It’S, a walk off home run cardinals astros, win Applause. Cardinals korea has just forced a game six in this alcs. What a moment well in the last 24 hours. This series has gotten really interesting: postseason show on tvs, presented by the all new hyundai elantra ernie johnson. Here, along with curtis granderson, we got jimmy rollins, we got pedro martinez and we got ourselves a game. Six coming up on friday, we hit the air at 5. 30, first pitch shortly after six o’clock as the rays will again try to punch their ticket and the astros will again try to stay alive in what has become a very, very intriguing alcs, luis garcia, rookie, taking on john curtis of tampa bay and first pitch from Curtis it’s those first inning home runs. I mean, as the leadoff guy right there springing with the first pitch saying: hey i’m gon na set the tone early and that’s the best way to do it right. There is to hit that first pitch of the game out. Go top two: the bases are loaded with rays and zanino a couple more feet, but one of the strongest man on the race just couldn’t, get it out and then brandon lau, who led this team in home, runs and rbis only had one rbi and no home Runs until this pedro ding don johnson for lyle and uh, i thought after he hit this one. He was going to snap out of it didn’t happen, but the game was 1 1 at that point, until the bottom half of the third strike, mr smooth back up there again doing what he does shrantly with a rope and how about the wave by omar lopez, The third base coach, who’s filling in for gary – that was aggressive.

You think of maldonado not scoring on a hard hit ball to right field, but they know something that we don’t know maldonado, that little sneaky speed that some some of those catches seem to have these vents. Imagine this randy or rosarina hit a home run. You don’t say there’s that man again mama now you find that man nothing new wow. How about this play by alex bregman? My goodness and my goal is one of the fastest runners in the in the race, lineup and that’s a great play. I mean we saw him miss one, the other night. The difference is, he was he was able to get to that ball as it’s closer to the ground, the closer it is to the ground, the easier it is to make that play when it starts coming up and you run it in you’re, not always sure you Know the height of the ball, and it comes off your palm. How about this by altuve ball, hits the bag and he’s going to try to stretch it into a double and he’s a dead duck. Hey i don’t mind that play right there. Everything has to be perfect, but he has to field it great in the outfield he’s got to throw it, they got to tag it, they got to put it on him and they did all that it’s the rays playing the defense like they do and they’ve been Doing it well all series long by the way, he’s got a great arm so houston, nursing that 3 2 lead top half of the 8th inning.

I think i feel something coming on pedro: oh that’s, a ding dong johnson from g, the manchoi, the rays celebrate tying. This game at three apieces choi, got it all and a bad flip of his own. All solo home runs this time we had been talking about the other way. Now the rays are only hitting solo home, run and here’s. The moment bottom of the ninth and correa knew it Applause, but that’s a great solo home run right. There that’s the best one you can hit the best 15 home runs in this series, 12 of them solo, wow wow, and that one won the game. The only one that counts tonight houston astros down three, nothing in the series now down three two in the series and you look at the line score four six and now and 3 7 1 for tampa bay and uh let’s learn let’s hear from kevin cash team. Now leads 3. 2 yeah, tough loss. You know great great ball game um. We just got to get the bats going a little bit. We you know three solo, homers and that’s. Really all we had uh, we got to turn it around we’re, going to see a guy i’m assuming valdez tomorrow that we just saw five days ago. So hopefully, that familiarity will play in our favor and and get the bats going, and your your uh club is showing ability to bounce back with some other issues before it’s.

A comfort stretch that you had earlier on with your level of confidence, you guys with curtains, very confident uh this isn’t, a tough stretch, we’re playing good baseball against a a very good team and it’s. A lot of you know back and forth, so very confident that we’ll be ready to go. We have miles straw, i’ve seen him make a few appearances in this postseason, usually as a defensive replacement. Um it just got interesting is for sure how about dusty baker, throwing seven arms out there, five of them rookies and winning this game well, believe it or not. I thought that the pitching staff from the houston astros was not going to hold. To be honest, honestly speaking, be honest, that was that was my concern with dusty. Dusty, so far have been blessed with young arms, inexperienced pitching but everybody’s it. It seems like they’re doing exactly what he asked for the young relievers are coming in doing the job uh. We we have the starters valdez and and and uh my college going deep into the game. Greinke went deep into the game, something that didn’t happen in the previous three years in the postseason and everything seems to be going right and also dusty uh. There is a couple of moves that that i really felt like i was going to bite my nails, but so far, thanks to god, it has worked for dusty baker, but uh i’m surprised about the way they have been pitching and today he beat tampa bay at What is supposed to be their strength, which is the bullpen game? I don’t know this series really got interesting after today.

