Dame first question’s coming from dwight james with nbc sports northwest game, we heard you guys were supposed to switch hotels. Today i was kind of curious. You have talked about how much stuff you brought down there with you was that a major project to move on a off day to kind of ruin an off day for you uh, i mean uh. They told us. I think, saturday, that we was gon na be moving uh, all of our stuff, the day after the game, um so um. On monday or sunday i started to pack up stuff monday. I packed up some stuff, so my room was pretty much packed up um by noon monday, so um they made it real easy for us. We just put our stuff out. They came in and got all our stuff brought it down, tagged it and moved it to the um to the new hotel for us, and then you know we kept the overnight bag for after the game and we just kind of brought our little carry on bags With us to the hotel today, but they made it pretty easy, you know they all we had to do is pack up our rooms and they brought everything over for us, except what we kept for the overnight situation, so it was pretty simple. Next question is coming from jason, quick with the athletic. Did you talk about the evolution of hassan this season and then also what you’ve seen from him uh since you guys have been in orlando and his role has been kind of reduced? I think he he deserves a lot of credit um coming in with nerf being out.

He was our starting center, all season long and then nerd comes back and you know, like you, said, he’s kind of put into a reduced role where he’s not playing as many minutes, maybe not getting as many touches as he would like, not playing for the the Stretches that he had been playing all season long but um that could be hard and he’s. You know he still found a way to to have an impact. Um. Obviously, it’s gon na take some time to get used to, and you know sometimes it you know he might not feel completely comfortable or you know good about the time that he’s given, which is natural for any of us big competitors um. You know we all feel like we’re the best at what we do um, but you know for him to come out in the game like last night, um, the dallas game. You know he he’s found a way to still have a impact, a positive effect on wins, and i think that says a lot about him. The next question is coming from aaron ventress, with the oregonian damian, when an opposing team shoots as poorly as the lakers did. Yesterday, from 3 15 16 – something like that and it’s a series, so it’s, not just one game and then move on, do you? Is there a natural inclination to fear or wonder that they’re gon na reverse that and balance things out with a hot game pretty soon? I think you got ta assume that they’re not gon na miss that many threes again um.

You know, i think, what we did uh physically and the effort that we had just closing off the paint knowing that they’d like to plan the paint uh. Our effort is only gon na have to get better. You know, i think it’s each game is gon na get tougher and tougher for us as they adjust and as things balance out uh. So um we got the first one uh. We know it’s gon na be harder. We know they probably won’t, miss uh the same shots that they missed last night, going forward um or at least consistently they won’t and they’re gon na do things better each game that’s. What i think is gon na happen. So we got ta, you know we got ta, look at the things that we didn’t do well uh. The good looks that we gave up the the coverages that we messed up um and just try to be better each game going forward. So we can try to limit the things that they do well. Next question is coming from kyle goon with southern california, news group hey dame um. You talked, i think, after the nets game about um, taking some big shots of from really far and and how you needed to kind of make things happen at that time. Um last night, when you took that late, three pointer near half court was that one of those moments and how much comfort have you gotten, since the restart in kind of creating and kind of going for those big swings.

So to speak, i mean, i think, the the work was done already. You know to get to a point where i’m just comfortable taking that shot and i don’t i’m not going into those shots thinking what, if i miss or anything like that, it’s a comfortable shot. Um it’s been an efficient shot for me um i don’t go out there and just settle for it and just shoot it all game long. I i feel, like i got a a good grip on when to take it uh. As far as timing score, where we are in the game uh, what kind of coverage i’m looking at, how hard we just had to work on the the defensive possession to where i’m, not just settling for this shot, you know what my team just had to work Hard to get a stop so i’m, conscious of all these things and a lot of that goes into my decision making, but when it came to that shot it was a tied game. You know we were rolling at that point. I think we started to kind of take over the game and i just felt that the time was right. You know to to go for it. I figured if it went in, they would probably call timeout and they did so um. I just think i’m getting more comfortable with the situations uh and where i take those next questions coming from cassidy, hubbard espn. As far as a couple games ago, you were talking about, you know how it actually may work in your favor that you guys have been essentially in the playoffs while you’re here.

