The lakers have two one in this year from the rip not just late in the game. Blazers continue with the big lineup. We had a familiar starting five for the lakers whitestone over and and back he hit that here’s, anthony davis, he’ll, pull a mid range and knocks it down. Pre attempt james pushes gives it up all the way across the floor. Kentavious called well. Pope hits at three and he’s over two lebron with a long three yeah that one’s down lebron james makes it eight and their favorite teams. I just want to say to the mom, but thank you for what you did for the nba great to see the kids from the mambo league as danny bullet pass to davis steps inside the three point arc. It knocks down another long, two that it’s 15 to nothing lakers five of seven shooting for l.a portland may have to make a substitution with one of their big fellas. Is you see, mccullum knocked down the right side and nurkic it’s hard to find your space to move out the way of penetrators when you’re a big fella? And when you have one great steal by nurkic, you have a little more room, nurkich, all the way, with a layout fast break points already. That was a key for both coaches and a turnaround is good, went for 34.. He made six threes in game. One lebron, despite a triple double in his laker playoff, debut couldn’t, hold off the blazers it’s nurkic, with the put back see how the paint just opened up there for lillard, but at the same time he wants a foul none called and it’s a breakaway for the Lakers and los angeles just making it look easy right now how it goes now that you’ve taken the traditional big, you put a d at the center position and look for nurses to try to force himself inside like he is here.

Oh beautiful it’s about 10 expecting to get back in this game with their defensive prowess figure. This is go time for portland now, laker bench on the floor. His kentavious caldwell pope he’s, touched like the defensive lineman in those scenarios. Somebody that’s not going to file pre games that look like a little past. Interference on that play. He doesn’t have the red mesh jersey on, but he might as well and coming out of that for them before they get thirsty and that’s. How you help your team as a coach as far as field goal percentage set up your players, good finish by mercury, puts it in shot clock down to eight lillard in the corner, with kentavious caldwell pope on him and littler dumps it inside white side there to Clean it up just pulling anthony davis away to set up his big man, davis he’ll pull another one hit two of those already make it three so cool to see. Who’S gon na be in the virtual crowd each and every night, there’s damien’s three point: try lakers have 16 field goal; attempts 16 free, throw attempts and easy went down eat in the west after a six year, playoff drought. First time, that’s ever happened in the nba to go that long and then be the number one seed kentami is called well par. He’S got a quick ten anthony simons, his first run in the game and there’s white side. The turnaround 21 points could use anything positive going into the second quarter.

Trip he’ll, pull it and he’s counted hit that one over and lebron will take it to the end of the first doesn’t, get it off in time. What a showing for the loss of this game in fifth gear and they’ve kept it going that 15 0 run to start it last three quarters for the lakers 106.76 they’ve outscored, the blazers. They are plus 30 in the last three quarters: it’s a block party out there, one on one end with white side and how about lebron coming back on the other end in the rear view, the kuzma says i’m not down. They had won 10 out of 12 games prior to the shutdown had wins over. Milwaukee had wins over the clippers as well. There’S. A big hit opted out of the bubble, lakers understanding of of that decision. No trevor ariza for the blazers there’s marquis morris mellow pull up double in a losing effort in game, one best scoring game in game three with 38 and he drops another three ball and the lakers just keep it rolling lebron james. His second made three he’s got 11.. The lakers are eight for 12 from three point range: nerk, it’s, wide, open, caruso running the point, with lebron playing at the two right now. Nice leave beautifully, set up marquee movement and lebron doing his thing and look at j.r smith with a steal up ahead. Lebron james he’ll. Take it all the way, lebron james, with the reverse he’s, just he’s, just playing around his mama day.

He wants the middle, but when you build a wall you still have to retreat back out to the three point line. Nurikich leaves it for carmelo anthony two one in this series cross screen for lebron right now, they’re gon na try to keep him involved on that post. Oh up top assist number six for lebron james howard’s first basket. Here is mello: nifty move with his size and strength, really try to attack the paint and has to keep his vision, keeping other guys involved. Marquis morris after what’s, expected of us nothing less than a championship and i’m up for it, and i have to have a different temperament than i did when we were playing to just percent 21 out of 33.. You go back to that last playoff run cj mccullum and i believe he just got a technical foul. He did chris, you called it. You could see this boiling up in the first quarter and cj mccullum called for the foul yeah, and we have some great and milwaukee a disciple of george carl here’s lillard, all the way in lillard with the mavericks team in 2011.. Both assistant coaches are not head. Coaches and doing great right now, so there you go in order to plow their way back 18 point deficit, but against the lakers it’s, a different story disrupted by nurkic in transition, the blazers mccullum, the crossover mccullum all the way in with the reverse the white howard Has post position inside three seconds maybe wanted the ball.

