He had six turnovers in game. Two only scored 10 points, there’s littler well defended by anthony davis on that play and the lakers. This is when they’re good they’re good in transit, damian lillard, step back, shot, bounces up and goes through, not quite as high as the one he had against brooklyn, but a three pointer. Nonetheless, contavious call, while pulp misses Music, anthony davis, one for five from the line to start the game and he’s an 85 percent free, throw shooter this season, cj mccollum, sweet movements, hard them well in the half court, danny green. The floater is up in here. Littler puts it on the floor, drives, gets it inside pass deflects off lebron james, almost on the floor, i’ve been part of teams where players don’t want to play hurt, and i understand the tolerance level as mcgee with the finish is different, but give me a leader And a superstar that’s willing to not feel 100 and still compete, cj mccollum almond mcgee, isolated shoots over the seven footer knocks it down. Cj mccollum is in gabriel his command with whitestar. Getting those two quick, fouls, cj mccollum, knocks that tomorrow. Do i go to a certain thing: Music pandora, i don’t know what that is. Okay, i’ll tell you what, though you are the most improved dancer i’ve, been watching your moves when they play music during the timeouts yeah, but we got to get some extra work in with our dj.

What did she play smooth operator last game in the middle of a playoff game? Yeah i was like Applause. Anthony nerkin shows the trailer nice outlet pass to davis, one dribble in the lane, layup no good to follow and caruso acid side cool, oh wild shot. Today, falling in love with that three point line: littler gets the rim layout shots good and one day and another 21 year old james on the drive strong finish that time in traffic and that’s the right mindset scratch the offensive set, call beat your man and attack. Make a play either for yourself or for your teammate lillard guarded by caruso dribbled into the double team, anthony davis, with the steal outlet to james james, finds, kuzma and kuzma just over a minute gone by here in the second james sets himself for three nails. It straight on from downtown lebron james, with 13 points. You can tell he’s sense in the moment and if you’re pauline, you can’t, be frustrated with that that’s a shot. You have to be willing to give up to him and he only had 10 total points. The entire game, too cj mc mccollum, easily beats smith off the dribble gets in the lane, floats it up and then there’s here in this bubble, unprecedented times as dwight howard can’t get it to go james. The offensive rebound goes back up foul and one and nurkic picks up his second lebron james. Looking aggressively to score he’s got 17 points totally aggressive on the offensive end making plays crashing the offensive bullets putting his head down and that grown man strength.

The ability to take the hit and get the basket get off anthony makes his drive inside goes to the glass won’t go shot may have been blocked by it right now. Anthony davis back out, danny green gets a good look that’s a three for danny green and it’s. A one point: game coach. You always talk about the way danny green just put himself in position, but anthony davis to deliver the basketball yeah. He moved in front. Instead of he got out of the line of the double team as anthony’s wide open, anthony missed his first against carl anthony bad pass stolen by mccollum, mccollum and simon simons gets, it goes underneath left handed, misses Applause, lillard bank shot is good. Teammate he’s founded danny green, open, shot, won’t fall, rebound tipped howard to davis, the ball for portland, oh while pope gets inside he can’t get at the ball four on two break. Right now for portland mccullen, lillard nice little faker for the davis three pointer puts it in damien lillard guarded now by lebron james drives into the bank, goes inside shot blocked by davis, kuzma head out to green back to lebron james bounce past caruso that’s, a nice Team basketball there and what a block by davis lillard going for the emphatic slam and davis, one of the best shot blockers in the game mccollum once again, baseline jumper mccollum he’s got 17 on seven of 11 from the field dynamic duo, backboard of the blazers have Been superb here in the first half green’s pass, trent went for the steal and got burned good misdirection by the lakers, and then posting up lebron james, also lebron james.

After again, just 10 points in all of game. Two has 18 already gary trent count the basket and the big time block by anthony davis, we’ve seen damien lillard finish this type of play, but anthony davis. Protecting the rim at an elite level says not on my watch. James spins gets to the lane and banks at home sweet move from lebron simons. They swing it. Mcconnell nice ball, fake corner, three got it at the buzzer cj mccollum caps off for 26. let’s check in with cassidy yeah mike. I spoke with frank kogel at the half and i asked him what was the message specifically about their free throws and turnovers, and he said we’re just trying to play with paper three to two. The blazers have bled almost the entire time. Anthony has to shoot. Oh and he knocks it down as the shot clock, expired and falling out of bounds, he’s just three for 12, but able to nail that one. But nurkic has got to look to score against the smaller pope in the post. They didn’t even bring a double team. Anthony davis steps back in it, mccollum nice feed inside nurkic white side right there for the follow anthony was the third pick of that draft. James, of course, the first nurkic with the flush davis, caldwell pope steps behind and gets that three pointer to go. Oh, it had a terrific first half shooting the ball. Well, james steps back another three 28 points.

Now full of games down the lane kicks it back out, good ball movement, caldwell polk gets another good, look and nails. The three challenge very stunts decided not to his carmelo anthony, knocks down the jumper. They let that play stand so anthony stays out there with the four fouls Music james in attack mode. All night davis, mcgee flips it up and in nice pass from anthony davis. Anthony davis has seven assists in the game, only eight points, but he has found his teammates anthony wants to take caldwell pope james, coming to help shoots over the double team. Back to back. There are not going to be the ones that feature that’s three mid range test: eight james for three lillard throws it ahead, anthony’s going to get another, and the game is tied once again says i’m, not just going to stand and take punch, anthony davis against lebron James drives, he thought he was foul james, kicks it out in the corner. Caldwell pulled for three puts it in kentavious, caught mccollum, pounded by danny green gets in the paint. Lefty layup is up and good what a beautiful move, making something out of nothing for cj. Mccullough and the hesitation at the end, looking like he was going to spin freezes, lebron creates opportunity with the left hand, finish mccullum with the steal, that’s lebron, james’s, sixth turnover Applause, lillard back to anthony anthony the hot hand here in the third got it this opening Round playoff series right now: the lakers up, one caruso back in the game drives and easily scores.

He’S got a taller guy on him and kuzma nice feet inside white side carmelo anthony, doing a little bit, anthony davis season opening goes inside and the foul taken away by caruso who’s the car wall, pull that three pointer won’t go anthony davis tips. It throws it down again. Dave is coming a lot, some in different languages for players from different countries as alex caruso rattles in the three pointer and the lakers bounce. They got kuzma good luck earlier in the game. Quick inbounds, solid minutes on both sides of the floor davis steps back, knocks down another damian lillard step back. Three pointers up it’s, good damian, too big starting the game together. Mccullum finds a little room and nails it 24 for mccullum. The key for the blazers. During this tremendous bubble, run has been big time shot making. Can they do it again here in the fourth quarter, anthony davis continues russo playing important fourth quarter minutes davis. This time the left elbow either side davis pouring it on and the lead is up to. Nine coach nerc is too easily switching pick and roll with caruso and anthony davis that creates that open shot for david carmelo anthony, again boy anthony’s shooting in the second half just tremendous, and i think lillard has to push up more and impact the ball right now. On caruso, so he can go under davis left open again of has impacted that james drives and davis right there on the finish and it’s back up to 11.

, a huge second half for anthony davis Applause, Music, damian lillard kicks it out, trent, shot blocked by danny Green trent gets it back it’s in a paint block by davis, trent back out, lillard blocked again by green, knocked out of bounds. Portland a big story, james for three fine lebron. The column will just add to his point total and now the lakers will inbound and after losing game one.