Okay, all right, look at it totally different, all right i’m glad you do uh, but the houston astros were able to pull it off. With this active postseason home run leaderboard a pair of strobes make that a trio of astros, with carlos correa, with 16. wow and joining us now. The second baseman of the houston astros another home, run in this pivotal postseason game. Jose altuve joins us on mlb tonight. Jose it’s gregam singer, harold reynolds good to see you and did you guys? Was there a meeting you’re down 3 0. Only one team’s ever come back in a post season series down three games to none. Do you guys tell yourselves that you’re going to be the second guys? Thank you for for having me. Yes, i think we have a little meeting before before the game. We are very motivated. We know the thing we have and, and yes we want to be the second team. Coming back from o3 my hero, jose man, you are killing the ball in the first inning what’s your thought, when you’re going to play early in the game, like that, you know we’re phrasing, glaslow. For me, one of the best pitchers in the bigly. He was throwing up to 101, so my mindset was just to put a simple swing in the ball. You don’t need to do a lot with with a 100 miles per hour, fastball just hit. It then i’m very thankful that it was a homer it’s, not even glass, no you’re, jumping on everybody early in the games, but let’s talk a little defense, okay, because everybody’s asking me as a second baseman.

I feel you bro. I feel you so when you’re going through what you went through the last couple days, how do you work through it? I know i worked through it, a lot of different ways and i’m curious how you worked through it. The last couple days yeah, i think i went out there today and just throw the ball not overthink and during the game. That was my mindset to just catch the ball and throw not not take not take time to to think about the throw because that’s when you don’t throw the ball really good. Well, i i remember when i played really deep, i didn’t play as deep as you guys do in the shift, but man when the ball is coming to you there’s. So much time i noticed you moved on to the dirt more tonight. Was that part of the plan to get rid of the ball sooner? Oh yeah, a little bit like i said i i don’t need to take a lot of time. I just want to catch the ball and throw like i said, that’s that was yesterday and the day before and i’m pretty sure i’m going to play a good defense right now well come on man, you’re gold, glover, you’re, mvp, player i’m, proud of just taking this Interview and talking about it because i don’t know if i could have done that, so that was awesome in itself now let’s talk a little bit more about your team and the fight that you guys have you’ve been on a mission.

This whole post season. What has been the conversation it seemed like when the postseason came around it all changed for you guys. It was like all right now, we’re here, to take care of business. What what’s your thought! You agree with that yeah, i think it’s. The key is a good relationship between us. We talk a lot. We really have a good chemistry in the global house and when the playoff came, we we just we’re talking about winning uh, we motivate ourselves and and try to go at that and play our game. You know you played behind some great starting pitchers in your career. Zack grenke is just he goes about it in such a unique way. What is the view from where you’re standing as you watch this surgeon somehow carve his way through a great lineup? I think you said the right word: he’s he’s unique the way he pees the way he goes about his business and we needed him today and he went out there and did the job for us jose. Altuve echo at harold reynolds just said. Thank you. So much for taking the time to do this interview, another great performance by you keep it going. Okay, thank you thanks. I do have jose altuve his last six postseason games. You all the talk about. You know much courage that too, oh listen, he’s been getting peppered with the questions he hung his head because he knew you were going there, but he knew you were going to ask you have to ask about the defense.

Well, he he knew that was coming, but nobody has asked him nationally like this right. You know he probably realized. Oh man, i’m player of the game, they’re not going to ask me about my offense yeah, because that was the conversation that everybody was talking about, but he did make some adjustments today. I noticed him get on the dirt more, even on the pivot late in the game, he changed his footwork to get rid of the baseball. So everybody goes through this. If you’re an infielder, i don’t care, if you’re in high school you’re, ozzy smith, whoever it is. You go through different things. You see the adjustment he made right there, but the biggest thing when you get to this level that he’s at is mental toughness. This is a mentally tough individual and it just shows you in the character who he is in a ground. Ball, you know he said that about a guy on a ground ball. It tells you a lot about who he is yeah and not only that the mental toughness because he’s a great player but it’s the mental toughness, because he’s one of the faces of a franchise that unfortunately, the majority of baseball fans, are rooting against they’re. Looking for reasons to pile on and the ciel tuve, with all the speculation of how much cheating went into the last couple of seasons for the astros to see him struggle defensively, something we’ve never seen before.

There are a lot of baseball fans that, like the negative, especially when it comes to the astros, so they pounced on and that’s, been all over social media i’m sure he’s had to turn a blind eye to it, but the the astros, if there’s a team assistant Last night, if there is a team that could figure out how to get out of a 3 0 deficit in the postseason it’s, the team that entered spring training as the ultimate villain of major league baseball and still get to the postseason. And i tell you greg the reason this tonight feels different than last night with the dodgers is, if i’m, in that houston clubhouse. This is what they went back and said: we’ve hit every ball at somebody right. I mean they’re diving all over the place, we’re hitting rockets let’s keep doing what we’re doing the ball is going to fall and that’s really been the big part of the game they’re getting the pitching. I don’t think anybody expected them to get yeah you’re right. The bullpen has been terrific, yeah presley was on he’s a top stepper tonight, but christian javier was incredible after zach, cranky, so it’s. Now, a 3 1 advantage for the tampa bay race and kevin cash is going to sit down after a very well played baseball game. To address the media, let’s listen to now on mlb tonight, no, i was encouraged that we finally got a little bit going.