They didn’t find him, but they get a three ball and now carmelo anthony and dwight howard come together. Danny green hits the shot and then the whistle after – and this is what you want – your big fella. 15: 0. To start this game lakers in the first four minutes have that big lead caruso all the way in the layup to seven he’s got damien lillard on him. They clear it out. Help comes from mello wide open, caruso. A three pointer is down overwhelming the eight seated blazers right now, as we approach the one minute mark of this first half lebron james, just shoot 76 points on the board. 18 from lebron he’s got seven assists as well gary trent jr, with a threes from charles barkley developing as a story on its own right now, absolute kiss of death is lebron on this floor. Two opponents with 50 plus coming to the end of this second quarter. James all the way in that has been the theme of the night, the drives by the nba i’ll, never forget as long as i’m doing this job. The incredible finish against oklahoma city last year for this one: after a dominating: first half performance, anthony davis, no lebron, rips down the offensive board and scores a group, but also compartmentalizing, all of that to be able to compete in these playoffs. Here, oh there’s, there’s, no question, and even in the last 24 hours, he’s continued to utilize his platform, even though he is on the nba campus.

Well, as lebron takes a deep three. Oh, my goodness, i just like this three to be in this bubble: uh, while others um are just senselessly being murdered uh outside above those out there in the struggle, so they can get back to work and continue the great work they’re doing carmelo anthony just to See if frank vogel will try to get some more minutes, there’s going up top for mcgee lebron made eye contact delivers james that’s number. Eight 21 assists for the lakers on 34 made baskets that’s going to be a foul narciss sends it out to carmelo anthony in the three pointer in zen of the foul. This is their so called. Fourth uh playoff game but in my estimation, it’s their 12th, because those first eight, as you said, had to be uh in playoff 426 kyle kuzma has hit his third three tonight. There’S carmelo anthony a little vintage mellow right. There skip others involved and let guys get a feel for how to continue to play off of because they’re going to have some offensive struggles later on in this playoffs kyle kuzma. If someone’s going to say you’re not doing enough you’re never going to be good enough until we win a championship and you’ll be the greatest and just keep your focus on the big picture. That’S so good about his game. He’S put up a lot of points in his playoff career. He’S got over a thousand points in playoff action as dwight howard gets a couple of rebounds out of that.

Americans have been frustrated all night since the very first play when mello thought he was fouled on a play and didn’t get the call and we’ve seen that frustration if he and a.d aren’t on the floor at the same time, how will the others react? These are the type of plays, and this next 12 minutes can kind of share, and in these games you iron out the pecking order you iron out who’s, going to have the ball late in the shot clock uh. What type of players there are just like you know, got some sweeps in the east, but this western conference has gotten tighter there’s a flush by all the time and if the lakers find another facilitator to give lebron three or four minutes of rest white side just Shot at three what a wild year it has been for waiters, it’s self inflicted in a lot of ways. He was in limbo. With miami he was suspended for 50 first time ever opponent scoring 50 plus in a playoff game, as hezonja hits this year as the scoring tandems go and then for the dallas mavericks as waiters you’re. So, right and and first of all, there are some great coaches and staffs here all the coaching staffs. In my opinion, i really have some great guys. Instead of these guys increase all year long and he makes some better players, three pointer is good that he was just an incredible amount of pain.

It was hard for him to move uh and and coach mogul told us before today’s game that little earlier today and his last game. As jared mentioned early march, it was march 10th. The last time he played in an nba game last three and lebron james on the side, j.r smith, dion, waiters players are trying to get back in the mix as hezonja are fighting their way back down. 3 1 they’re gon na have to have lillard, but he exited this game in the third quarter, with the right knees and how they game plan their rotations. So far, it’s caruso who’s manning that. But if there’s anyone that asked to do that it is rondo, he can be that facilitator that’s, why i was so impressed tonight on wednesday night we’ll have it for you here on tnt.