One will be taking place sunday at 7, 30 eastern on tbs, a rematch of last year’s division series, the raise their third ale’s crown. First, since 2010, the astros pulling up upsets back now into familiar territory and globe life field in texas, braves and dodgers nlcs game. One monday, eight o’clock eastern on fox, the dodgers have been a juggernaut. So far, the braves have been as well brave, starting pitching one of the real surprises so far of this post season, the dodgers, locked and loaded dispatching the padres and every enemy so far in their way, and with that we say, welcome, listen when you think about A couple of headbangers you’re thinking of carlos payne and dave valley, right that’s, what we have the acdc just for youtubers, oh man, don’t, do it for me exactly bert great to have you with us. You talk about what’s, been a really fun series so far when all these playoffs are concerned, and carlos you talk about a great game, yankees and rays game. Five tight tense action, one pitch makes a difference. That was great baseball, yeah, no doubt about it, and if you look at the entire script right, you couldn’t even write it any any better. It was excellent. You know chapman against brasso and brusso at the end, comes up and hits that big home run and sends the race into the elc since 2008 12 years ago. Last time the race were in this position when the fact that they went to that final game, the back story of this series, too, is these teams don’t, like each other, oh yeah.

They do not like and they’re, not afraid to say it either so for them showing up and going all the way to going the distance and having it end. That way, what a great series and there’s some great baseball ahead and talk about the class of brasso by the way he was the guy that got targeted by chapman, affords hey no grudge matches happy to move on i’m, like better man than i just focus on The game at hand we have a mastercard on deck alert, a full breakdown of last night’s game winning mike brousseau home run. First let’s take a look at the starters for game. One of the alcs llc has taken place on sunday and dave. As you take a look here. Listen in the past. You look at the ashes. All right, berliner cola, valdez that’s right from bervalda’s been great. So far, he’s going up against blake snell yeah. He has been good, but they don’t have that fear factor that they’ve had in the past remember cole and verlander coming out of the pen, one two now they’re going to be playing day after day after day and if there’s any weakness in that rotation. Any weakness in that bullpen, we’re gon na see them yeah. This is a different uh look of a team number one. No one expected them to be here. They did not have the regular season that they would have liked to have, but they were able to sneak in and in the postseason anything goes.

I mean if you get hot at the right time, which they are they’ve been explosive offensively. You can find yourself in this position right here and uh. They are forced to be reckoned with. I mean these guys are ball players, regardless of what happened in the past. They can play baseball, look forward to the alcs beginning on sunday and for now we bring in our friend steven nelson, crushing it in socal i mean listen, it’s, a tough assignment someone’s going to do it who’s willing to go to san diego. For a couple of weeks nelly hand up right away, you’re ready to go yeah, i am you know: i’ve fell on the sword, but i’m recovering okay. You know the weather has held up the the typical winter conditions that we experience in southern california. Right now have been held at bay, so i’m, okay, adnan thanks chris well, 80 and sunny. We should be all right, uh, astros and rays facing up for sex straight post season nelly. Last year, the astros they took the series in five. How are these teams feeling, though, about this rematch, you know av? I think there were some on social media who were feigning or joking disappointment and others who sincerely were expressing actual disappointment that it wasn’t astros yankees and to that pete fairbanks of the tampa bay rays said well, we said as a group. Well, why don’t we just ruin their day up in connecticut talking about a certain worldwide leader espn having beat their golden child the new york yankees, but i think as a whole.

He was talking about media outlets, who prefer the big boys as in the big television markets. Nonetheless, it’s, not a rematch of the alcs it’s, a rematch of last year’s alds, which, as you mentioned, was pretty good. It went the distance. Houston won the first two, the rays roared back and then ultimately ran into the coal train in game number. Five, this time around a different feel the rays have been the best team in the american league all year, the astros finish below 500, but are hitting their stride, especially especially offensively, and for the members of the race who were there in 2019, they’re licking their chops. For a chance for revenge, i think it’s nice to have like a rematch again, i think we’re, a better team this year, um that team’s obviously been through a lot and they’ve actually been playing really well um. Obviously too, i think after last year. I personally would love to face him again, so um we’re definitely ready for it. We’Ve been this is such a kind of a perfect storm coming off of this, like the momentum right now with us, is, i guess, in our favor, and i just think, it’s gon na be another good series, they’re a good ball club uh. We saw that last year and i don’t think it really matters that their their two biggest guns are gone i’m, sure that they have just as many guys that they’re about to run out there against us.

