know they had us, you go during the game and you say: okay, they’ve used two we’ve used three and then we used five and they used two or three, and so they had length on us. I mean big time length and uh uh. They still got a little length on us, but we got we got. We feel good about having forever tomorrow, randy mcavoy, hey dusty. Congratulations on the two quick questions. What is the mindset going into tomorrow? As far as now that you guys have pulled it within one? Is is there more pressure, perhaps on the raise now i don’t know you got ta ask them that i mean you know. You know the pressure’s still on us because we got ta. We still got ta win two, but this team this team is, has has done well and flourished under pressure and uh. You know there’s only a few teams that have come back. You know you know from on three and uh. You know we’d like to join that. Few, what was the uh dusty said? It seemed so far off just a couple days ago, but the astros have hit themselves back into this series. Welcome back to mlb tonight, presented by evan williams, bourbon let’s take a look at our post season bracket here. The rays and asheville’s will face off in game six, as the astros have stayed alive, with the walk off home run from carlos correa that game friday.

6. Eastern on tbs, meanwhile, the dodgers and braves atlanta has a 2 1 series lead and game 5 will be tomorrow on fs1 Music to celebrate. Setting a postseason record with 11 runs in the first inning in game. Three tops now has created this new baseball card featuring the los angeles dodgers. This exclusive card will only be available on top.com until three o’clock eastern tomorrow, after that it will never be available again so get it now. It is time now for this alcs report presented by geico carlos told me, you know before he went up there. He goes, you know, walk off and i said, go head on man and then i said a prayer to my dad and and my brother and i said lord please let us walk off, because if not we got to use framber and then we don’t have foreign Tomorrow, boy, that was as big a game as i’ve ever been uh involved in boy that was sweet. That was as sweet as it gets right. There, tough loss. You know great great ball game um. We just got to get the bats going a little bit we’re. You know three solo, homers and that’s. Really all we had uh, we got ta turn it around. We’Re gon na see a guy i’m assuming valdez tomorrow that we just saw five days ago. So hopefully that familiarity will play in our favor and get the bats going. This isn’t a tough stretch, we’re playing good baseball against a a very good team and it’s.

A lot of you know back and forth, so very confident that we’ll be ready to go all right. They said they’ll be ready to go here’s the box score for the astros. Look at this seven pitchers used a lot of young arms there that dusty baker turned to, and he said in his post game press conference that he was really good. Carlos correa walked it off because they were going to have to turn to franco valdez, who now is available to start game six for them. Otherwise they would have burned him in game. Five dan dusty’s making all the right moves in dusty, wheat, trustee and he’s taken a lot of hit a lot of heat from a lot of the analytic worlds over the years that he’s too old school, he manages by his gut. Listen he stuck with zach grinky in game four and it paid off and he did a marvelous job, navigating five count them five rookie pitchers louis garcia. Now this was tough because his stuff plays great arm 95 to 96. Here you see an o2 hit by pitch dilemma, one dusty: what do you do? Do you leave him in second inning, one, nothing, they have the lead, it could be risky. He gets the fly ball to right field, first bullet dodge. So then they make a move and they bring in they’re, on my opinion, one of their top arms paritis, and this guy he was hitting this.

It seemed like it was either strikeout walk, strikeout, walk, and this is what you get he’s kind of one of those top step. Guys. Do you go get him? Do you leave him in his stuff? Is so good that it plays? He gets a visit from the pitching coach and this is what happens when dusty, stuck with him back to back punch outs and then, in my opinion, the most unheralded guy andre scrubs, big arm dusty, said he wanted to get him in the shadows, because the fastball Curveball combo is tough to hit, and then he gets smoked in between innings. With the line drive foul ball takes one off the side and ends up pitching marvelous and ending in two thirds. Scoreless gets the the called strike. Then i thought this was really gutsy. They go to brooks raleigh, so he comes in to get brandon low and he punches him out, but now he leaves him in to get the hottest, hitter or rosa reina. He strikes him out and then gets the lefty, so he goes left right left. He sticks with raley and all of the moves paid off. This was vintage dusty baker, but hats off to a young staff of five rookies that were able to keep this game in check to allow creo corey to hit the game inning home run. Well, they had him on the raley’s yeah they did on the race and well, more importantly, too.

They’Ve saved christian, javier and franco valdez for tomorrow and and, as dusty said they’re in much better shape. Now, especially with carlos greyjoy. You guys love the format, though every day you’re playing, so it just shows the strength and the navigation of a team. I love it yeah. It also shows how coming through in the clutch is very important for it. Speaking of george springer, let off the game. First pitch pitched the astros out of the ballpark, the offense coming through with clutch hits we’re gon na break it down. After this break, alcs report is presented by geico, happy geicoween.