Do you feel like now one playoff game in and feeling the atmosphere, the playoff atmosphere? Here compared to um, you know typical playoff atmosphere that you guys maybe are able to have more energy in this game compared to the other teams. I think so because it’s it’s, no fans or or home court, so it’s all about what you what you playing for and i think because we’ve been playing for our playoff lives since we’ve, been here those close games, the coming up, big down the stretch on offense. Getting a stop we’ve had to do that so many times since we’ve been here so last night. When that situation came again, it was like it’s not like the environment changed because it’s a playoff game when we on the road or anything it’s like it’s. Another tough game that we got to grind out and i think because we’ve had to trust each other in so many big situations, uh in recent time it paid off for us in the game like last night, because we were just comfortable. It was like make the extra pass. We got to communicate more, we got to come up with a rebound just stuff like that. We’Ve been doing it for the last two and a half three weeks, so it was just you know another game for us, because we’ve been in that intensity or a game that tight since we’ve been here yesterday. He described that you take more responsibility in the fourth.

Obviously we know there’s this, the game time. You know nicknames logan whatever you want to call it, but how did you describe not the switch, but you know when that game is on the line. Is it responsibility? You feel, i think, it’s responsibility, um and it’s, not always me making a big shot. You know sometimes like if we played memphis it’s, you know setting up a situation where you know i noticed. Cj has made two shots in a row, and i know that he can bring us home as well. Sometimes it’s just setting the team up in uh spots or in situations where we can create a good situation for cj or maybe telling mello you’d be on the opposite side, because when i attacked they’re going to help them from that way and you’re going to have A shot or telling the same thing to gary trent or accepting the double team and then making the right play out. You know so we can play on the back side two on one or three on two, whatever that is um, but just take responsibility for that. You know recognizing, where the help is coming from what the other team is trying to do and just play to that. I think uh in the fourth quarter. I try to do that. I think my level of focus actually goes up in the fourth quarter, because you know it’s it’s time to win or lose the game and a lot of people in that situation are fatigued, um, mentally and physically, so they might waver or they might.

You know just give in to it, and i like to take those moments to challenge myself to to level up and rise in those those situations, because i know uh how it can be for some people. Final questions coming from casey holdahl with trailblazers.com damian. You did kind of just reference it there but i’m curious. You know you’re in that game. In the fourth quarter, you guys go up big, the lakers come back and rally they go up. Six you’re in that. Fourth, you know that you know after as well as you got played to not get that game would probably be pretty detrimental. Where is your mind at i mean it sounds like you’re saying that, like you’re enjoying that moment, but i’m, just curious, if you could explain it all kind of what you’re feeling when, when the game is close, it’s late and and you really feel like it, you Don’T want to lose the opportunity that you guys have presented yourselves with by playing so well in the first first half two halves. I mean i think that’s that’s kind of like i don’t, have a fearful mentality about it. You know when it’s happening it’s like if we lose like, then we lose. Obviously we don’t want to, and i think that’s what could make it a stressful situation. But i think when you have um the comfort that i have it makes it um. I guess less. Stressful and it’s not comforting just what i feel like i can do, but if i know a double team or a trap is coming i’m looking at i’m out letting the ball to carmelo anthony and he’s, a big shot maker he’s a hall of fame player, he He can see the next play i’m, really comfortable with that.

Gary trent has been probably the best three point shooter since we’ve been here. So usually, if mello get it, the defense is going to come to mello and g trent is getting a good look from three which i’m super comfortable with and i’m ultra comfortable. If the ball goes out and ends up in cj’s hands, so i mean i’m looking at three different guys that i feel completely comfortable um taking that shot. You know two people come to me, one of those guys gon na end up with a quality shot, or they should so. I think that allows me to be comfortable in those situations where it’s like i can make the right play and live with it and if they don’t um, you know, send two people at me or give me that type of attention. Obviously, i feel comfortable about what i can do with the ball in my hand, so once we get in those situations like last night, i feel comfortable for that reason and the fact that over the last 10 games that we’ve been here, every game has come to That point and we’ve shown that trust and we’ve shown that you know different guys can uh come up big in those situations, so i think it makes us more comfortable as a team, which is why i think we’re able to perform uh so far when that, when That time comes thanks, eddie stan! Thank you, sir. Okay. Jacob.