I mean we’re, ready to go and we’re excited for sunday. That’S, an outstanding baseball team from top to bottom um, you know starter to bullpen up up up and down their lineup. You know, i remember watching them, you know throughout the year and – and you know kind of just being like well, i mean that’s who they are. You know they’re, they are a. They are an unbelievable baseball team, a hard team to beat the big guns, fairbanks referencing. Of course, coal and verlander not a part of the rotation, and you also now question the health of zach grinky, which is being monitored day to day by dusty baker and his staff, kevin kiermeier said they have a ton of talent, but they don’t have those two Big guys in the in the front of the rotation, he was also asked about sort of the peripheral noise that could surround a series like this. You remember tampa bay and then were among the more vocal bunches when addressing the sign stealing scandal from houston, stemming from the 2017 post season. Kiermeier was asked about the good versus evil label the backdrop of this alcs and they’re not playing too much into it. Though we did say we’ll embrace the good role and he thinks more people will root for them because of that, but all that’s in the past and the important thing for this race club right now is that houston’s playing good baseball they are certainly and their bullpens, Are doing really well as well, you look at the raise bullpen.

You know about those guys you mentioned fairbanks. You know diego castillo nick anderson as well, but houston’s bullpen, nellie, big reason for their success. Five rookies so far, they’ve been doing really well. I know at least at first glance you think oh rey’s, bulba and ray’s death, but this astros bullpen they can hold their own can’t. They no totally av you’re, absolutely right, based on 2020 regular season, resumes and just basic reputation. You would say, i would say most fans would say the heavy advantage to tampa bay, but once the postseason starts everybody knows you got to wipe the slate clean and based on what we’re, seeing right now from houston, it’s a pretty great matchup. Last year the focus was on the rotations. You had cole verlander grinky, you had snell, you had who’s coming off elbow surgery. We recall charlie morton against his old club and tyler glasnell this time around. It is the bullpen getting contributions from guys differently than kevin cash’s bunch, i would say, but the production this postseason compared to the regular season. The era you see it well down they’re striking out about a batter per inning they’ve. Actually, in some measures been better than tampa bay, of course, a little less innings fewer innings and against different competition. But that has made life a lot easier for dusty baker because he didn’t get the length out of his starters in the last round against oakland that you would hope for going into a series.

But the bullpen was able to pick them up. So that’s going to be a key factor, especially considering we have the potential for seven games in seven days. With that in mind, both kevin cash and dusty baker said today, when addressing the media that they’re likely to add another pitcher to the roster in the alcs. Dropping a position player of course, helped kind of weather the storm over the next week. That’S a good matchup i’m, also curious, who’s winning the match of steven nelson eating fish. Tacos versus diving back into in and out as a socal boy would do what’s winning that battle um every other. I you know i it’s picking children right i’m, giving equal amounts of love. Just like with you. You found a foul ball. You got to find three more to make sure you give it to all your in and out one day, taco’s, the next and back and forth. We go just like the race body is a temple i am. I am not treating my body like carlos peyton. Does i can promise you that right now pain is a man among boys, there’s, no question about that? Uh spread the wealth around thanks, ellie, good stuff, neutral site for this american league division series. The houston astros await well. This is an interesting confrontation here on one game, chapman threw over the head of mike brosso these teams don’t, like each other owen, to the count who just missed well, he is hanging tough one and that back going in sends one into left field, gardner going back And it is up and gone, and the rays have a 2 1 lead and sweet justice in san diego Applause.

