The next and a high fly ball into center back at the track. Did it again back to back knights, justin turner with a first inning two out solo shot and the dodgers lead one to nothing in game? Four for this dodger offense, a lot of hitters have learned a lot from turner, bonsie grounds to the right side and the inning comes to a close, but yarbrough gives up the home run down after that mark pryor is pitching coach and a strikeout starts the night And that’s been a new theory that he’s been trying to adopt, that is into center field, for base hit a rosarina had the moment of a lifetime, as he strikes out here, 95 for round number two. There goes a rosarito swinging, a missed Music Applause, with a good job of hanging on to the ball after applying the tag, and he looks to be out, fans in attendance believe he’s out and he’s out with his stuff, just a totally different look and smith clocks. One to third and that’s an infield hit one and two the count and a check swing. Little pop up on the infield and caught by yarbrough, pitch that’s out in front of the plate out in first down to second is smith. Two away a strikeout ends the inning that’s, the first of the night temperature in the 50s, so rosarina with the sweatshirt on, and there is strikeout number three for urias along with the other two guys.

They have a lockdown starter here’s, one into right, hard hit and backs up to grab it two down Applause. I mean this has been a post season himself. There’S one into center back is pollock, adamus got under it and a one two three second for julius another choker Applause. I don’t know – and this play right here – just catches them great play. Two balls two strikes: zigger hits one in the air to right. This ball is crushed and gone corey seeger with another two out rbi as he circles the bases with his eighth home run of this postseason. That tie is for the record with a rose arena and three others and it’s two, nothing dodgers here in the third who’s. This post season now a 1 2 to turner that is hitting the center for a base hit with two down that’s inside another: walk by muncie for the dodgers, little check, swing back to yard bro and the underhand toss for the out in the inning. A two out home run by corey seeger, his torrid october continues that’s what the dodgers fastballs in the series have been. That is down and a one hour walk cunino is aboard, and that is three pitches and strikeout number four for the lefty marvin hudson off and this one will work the plate tomorrow: strikeout nz, that is five for urias two balls, two strikes one out: nobody on And a line drive into right well hit this one’s gon na get over the head of renfro for a double for pollock and he’s got his first hit of this world series.

Applause brings it and a strikeout for out number two hernandez facing thompson for the second straight game and he chops to third rosso nice pick and good work by thompson, bardum from a teammate, some cowboy boots in mexico, and here is his shot into right center field. This ball is back at the wall. He’S got another in the all time. Record for home runs in a single post season, with number nine, more importantly, for the rays, it’s a two to one game and the quick hands here’s one that’s going to drop into center. As brasso is on tying run aboard with nobody out here in the fourth that’s, when it gets real, tough, sometimes even two there’s one right down the chute 96 as hard as we’ve, seen the lefty throw tonight for strikeout number six ball and two strikes runner at First, one out – and now this gets away from smith down to second goes russo 2 2. He went around and the strikeout is number seven back to back. One man show of rosarina 1 0 pitch is hit hard, but right at turner loves. It gets the out, but the rays are on the board, with a home run by a rosarina number. Nine at this post season. Unreal stay tuned for the fifth inning giveaway from t mobile, the leader in 5g coverage forever, unless it leaves the yard here is seeger. How hot is he jumps on the first pitch he’s lined out he’s homer to right, and now he takes fairbanks into right for a one out single that gets away from zunino and seeger was ready down to second, he goes justin turner, doing on 3 0 swinging And he pops it up easy play for renfro two down: Applause, Music Applause and now out, as muncie falls off it’s a three to one ball game and muncie pleading his case.