You know we had one opportunity to score off grinky uh, and then we put a lot of pressure on him there right at the at the end, with willie sitting 90 feet away from tying it uh yoshi had a good at bat too. We got a pitch. It looked like he might have caught it off the end. Just a little bit, um look they’re a very good team, very talented team that that can put pressure on your pitching and your defense constantly i’m really pleased with the way we’ve performed. Uh we’re. All very pleased we’re fortunate to be in this this spot. Now we get ready to find a way to win tomorrow, Music, not quite yet no we’ll sit and we’ll talk about it and uh. Try to you know come up with the best decision. Thank you. We’Ll go to one to review, hey kevin. What do you think about overall? What glass i gave you today? I thought it was really good, really good um. You know i i’d like to have a pitch back from springer. Altuve is kind of hitting everything right now. Springer i mean look glass attacked him exactly the way that he wanted to. We wanted to uh and they got him. They they got a pitch out over and springer hit a long way for, for the big home run, the deciding home run and then javier. What was kind of done? Well, green, he really really pitched.

I mean he had a really good change up um. You know the change up in the the little cut fastball that he throws there’s, not a ton of velo separation there, but there’s a lot of depth. Separation, so we got chase on the change up and and and the front door cutters. There are fastballs that he was throwing cut fastballs to the righties uh looked like he was just painting wherever he wanted to. He threw a good ball game. Next will be john romano, okay, kevin. I know you were encouraged by the comeback, or that fell a little short at night then, but at some point do you need some of your big guys to start driving in some runs um through, like 11 games of the postseason, i think you’re hitting about 210. As a team yeah uh, we got to get the bats going. No, no doubt about it. We’Ve been carried here by our pitching and defense, which that’s how we’re built uh, but it sure would be nice to find a way to get the bats going and keep the line moving a little bit right now, it’s not coming easy for really anybody. With the exception of you know, a couple guys randy joey manny swung about well, but we’ve got we’ve, got guys in our lineup that are just scuffling a little bit. It was encouraging to see austin meadows with the bats he had today. He had a good day.

Tampa bay ray is still in the driver’s seat: uh teams to win game four trailing three. On the best of seven uh, the cubs lost in five jays in 2016 lost in five again, the 0 4 red sox, the only team to do it. We shall see if the strokes can pull it off. Tyler glass now did not get the victory in this game. Four, but after the ball game sat down and addressed the media, let’s listen to him right now on mlb tonight i just think it’s a matter of falling behind and then everyone knows a teeter’s coming today, um off speed stuff was not there at all. I just think i wasn’t able to throw it for strike so, especially when i get behind the count, i think people are just able to cheat to the heater and get to it. It was up um. I think it was like 99 or so with the one springer, so i just think it’s a matter of getting ahead. You guys have been on an incredible run david. You started before i assume you thought there was some hope to come back here or you guys tied it can’t think it was going to turn out yeah i mean always, i think, even in that last ending things got really close, so i mean i don’t think We’Re ever out of it juan tribute hey, we know you’ve been dealing with this for a little while now, how was uh it’s fine it’s, just like a little just tiny little cut isn’t like effectively a pitch just bloody, so it was.

It was totally fine and overall i mean i’m guessing getting muted coming into this series, but you kind of got a sense of how tough it is to kind of eliminate a team like that who’s kind of been through this before. I just think i pitched really bad so i’m, not really bad. I just don’t. I think i went out there with with one one pitch and they’re, like you said, they’re, a really good team, really good, hitting team, a good, fast ball hitting team. So when you go out there and have one pitch, i think it just makes my job a whole lot harder. So i think it’s just a matter of like i said, getting ahead and being able to throw my secondary stuff where i want it. Next, one from joey johnston, yeah you’re, muted, yeah tyler. Could you take us through the yeah springer you’re, almost out of the sixth inning, and, and he got you on the moment on what was uh, what was the sequence there and what would he get you on um? It was a heater and i think what was it two one i just fell behind and threw a heater up uh out of his own, and then he took me deep. I don’t think it was a sixth inning, though the pitchers know man. They know. Oh they’ve memorized everything you know every pitch, they threw and what sequence and when and where and what inning you see? Different styles is that qrekey’s four seamer barely got the 89 didn’t get the 89 glass.

Now 98.6 man it’s he can change speed zach grant. He does it in a different way and his team needed him to give a performance like this to only use two relievers in a series where you’re not getting days off. Zach cranky was outstanding. The only thing i was a little disappointed in is, i didn’t see him go through a pitch, tell them what’s coming, but no, the sixth inning really told you everything you need to know about the game and zach grinky. You know here it is manny. Margot hits this dribbler with one out and the next thing you know uh. Oh here we go it’s four two one out let’s see what happens. We’Ve got austin meadows base hit dusty you’re gon na come get him well, this is it. You got ta. You got ta go see what how far green can do i’m going with my guy. This has been his guy. You know, let’s sit down, let’s, get it they’re, trying to get a double play ball and get out of this. Oh no, here comes randy. What last time he faced him, he hung him with breaking ball and he put it in the seats and this guy has been red hot on fire, so how’s grinky gon na pitch him comes right. Back nice change up down and in dusty’s trying to stay cool and calm we’re hanging in there and clearly you see grinky trying to get a double play ball that one is a pitch.

He missed that should have been hammered. That was the one pitch and it did not happen. He gets him on the check, swing, yeah everybody’s excited to see that guy go away and then the ground ball. I thought this is a huge play. All right. It saves the run, keeps the ball in the infield you’re taught as an infielder knock it down. If you have to nice play by correa, it keeps the opportunity there and now you got to go after brasso. We know what he’s done with the heroics earlier against the yankees, but a little different style of pitching grinky is just slowing things down and just painting and what he does so well. He will continue to throw the same pitch over and over. Until you show me, you can handle it and if you don’t get the call the first time he shows it to the umpire so many times. He says all right, i’ll call it and that’s what you see.