What are the dodgers going to get out of kershaw tonight game four coming up next line up together, mookie bats leads it off and right cory, seeger, red red red against the left hander, who is in his career 11 and 11 in and this one is a Short one, as he lines a base hit into left he’ll take it jumps on the first pitch. Second hit of this lcs and akun is on to start the night for atlanta. Well, if you’re that land of rage, you’re, hoping uh, you do with the dodgers in a row and uh check on the runner at firmer’s, four rbis, he too got out of the ball game. Early last night, get a little bit of a break down and away freddy holds his own, how windy it is and what it does for a pitcher. It can throw off your timing right, i mean the wind blowing out freeman pops, it all end up. He strikes out good pitch down and away by kershaw visit with kershaw who, by the way, is from keys to the game presented by ford. Thank them for helping to bring you less stress on his arm and with on the injured list, with the bat back, and it was out at first, a rock well if the hitters fit in the first darneau, albies and swanson. The crew chief is out in right. That is fouled back toward us that’s off the end of the bat foul and i’ll, be interested to see how that wind is affecting his 2 2 bounce to pitch here is chopped left side loving.

It feels like on you or the first pitch that’s, the sixth most in baseball. He was fooled there good pitch by kershaw strike two yeah. You look at his career numbers against every pitch. It starts with one two pitch now left side turner’s been busy has to cut it off. Can’T and seeger can’t make a play. We’Ll see how that’s real in this lcs kershaw misses ball. One good block by barnes, okay, here’s the get off my long moment. Kind of jam yourself to go that way, but zombies. The next is on the inside corner. He just kept pounding him in and kershaw gets strikeout number two on the night or one pitch is inside two because they get him in off the plate in and off the plate. Three 1 1 pitch is down 12 2 life on that slider riley out in front of it fouls it pitch runner at first two out fouled back his nine starts coming in at least 1500 innings pitched yeah, and i still made the inning happening. I want to say the car runner will go and a pop up, it’s muncie, that is ripped back at the wall. Goodbye edwin rios the d.h has put the dodgers on top here in the third. This has one of the two atlanta hits and that was a rocket that seeger Applause couldn’t handle that was do or die and seeger. Well, he didn’t just sit and do it yeah? Oh, look at this.

Oh he fouls it good for him, though, but but what? What he did is he tried to do it’s a double yeah. I mean camargo’s at least at third. There might be a double one ball, one strike. He tried to run again, obviously, and he missed it. Two balls two strikes good pitch by kershaw and this and a strikeout for kershaw his third of the night, one away here in inning number, three, just too big of a swing here i mean this. One is a double play: freddie, freeman, first up nope takes a Music bit like him. He lines right to seeger, one away. Applause talk about good positioning. That is a way out of here. This ball game is tied Music, that helps to say the least. That’S foul ozone, 37 home runs 124 rbis that monster last year with miami Applause, so the dh for the dodgers goes deep puts on the hoodie the vh for the braves contract, 18 million dollars with atlanta. No full count on darnold runs in all for darnell this year and he takes in the dirt a one on one watch directly making sure our viewers are going to see something that is upstairs to all these he’s got to hit that okay, all right directly. One ball: one strike all bees fooled by the pitch out in front of it out of play. That’S off the plate, kershaw gets off the mound and makes a terrific play for out number two wouldn’t spend much time in the minor league.

That is a fair ball and out at first is swanson Applause, and i remember watching that just going full has happened. This is the anniversary of the curtain, almost seven months before that moment, that bryce wilson, clayton kershaw and here’s a fl and it will carry clayton kershaw. I think once every time that moment, kirk gibson 32 years ago, one strike one out.