At what point does kwa leonard say scratch the game plan? I got this dude that’s cooking us at what point? Does he take the challenge individually and says luca’s mine? I think you just pointed at it. I think you must have telepathic connection to leonard because he just pointed to him to doncic that he’s his 18 points for lou williams and clippers still in the zone, and i think against this. You still got to put the ball in doncica’s: hands drives on harold banks. Shot is good, harold tried to draw the charge, and i don’t think you can drop back against doncic. I think with his skill. His strength that running start is just too easy for him. Williams, this time i’m, going to help off kid gilchrist, not just again sneaks inside finds a way, finds the hole leonard drives on kid gilchrist and a foul Applause arnovich, with his seventh rebound. He has been a boost off the bench once again: gotcha’s drive falling away up and in luka duncan’s dazzling once again, and the lead is back to seven. This is a spectacular performance and again coming into this game, weren’t even sure if he was going to play Applause guys, i love the footwork, you know the ability to stop and pivot away and fake. This is all fundamental stuff. This is like. You may not have his vision or his strength and size, but anybody can learn to jump. Stop pivot fake.

I mean the three brings it back out. Marcus morris guarding him doncic on the drive falls back shot is short, gets his own rebound the putback. He banks at home even like when this dude scores. He looks at whoever’s defending him. He is not scared at all and screams and one every time a remarkable performance from luka doncic, and this guy is embracing the challenge. It doesn’t matter who’s defending him, but can i be honest for a second? There was a time when guys would come into this league years ago over from overseas, and they had a you thought that they were soft but alive for the clippers control, but now they’re, making him isolate versus attack a big who’s dropped back, as williams gets to The baseline and finishes lineup has been very good. Doncic pulls back three pointer, bang, luca doncic from downtown the lead back up to six 33 points, but they switched that and put reggie jackson on him on that flare screen, as lou williams again scores easily. Well, he was putting on a scoring clinic getting to the rim. He’S got 31 in just 25 minutes. Lou williams is on doncic long. Three pointer puts it in luke and doncic from way downtown and the lead is back up to seven leonard comes right back and banks, it home big bucket after big bucket here. At crunch time, average bench felt like kwa linda, got away with a shove of utilizing that left off i’d like to see that again, Applause finds tomb, hard away, hardaway fires up a three that’s good hard away from down williams up top george guarded by doncic.

I, like doncica’s defense on the ball tonight: williams, kicks it out, reggie jackson, deep corner three got it down, deflected reggie jackson, trying to save it. He does to leonard leonard sets. Fires bang come on leonard from downtown and it’s. A two point: game, timeout, dallas, mid range, so lethal for kawhi leonard and that upper body strength, which forces the defense to get off of you. These two all stars matched up again top of the key Applause: five to shoot, leonard right in front of him. Doncic drives again gets into the paint stops euro step. Flips it up, shot, won’t go rebound, goes to leonard that’s. Great deep lou williams has been spectacular tonight leans in draws, the foul shot, won’t go, but he’ll get three free throws and hardaway missed. One of his three lou williams to take the lead misses his third word foul. That would be the disaster. Applause lobs it up of the rim over time is switching doesn’t have to try to make every play, because right now to me, he’s over holding the ball over handling the ball, he played 41 of the 48 minutes. Leonard gets inside turn around jumper’s good. Just three seconds left on this shot clock inside goes cindy smith, banks at home and we’re tied again, maxie cleaver, with the task of trying to guard kawhi leonard line, drive jumper again and taking advantage of what he does best and i’m going to switch that match Up i’m, going to put finney smith on leonard now, he’s, just getting too much mid range space.

Tim hardaway misses the three clever. Had it lost it, but dorian smith. Has it trey burke for three puts it in comes the other way. Paul george to the basket lays it up and in just his third field goal he was just two for 12, but he puts the clippers back up by one airball burke. The rebound puts up the baseline, jumper rattles in and out and in again dallas back up by one lou williams, quickly counted and one you talk about the all time greats in the history of this game. This time off the bench you have to talk about lou williams, the way he scores the basketball time and time again, when called upon just a spectacular spectacular in the corner, you’ve got to give help. Lou williams is not missing an uncontested layup and doesn’t miss the free, throw 36 point. Bench scorer in the history of the nba clippers by two doncic smith throws it back up top cleveland now back to doncic gets in the paint drives it morris steps back and banks it home to tie it again and the clippers call timeout a doncic masterpiece here. In game, four Applause just making plays, gets the basketball gets into the thick of the flip as defense use that upper body strength again effectively came back and erased a 12 point. Fourth quarter deficit and they’re going to want to get two shots for one leonard. The drive, the pull up shot is short rebound doncic, and i would try to do the same thing if i was the mavericks right now, vinnie smith hesitated and you can’t have guys hesitating right now.

Applause, i like this matchup about luca, can use that strength. Spins on jackson, layup, it’s, good 40 point triple double and the mavics are up two time out clippers with 19 seconds. Remaining Applause into the hands of kawhi leonard kid gilchrist is on him makes his move gets into. The paint stops kicks it out, moore’s a corner. Three punch it in marcus morris from downtown and the clippers. Take a one point: lead timeout dallas, and my question is – and this is always a head coach’s decision when they make that. Do you want to just play in transition, or do you want to call timeout, because now the clippers can take out lou williams, so you take out a weaker defender and you can put in shamat or whoever you want to defensively the no look pass from leonard His fourth assist and morris who’s played so well in this series overall, but struggled shooting earlier with one of the biggest shots of the year. Heck of a play by kwai lennon unselfish gives the basketball up, wants a chance to win this ball game and a bomb shaman guarding the ball i’m going to track doncic and try to prevent that ball from coming in to him. Applause, finney smith, to inbound back to doncic dodges, pulls up three pointer: bang, bang, it’s good doncic wins the game at the buzzer. This staunch is a good three. The status masterpiece is complete, luca mania, alive and well here in orlando he’s confirmed he got the match up, he wanted and he had the presence of mind to know exactly how long 3.

7 seconds was. This is a shot. He works on time and time again rhythm, step back three that’s in his resume.