Applause here is the 3 2 and a high fly ball into left. This ball is up and way out of here it’s a 3 2 game, as hunter renfro gets his first to the world series trying to get it out, nobody on or out and now one way, strikeout number eight here’s, the o2 another strikeout of kiermeier. That is nine in the ball game, seemingly been getting better and better with every outing. This post season, one pitch and the fifth inning, is history who have led, since there were two out in the top of the first that’s, not close, and a lead off, walk, lead off, walk now, with 2 2 swung on and missed Applause weight to the cabin. As favor 3 0 and takes a walk second of the inning strikeouts, and that is a rocket into left right at the left, fielder margot makes the play two down. Applause, Music and to score is: will smith? Stopping at third is aj pollock and a two out rbi hit by hernandez it’s 4 2 dodgers. Two on two out should indiana right center field. Kiermeier is there and that ends the top of the sixth. Here comes a 2 2 and a line drive into center. Another hit Applause, this series and the dodgers have and they’re using a pinch. Hitter runner goes on ball four and it’s, two on with nobody out as choi off the bench draws a walk from trinity. Oh two, a strikeout on three pitches, one away, baez brings it and a high flat ball into left center field.

Back at the wall, it is gone. Brandon wow has put the raise on top with a three run home run the other way. It’S. 5 4 tampa bay here in the sixth renfro strikes out, and the inning is over Music seeger grounds. A base hit into right here comes a 2 2 and a line drive base hit into left center. That will send seeger over to third digging. For second is turner, and he is with another extra base hit. Luke brings it and a strikeout one away. Applause. Oh two, a strikeout two down that is off the glove and into right. Two runs are gon na score and now bellinger, trapped in a rundown tagged out, but peterson has delivered off the bench. A two out two run pinch hit and a knock into right, and the dodgers are back on top here in game four, so whether that second run would have scored here’s a one two and a strikeout for round number one in the seventh curveball swinging, a miss To go 0 1 here’s one into right. This one is way out of here and game. Four is tied: caremeyer touches one off into right, here’s, a 3 1 in the dirt Applause. A one hour walk and the go ahead run is on with a rosa arena. Coming up Applause, 0, 1 up and a step Applause there with a lead off stand up, double showing butt early for the out one away as wendell is there barely had to move that’s ground ball to short and out at first as adamus makes that play two Down seeger a little flare, shallow left dodgers back on top another two out run scoring here in the eighth and it’s to six la and corey seeger has delivered yet again.

Applause there he goes hit into left seeker will end up at third base, as meadows gets the ball back in and it’s first and third, two down another hit by turner. There goes the runner turner, the ground ball right side, charging it grabbing it, throwing it for the out. Is lao it’ll be a few batters before we see him here’s a 3 0, a four pitch walk and the tying run is on with nobody out every one of the last ones. That’S a world series record here’s one into center field. Taylor is there for out number one. You can get him four outs if he wanted here. It comes and a swing and a miss by lau two out something with it tying running. First, two out and adamus a little flare into left field. This ball is gon na fall for a hit and it’s two on with two out, as it drops in front of peterson and out of the reach of seeger grader. All deals and a high fly ball into right, easy for bets Applause and the young right. Hander celebrates getting the final out of the eighth game. Four rolls into the ninth inning. Seven six dodgers is on top gives it feels like it also could get into the head of the hitter here’s. The fly ball that’ll find one of these four outfielders Applause and it’s meadows and left, and he grounds one through the right side here, two for two here in game.

Four Applause taylor hits it in the air to right and that will send game number. Four with all these twists and turns into the bottom of the ninth inning, Music was 2 0. Now two and two now strikeout starts the bottom of the ninth and one away. Applause shattered back, fly, ball and base hit and kier meyer ends up with the handle of his bat in his hands. His bat in pieces and the ball falls in shallow right center. Not going and a line drive into left center field back is peterson grabs it out number two and the dodgers are one out away from the three games to one advantage as peterson made a nice play to his left. Runner goes 3, 2 and bounces in there Applause smith, locates it it’s two on with two out Applause: jansen, that is into center field. Here comes kier, meyer phillips is tied the game, a rose arena coming around throw home now he stumbles, but the ball gets away. Tampa bay wins it brett, phillips game 4. Hero rosarina is dead at the plate like there’s, no chance i’m. Sorry, taylor, not mookie here’s, the throw that comes in and this is going to be relatively easy and and will smith just took his eye off the throw from muncie because he didn’t know where the runner was. He thought the runner was coming and he had to swipe tag him and right here. Rosarina is absolutely flying and wright slips falls down.