Okay, if pedro’s uh being totally honest, as he just said i’m going to be totally honest, you be totally honest with me. You guys tell me what’s creeping into the minds of the tampa bay rays right now, are you still saying hey? Well, you got the lead. Everything’S cool don’t worry about it, or is there some doubt creeping in now the biggest thing that cash said we got to get the bats going we’ve been scraping by and doing everything we needed to up to this point, but guys got a hit. Guy’S got to hit and score some runs that’s. The honest truth right now. Well, what can’t be creeping into their mind is that this team is getting hot. You start thinking that now you start looking at everything that isn’t going right for you. They’Ve been focused on everything that has been going right. They’Re celebrating they’re, making good defensive, plays they’re still making good defense defensive plays. They call it line drives tonight, which is what their defense is supposed to do. They have to continue to play their game. They’Ve been beat at their game, these one run games getting, walked off that’s fine, you understand, you’re, not gon na be able to hold this team down the entire series now they’re back. This team has shown up now, let’s go back to playing baseball and not thinking that we were just going to walk away with it. There’S always the question. I don’t care what sport you’re talking about when they play a series and you bring up momentum and some people say, look there’s, no such thing as momentum.

Each game is its own entity. So there is there such a thing as momentum pedro there is. There is momentum – and i was part of that team that really it wasn’t like we were playing any better than than we did before. It was just that momentum took us and and and we started building confidence as we went in the game and the same thing. I’M, seeing here with the houston astros, but at the same time i must say they played a great game. It’S not like the astros are beaten up on on the race or the race on the astros games have been really close. They they both deserve credit and and to be. You know, uh to my to my surprise. The houston astros have pitched a lot better to the race than i ever thought, and – and i know that that probably surprised everybody, because we didn’t expect this young group of guys – and you know improving starters – to to pitch this well in this post season. Except for green key and green key did not show any success in the post season and they are surprising everybody about the way they’re pitching and those games. That’S. Why you see close games tampa is not really struggling, it’s just that they have run into a hot team pitching better than we all expected, and i think, with the young pitching one of the big things that is helping no fans, there’s, no reason to get nervous.

Get hyped up if there’s a 2 2 count and the crowd starts to get loud or starts to get quiet. You got none of that, going on just go out there and make your pitches whether you’ve had a ton of time in the big leagues or zero games in the big leagues. You just relax and do what you got to do. I think that’s a great point too, because i remember calling the wild card game that johnny cueto, pitched and and here’s a wily veteran. Who has this whole pittsburgh crown yelling quaid oak. Wait. He drops the ball. I mean, if you think about kid. Pitchers like these five who are out there, if you put them in that setting, who knows what they’re going to do but but i think, it’s a really valid point you’re in there in an empty stadium and just doing your thing, but man they’re getting it done And the rays who were 14 and five and one run games and then one back to back one run games to close out the yankee series and start this. One now lose back to back. One run games both by the score of four to three uh. Who would like to see stat cast numbers on the walk off home run? I would like to see it, but i would also like to see the entire bat and there’s something i thought out of that was it i’m sure we’ll get to it? Well, there might be, but this is an abbreviated version of the show.

Well, what did you just tell me what you saw in the attack before that? Well, what i saw is you follow the ball and the ball should lead. You first ring from korea. What was it slider missed it by a foot? Probably, and you come back with a passport he’s telling you exactly what he’s looking for the bad speed that he showed is telling you exactly what he’s looking for he’s looking for one single pitch it’s, a fastball 97.98 and you go and you throw him a fastball Where he wants it and that isn’t all on a picture exactly what he told lauren, that is not all on the lighter. He throws three sliders in there as a catcher. He needs to hey as an infielder. I would pay attention. He, like you just said everybody in the ballpark. Well there’s, nobody in ballpark, but everybody in the ballpark knows he’s looking for a fastball. If you throw him a fastball you’re, not the most brilliant person in the world, that’s how i would look at it and uh carlos korea made him pay and now it’s a 3 2 series uh. Who are the options on the daddy pole, uh yeah? I would think carlos carrera went to the head of the class.