No no lou dortz on the floor. He’S got dennis schroeder to be little hesitation. The contact is there. I thought that could have been an n1 mark, no open threes. If you get it and they’re, not guarding. You keep the ball moving they’re gon na bait him into it a whistle and a foul gon na go against the thunder. That foul is gon na go against adams, his fourth, oh my gosh. Why look like sumo wrestling inside that’s, pretty physical, three point lead jeff green, getting downhill green with a punch? What a game for jeff green step back three straight away: harden contact underneath schroeder ends up on the court and that’s going to be a foul against pj. Tucker, Music Applause that’s his fifth, so he’s going to crash the glass man he crashed schroeder. Yes, he did he’s frustrated, but i i and schroeder leans into him and sort of gets the official to bite on it and the great move by jeff green. Before that. Doris, oh, my goodness, Applause he came to orlando ready to play. Schroeder gets it back. Stares down, harden fires, got it and it’s a two point game with 115 to go Applause, doris. What do you make of what mike d’antoni’s doing with having jeff green? Bring the ball up. Well, i like it there because he was going to get. He thought he got a shot for for james harden and tucker hits the side pocket three.

That was his first three on four attempts, chris paul to the basket that’s too easy. If you’re houston, that’s, you can see how frustrated mike d’antoni is like you got ta play better defense than that. Oklahoma city needs a stop here. Gordon matched up against adams, blows by him house in the corner, back out to green, to harden seven on the shot clock staring down chris paul house on the catch three on the shot clock, he’s got to pull the trigger, stepped out of bounds and it’s oklahoma City, foot, basketball, wow, his foot touched the sideline excellent defense by oklahoma city. Chris paul forces the pass, but the closeout is tremendous right. There tremendous make house put it on the deck he doesn’t nice d, chris paul inside again, adams gets this one to fall and they get another easy one, doris it’s, a one point: game Applause, that’s going to be a foul one! Yeah i mean he was. There was a lot of contact both ways and james harden that right, shoulder that was bothering him at the half. He just fell on that mark yeah. He did and doris. If the foul was called before, the ball was inbounded that’s, going to be a free, throw for the rockets and possession i don’t know whose arm was first, i mean they’re both holding each other. Is there another option here for an official besides one or the other? I don’t know the answer to that question like could this be a double foul they’re, both that’s? What i would have thought or if they found it simultaneously, then it would be a double foul.

Obviously, the official in this instance felt that the foul first occurred by chris paul doesn’t mean that harden didn’t have contact too, but felt that chris paul was the first guy to foul gotcha. Thank you, steve appreciate it. Okay. So after the free throw thanks, steve it’s, a two point: houston lead, i don’t know man that’s a tough call, that’s tough. I, like the double foul. I think double would have been the right thing to do and look at this. Another collision players hit, the court again goes out of bounds, it must have been touched because david guthrie said it’s going to be houston, basketball. Still now now, ed malloy is going over to him and they’re going to review it it’s. You know obviously the right thing, and i love that you can do this here. Let’S get it right. Ruling on the floor is houston. Ball play is under review, so let’s take one more look. You saw players crash to the court again to save it. You know did he feel his fingertips touch that he might have glanced, he might have exactly right. Yeah, like you said, that’s why he went went after it with such intent. That angle really doesn’t review the calls overturn it’s going to be oklahoma city ball. 24.4. On the game, clock Music, they’re saying that adams did not touch the ball. Nobody touched the ball. Some crazy, two crazy plays back to back unpredictable, plays back to back and it’ll, be thunder basketball with a chance to tie.

This has been a wild ending to this basketball game. So now you got plenty of time, obvious trinity and you’re, not under the rest of the shot clock like oklahoma city move, it move, bodies, move the ball down by two galinari against tucker Music george sets a screen on jeff green for paul hardin switches on to Him paul gets to the bucket for the lead. Gildas alexander got it the thunder lead by one with 13.8 to go Applause, great execution out of the timeout and a tremendous astute find by cp3. So you put your the least talented offensive player. You make him scream for chris paul. He comes off the screen, he’s going to beat off the dribble pitch it to the far corner and shay Applause at last play chris paul touches. The paint chased a space to that far corner really good delivery. This is a tough pass story, it sure is it’s between two long athletic defenders and house and green and and okay. Let’S talk about this young 22 year old and shea gilges alexander doc, rivers hated giving this young man up. Big guard can play multiple positions and uh yeah. This is only my second green working against chris paul gordon house tripped up and that’s going to be a foul against the thunder. It looked like merlin, orlando and deceding games and at 19 in game two in a stirring win in which james harden wasn’t quite james, harden tied at 104.

Applause, oklahoma city will have a shot coming back the other way with plenty of time. If he makes this, he misses and shooter gets the rebound and they call the timeout with a chance to advance arden, reverse layup. Oh it rims out at the buzzer. He got all the way to the cup and it wouldn’t working against jeff green schroeder. The preferred matchup offensively green has been great defensively, shot clock down to six for chris paul, the three coming and falling Applause thunder rolled by the thunder just 14 of 47. Now, dipping below 30 percent is houston from three and we have a report from malika andrews courtside, hey mark. I have an update for you on stephen adams, i’m told he has a right knee contusion and he is doubtful to return for the last two minutes and 15 seconds of this game. Wow chris paul butter, chris paul gilges alexander, toured inside with the reverse layup and the bench his team down by 11, an 11 to nothing run by the thunder in overtime and chris ball. The catalyst set up shea alexander for the three point, critical shot under the rest of this shot come on, come on, come on and it’s especially sweet against a former teammate in austin Music rivers, chris paul against mclemore. A little pull up three, an argument from cp3: either let’s take a look. It looked almost harmless from our angle. Well, he had that elbow out.

I saw him do that once in an acc tournament and he got ejected for it. Applause that’s going to be offensive as well eric gordon just plowed through dort, well, what a job lou dort held james arden to three for 14 shooting – and this is an ongoing thing. We’Re going to see he moves up a match and you can see eric gordon. Just uses the left arm, mike’s pleading his case, but i thought was a good call: Applause timeout, maybe a review has he used an interview or his challenge, whatever he wasn’t challenged yet and just a time out, we’re going to stay right here, an incensed irate mike D’Antoni having a spirited discussion with david guthrie let’s, take one more look at what happened. Eric gordon was trying to catch the inbound pass from pj tucker. Well, i would call that an offensive. I would too i don’t know what the objection is. I mean this series: is, it feels different right, like houston, was in complete command, they had been getting points from their supporting cast mike d’antoni just got run. He just got a technical, foul that’s his first. It looks like he’s trying to get run right now because he has been all up in david, guthrie’s, kitchen Music. He should have left the mask on so so we’re getting word that what he’s upset about is the chris paul offensive foul call felt like that should have been reviewed. This was the play right there yeah.

Maybe it should have been just going to look like a non basketball play Applause that arm really extended. I think it’s, a no brainer call it’s obvious mike d’antoni is still stomping down the sidelines, working on ed malloy right now, the baseline official. Now he walks up and is going to give some smoke to leon wood mike d’antoni got something for everybody in thort, missing the rippling down three games to nothing: a deficit, no team in a seven game series has ever overcome and mike d’antoni is hot Music. James harden another big night for him, but not quite enough. He fouled out kilgis alexander, came up huge for the thunder. The nba playoffs continue over on abc with the lakers, taking on the blazers already underway, coming up next on espn ufc fight night for doris burke and malika andrews i’m mark jones.