It included this the jazz evening up their series with denver one game apiece a 19 point win donovan mitchell scored 21 in the third finish, with 30 points, jordan clarkson chipped in with a playoff career, high 26 off the bank. So that series is even at a game of peace. This series is not the celtics crushed the sixers they’re up two games to none jayson tatum, awesome, again, 33 points surpassing larry bird as the youngest celtic with consecutive 30 point postseason games, he’s, also the youngest player ever to make eight threes in a playoff game and, As we open the hour with open the show with the mavericks even up their series with the clippers with a 13 point, win luka doncic 28 points. Eight boards seven assists kauai had 35, but it wasn’t nearly enough. The mavs basically took a lead in the first minute of this game and never looked back so here’s, the one and only jaylen rose jalen. The reality is six. The six quarters in this series, in which kristaps porzingis has been playing the mavericks, have just flat been the better team. Are the clippers in trouble? I don’t think they’re in jeopardy of losing this series, but what’s gon na happen. Greenie is now it’s been elongated into something that probably is gon na end up being a seven game series and you credit the mavs and, as you mentioned, luca donches who’s, terrific out on the floor, his court vision his ability to make people around him better.

The pace that he plays with the poise that he plays with the maturity and just allowing him to unlock the floor with his points, but then, all of a sudden he gets in foul trouble and christos porzingis stayed in the game. He did a terrific job, but how about the player development of rick carlisle, tim, hardaway, jr, playing quality minutes? Curry came in off the bench. Knocking down shots, trey burke was not in the nba until the dallas mavs went to the bubble and he’s playing quality minutes. Bobine came off the bench and and had 13 points and nine boards, so the depth of the mass actually is what beat the clippers and that’s something that the clippers normally have to its advantage when they’re going against all of their opponents they’re exactly right. Trey burke, seth, curry and bobon combined for 44 points last night when and a lot of it when doncic wasn’t on the floor. So all right coach, i mean tell me how they’re gon na do that if, at the point of the game, when porzingis gets thrown out the other night, the mavericks were on pace to score about 130 points. They scored. What 127 last night, how were the clippers going to slow them down so here’s? What i love about sports, i swear that’s, why? I always encourage young people to participate in sports and or team activities, because it challenges you in the way. Sometimes your normal life doesn’t.

It shows you how to deal with success, how to deal with failure. How to deal with adversity. You don’t think paul george knows that his name was trending for all the wrong reasons. People making fun of playoff p, calling him pandemic p and he had zero points in the first half and showing the videos that he and patrick beverly who wasn’t there yesterday making fun of dame lillard while dame lillard just shot down the los angeles lakers in game. One so those dudes now are going to be challenged. Greeny, i expect paul george to play fantastic in the next game. Also montrez herald has to pick up his productivity. He played limited minutes clearly because he just got back practicing and being in the bubble, so he only had 10 points but that’s, basically, half of his season average, so paul, george and montreal’s herald need to pick up their productivity and also for the cliffords. You hope to get patrick beverly back into your start, lineup, because it now solidifies your team yeah paul george 4 of 17 last night, as jalen, said zero points in the first half all right, something else i want to get to with you jay after losing game. One tuesday night to the eight seeded blazers by seven, the top seed lakers look to bounce back tonight in game, two: nine eastern, obviously it’s a critical game. You’Ll see it on espn let’s play again what paul pierce said about lebron and the lakers yesterday on.

First, take if they don’t win this year, lebron’s not getting any younger. This is going to be a big hit on his legacy and i’ve already said: he’s, not a top five player of all time. If the lakers don’t win a championship, let alone lose in the first round. I don’t want to hear none of this goat talk no more if they lose in the first round. He doesn’t want to hear anymore. Go talk, that’s, your guy, paul, pierce what’d. You think his nickname is the truth, and my countdown brother didn’t need maria or jay williams to keep him in line right there. Greeny, because, while i agree lebron james legacy is cemented and we’ve talked about that on this program. But there are so many players, not so many. I take that back there’s, a mount rushmore of a couple of players that had just accomplished more than lebron has in basketball and it’s just fine. It doesn’t mean he is in an all time: great michael jordan, kareem abdul jabbar bill russell and, in my personal opinion, magic johnson, and then after that comes lebron, james kobe bryant, tim duncan larry bird. They all now those four players become a conversation and so it’s not a diss to lebron to say he’s, not the goat, but i don’t feel he falls out of a list or it makes his standing worse if they lose to the portland trailblazers. You – and i have been talking about this greedy during the lockout they’re really good.

Dame litter is one of the top players in the game. He shot down the oakland city, oklahoma, city, thunder and broke up russell westbrook and paul george, this time last year, so based on who they’re playing against. I understand where the truth is coming from lebron james legacy as one of the greatest basketball players is cemented, regardless to what happens versus the portland trail, blazers they’re exactly right. It was this time last year, only of course it wasn’t. It was the first round it took place in april as opposed to august, but i understand your point is still well taken. Thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.