It was an outstanding baseball game in game. Five, the alds stat cash powered by google cloud and there was a whole lot of heat in honor of chris russo that’s right. It was high heat all over the place, not just chapman. You know, but pete fairbanks slots now, cole, diego castillo nick anderson, zach britton. All these guys were throwing some serious cheese as the raisin of beating the anchors, 2 1 and women’s series. The key part of the game, of course, that epic at bat, as bra so with a big home, run off for all this chapman, with more on breaking down that pivotal moment. Carlos pena and dave valley over in studio 42, gentlemen, yeah that’s right art, look. That was absolutely amazing dave. I mean the the whole entire story line to me: it’s it’s, beautiful, because this is what baseball lends itself for right, this platform for things like that to happen. But i want to take you through that about because it was just absolutely epic. You know that he got thrown at his head earlier on the year right a few weeks ago, now check out that location, because it’s going to come back in a little bit, i mean he’s, throwing gas, and this is his slot right there when he goes. That way and right there he’s, looking pretty good he’s, got him down 0 2 with two power fastballs by him. So what are you thinking right now? You’Re owen, two against chapman i’m on swing mode.

I i have to get ready early i’m trying to get ready early, because i was slightly late now. You’Re reading me right because you’re, the catcher, you see whether i’m on the fastball or not. This right here was a very good. Take right, i’m, not sure about the frame yeah the split finger. He went with the split which i’m like what does he do? I never. I didn’t think he had that in him it was fastball slider and i always feel that when you start messing around with the off speed, he loses his fastball right. So now the fastball up 99, the top of the zone. But i want you to look at brasso. He is trying to timing up the time i’m up, he’s getting ready early. You see him like leg, kick really early and hang, but he’s still a little bit off. This is already five pitches down the back. You see sanchez putting down the sign all he’s thinking here is like man, i i have to see if i can get in cadence with this fastball, you see how he got. I mean even before chapman had his at the top of his delivery right. He was already he’s starting to load right, getting ready to keep but trying to keep his leverage too because he has to attack, but he cannot crash it’s about getting ready early six pitches. Already you see that see how he’s hanging? Yes, all right! That was close and another good take so he’s, starting to see the ball a little bit better.

That was pitch number seven right here, a little bit inside sanchez trying to pull that ball in for a strike. But are you seeing this as a catcher? Are you recognizing that brussels get is gon na get beat on it slider? I thought this was pretty good right here, because he was able to make contact with it even though he was expecting 103.. Can we pull that back a little bit and go stop it? Stop it right where chapman is releasing the baseball. I just want you to see something from a catcher’s standpoint right as he releases the ball. I want you to focus on gary sanchez’s glove, not much of a target right. This is a slider as chapman comes up to release the ball what’s he seeing all he’s seeing is he’s not seeing the target. Where do you want me to throw this baseball? You know and a point at this at bat, where you need that command to try to put this guy away. He’S got two strikes. All it takes. Is one good pitch go ahead right here he kept it. He stayed alive. I mean that was a lot of speed, you’re expecting a hundred. You know for him to be able to just stay through that ball and stay alive, pretty good, because he’s still on the fastball he’s like okay, threw me a slider i have to. I have to clear that if you can pause that right here, i just i just want to say that as a hitter right, if you know, shaman throws hard slider, i’m out in front immediately you’re like man, i got to slow down, i get instead.

Brussels says: no, no, no, you know what you need to flush that down the toilet. Forget about that pitch. We need to come back and get on the fastball. Okay, let’s play don’t start here. So now, i’m catching – and i see you out in front and pulling it i’m thinking. Okay, i’m gon na put you away now. I’M gon na go hard away: okay, okay, because baseball history. I remember ted williams, making this statement. He said baseball history is made from the middle end. Well, he made a lot of history yeah this eight pitches already and this a b o two. You know i mean he’s, he said he’s gon na get it up. You want it let’s see kind of left. The center cup, but yes pause it right here because but that’s not a bad pitch. Is he going to go deep on that pitch that’s, not over the plate out over the plate? I don’t think brasso’s got the type of power to beat him the other way. So for me, from the from the first time i got to pro ball. I remember mel stottlemyer talking about late in the game. Where do you want to pitch guys if you’re, if you’re having trouble getting them out, he said you got to make them, beat you the other way, so that’s, not a bad pitch it’s outer. Third, i don’t think bronzo’s gon na be able to snatch that. So i like the idea now i don’t know he – you got sanchez just sitting right in the middle of the place.

