The number eight seed in the west, taking on lebron james and the lakers. The number one seed we’ve already seen a number 1c get knocked off today. When the bucks lost to orlando and now our nightcap features the blazers and the lakers welcome back to studio j, ernie johnson, with shaq kenny and charles last time, we saw the lakers in the playoffs they were being swept by the san antonio spurs in 2013.. They come in now as the number one seed in the west shack against a team that is far from your garden. Variety number eight seed in portland. How do you see it well again, there’s a lot of factors that are not going on so listen. The lakers have to put this team away. You know dame is coming carmelo is coming they’re playing very well uh lebron does respect dane. You know based off what he said today. The key is anthony davis, but when you’re the number one seed playing against lower seeds, you have to let them know we’re the number one seed for a reason, we’re going to put you away, i don’t care, if you score 50 and 60. we’re going to put You away, you cannot give these guys. Life, lebron and a.d have to dominate, not play well, they have to dominate the whole series if they want to win. The sims heard stan van gundy talking during that last game, charles about matching up with lebron and portland.

You know ariza may have been that guy who opted out uh rodney hood has the achilles uh. So if you’re portland, what do you do with lebron james? Nothing, let him run wild. He gon na do his thing. They can’t match up with him because they with no trevor reason, no riding the hood. They can’t match up with him, but they got an advantage pretty much everywhere else they can play with anthony davis with those two big guys. They got better guards. Uh gary trent jr is bet anybody coming off the bench for the lakers. Now there is a wild card, carl kuzma. We got to see if he can play go kyle kuzma, you should call i’ll, say kyle let’s, just sound it that way, because it’s a long distance from there to there to me you let lebron go wild. You don’t double him, but they’ll get cp3 and kuzma going. But to me this kid here: tv uh, uh, caldwell, yeah, yeah kcp, but this kid here there’s a lot of pressure on him. He’S got to prove he can play. Oh my gosh! Oh, no, i don’t know which was funny to call coos ball or something i said, kyle but there’s a lot of pressure on kuzma. I i i i don’t know if there’s pressure on kuzma, because why not if they, if they lose they’re, not going to blame kuzma for losing? No, yes, they are lebron, said it like two weeks ago, because you got to understand some kitty.

He’S never played never played in in this. In these lights, yes, he’s never played, and you know he put up good numbers on bad teams that don’t even count. This is like when, like we, you know it every season, you make your name playoffs you make, but i’m saying i played an nba i’ve been around for 30 years, there’s, a lot of guys who put up good numbers on bad teams. Like you said, the lakers have not been out in the playoffs for x amount of years. He was getting numbers on those teams. Those do not count. He has got to be the third best player for the lakers if they’re going to advance. But let me tell you something: they’re not going to advance because dame lillard cj mccullum, gary trent, dunya, uh junior, the two big boys, my man, zach collins, man, the best ability is availability. You know how much i like it, but if you can’t play hurt man come on. Man come on man. What is what does the series hinge on kenny uh, the lakers ability to score with anthony davis and in terms of offensive rebounding, because we’re teams that, even in the bubble in the in the in the uh playing games and the games, the eight games, they were Killed on the offensive glass by inferior, big men and now we’re talking about one of the top five, possibly players in the league and anthony davis when he plays his best.

So he has to control the offensive glass because they score so easily portland that if you don’t get multiple shots for a laker team who struggles to score, they won’t win this series. But if you watch this game and all of a sudden, you say at halftime and we come back and he says well, anthony davis has uh 19 points and he has 11 rebounds seven offensive. This is that’s it it’s over. What do you have 32 and 11? This year against the blazers, you got to get that in those three meetings yeah. I know i’m going to sound crazy when i say this and how would that be different than any other night chuckster? This is tonight’s. Game is a must win for the lakers must win on game one. Why do you say it’s a must win, because because what shaq said a few seconds ago, when you’re the number one seed, uh don’t count milwaukee or orlando, that doesn’t count. Why? Because their number one seater lost the opener orlando don’t have listen near the firepower that this warriors, they can’t keep it up. They can’t sustain it and let me tell you something: these guys are playing with so much confidence right now. If they’re able to win game, one listen it’s going to be a long 40., not a lot. You already know they’re going to go ahead and say no, no but i’m saying the championship. Let me tell you this again say it again: if ill, not if i’m gon na have three right now the trailblazers are gon na win the series.

Okay, we are we’ve already got that okay, but right if they win, if they win tonight, chuck we’re even on bets, listen, that’s, better yeah! If, if the portland trailblazers win tonight, they’re going to sweep the lakers sweetie i’m telling you they got tonight, they gon na sweep the lakers if they win tonight. They’Re gon na win the series, but this is the muscle wearing fucking lakers. I know you’re socially distant, but can you see what’s in this cup? Oh man that coat what you got ta do i got the portland trailblazer. How much make it lighter 500 brothers now for the first two games, y’all are crazy.