I don’t know if he’s trying to hit the outside corner, is he trying to just throw the ball up high uh it’s hard to tell it’s hard to tell you say something very interesting to me, though, that swing right there? If we can go back and then let’s just let it play real speed right, let it play look at it. You told me something about this swing and you’re like oh, oh, oh you, you saw something that’s the character. Are you thinking? Wait: man that that looked pretty healthy right there i mean he’s close from a catcher’s standpoint. I always felt that the hitter’s reaction to a pitch typically would tell me what the next pitch should be, how i’m going to get him out. He was on that fastball yeah, and this is what happened so let’s go ahead and play it. This pitch number nine he’s still battling right here. This is unbelievable. This is unbelievable. The location middle end that’s the one you don’t like but watch this it’s also low too, which allows him to get that swing in there. But did you notice brasso getting ready so early that he actually had to toe tap because he needed to gather himself? He got really so early that he had to gather himself because he said okay, i got it. I got time here and then he goes and puts this healthy swing on the baseball. Can we pull that back? Let’S? Pull this pull the back? Oh, i can watch that over and over i like there’s control.

Stop it start. Okay, i’ll do it. I got it for that last pitch. Here we go now. Look at sanchez. He’S got his target here. Let’S watch brusso! Look at that look see how i got the tab yep, and i want you to see how that swing. It’S, not he didn’t break down to get to that pitch. He didn’t break down that’s a healthy swing, that’s a 100 swing because, as the hitter, you want to be a hundred percent on time as much as you can. So you can get your 100 swing on the baseball that was very close, yeah, absolutely not late. He was right on time: arnold that’s, how you do it brother that’s, how you go indeed: 12 plate appearances, guys, 12 plated prints. Both season have lasted 10 or more pitches. The ops has been over. A thousand thousand shows that’s, the more you favor the hitter. A couple of haters, like you guys, know all about when we come back here in mlb tonight, we’ll talk further about the alcs astros and the rays game, one coming up sunday night on tbs the specific strategy at work, no off days, which team is it favor Does it favor the pitchers, the hitters, all that more coming up mlb tonight is presented by evan williams, bourbon, proud partner of the 2020 mlb post season, and specifically guys we could see a seven game series played in seven consecutive days first time since the 1955 world Series and brooklyn beat the yankees.

The only world series obviously is the dodgers. Johnny padres was great in game. 7. 55 right exactly so, when you think about it dave you got right. Astros raised, you could have seven games in seven days. Who does this favor hitters or pitchers, and you go beyond that who’s his favorite, houston or tampa? What do you think, i think, for the hitters, if you’re swinging the bat well it’s good, to play every day, you don’t you don’t, want a day off. You don’t want those those long stretches the fact that they’re staying in one city, one hotel, they’re they’re, not traveling, so you’re not getting some of that physical exhaustion out added in, but i think from a pitcher’s standpoint. I think the rays this plays better into the raised hands, because this is this is their mo all season long. This is how they do it all season, long from their starters to their relievers, their bullpen, their stable of horses that they’ve got down there. These guys kind of understand, hey it’s mix and match sometimes we’ll use a starter. Sometimes we’ll use the the opener. These guys are accustomed to that and uh to be able to navigate a seven day stretch you hit the nail right on the head. I mean, i think, really this type of setup favors, the race more than it does the astros not to say that the astros were not the guys are not going to step up and you know take on the role, but the race are used to this.

They know that they’re they have fire. You know they put out fires that’s. What they do. You go out. There you’re a fireman whenever i’m called i’m ready to go. So this is gon na favor the race uh over the astros. However, you know the astros have been swinging. The bat extremely well that’s, a more important lineup right now. You know versus the race all right, let’s check out globe life field. Right now give me this. This could be interesting here. You got to keep getting your head around this you’re.