Those teams are 11 and 240 in nba history, so 2 2 you’re in it you’re down 3 1 it’s tap city. Most of the time and the top one by okay, you’ll, just alexander step back and he’s, using rocket team by the thunder to three point: shot that’s having another one that time luke does able to knock it in again stepping up doesn’t work. You got to kind of get him on the move: dump it down to him and didn’t use his height to an advantage, harden lasers, the three and you can look at it: 12 threes per game post up galinari inside, but he couldn’t finish: there’s adams and that’s. What donovan wants? Let kid keep the play. We talked about. The offensive rebound james harden his ball. Watching right. There allows adams to get an easy two inside the rockets are the poorest rebounding team in the nba. You can take advantage if you can play size. Pj tucker struggled a little bit from last game, only two for seven from the field. Yes, let the offensive players be in front of you and not get behind that time. Poor transition defense: how about lou dort to a goal? Freshman year quebec, then jacksonville, orlando ontario, arizona, state g league and playhops. Now, there’s, like two diesel trucks working on each other and schroeder right now, paul combined for 78 points in the game, three win for okc and ben mclemore yeah, but on pick and roll defense, your hands have to be up to kind of deter that pass from Being a straight line pass inside jeff green, he has been magnet.

He played with harden on okc 10 years ago. Sometimes it takes a while for you to find where you’re at there is baseley baseley noel adams points from non guards, keeping okc right with the rockets. There’S a lot of conversation for the rocket scene, man, the team – is an offensive just spreads out, but out of that time, mom was kind of a play drawn up, and that was a big drawing up too, as well as schroeder getting to the hole. But when houston is able to execute some set 19 points, a game as a reserve yeah anything above the necks is going to be looked at for some contact and that’s the swipe unintentional. He had a shot to the head right there on the side. It was by max ruling on the floor, follow on houston, we’re checking the play to see if it’s flavor yeah we just had mike conley in the last game, he became a dab with elijah, so the question is always: is it excessive context? If you’re going on fanduel, i would avoid the charles guarantees, if you’ve seen those on inside the nba Applause. Although shaq says hey, you guys, shut up we’ll, do the phony all right, quick strength, delivery and covington the benefit they both needed to get tested, because they didn’t look well in the seating game they needed to be tested. How about a one? Two two zone here for okc now: hardin traveled, he traveled before the three mike d’antoni.

He is up from the bench, but remember you get the gather and two steps, so you be. The judge here is the gather and then the daniel house outstanding hustle that time and it seemed like the thunder – was just fucking concrete. The beard got picked, ferguson took it from him and chris paul flipping it up and in 58 villages. Alexander left. It short a seven, nothing okc run talk about closing out the half strong in okc, trying to add a little bit more to it. There’S, the former teammates paul and hardin went for the ferguson got james harden james hard just got, instead of just a catch and shoot where he was open, but fortunately that big body of adams is right inside to tap it in james harden. He was over six in game three. They adored his two for six on threes and how about four triples already for the rockets and gordon he had been doing nothing from three point: land in the series: yeah it’s funny dork had confidence early now, he’s missing, aaron. Jordan came in struggling, but now he’s knocking in check chris ball down the lane when you’re talking about emphasizing that which team is los angeles. You know you know battling in the three motion. This equals houston’s biggest lead at six to the third quarter for the rockets hanging and finishing that last possession. I talked about the beginning of the game that’s, why it’s extremely difficult to post steven adams straight up, not a lot of space, not a lot of opportunity to get him the basketball get it to him on the move and when he’s underneath the basket he just Lay it up against.

There was a turtle three point line tonight for the rockets, seven of seven with chris paul. Remember they only shot 34 as a team during the year they they make up for it in volume. Chris paul answers right now. It should be tough but hard to kind of back dork down, even though he’s the younger player, he may be the stronger player. Of course, this is when i knew that luke thorpe was all in. It was a saturday sunday it’s hard and kicks it out to the corner, b.j tucker, when he hits two games kind of hanging there right now, a little run here to end the third kind of what we saw with them. The thunder right before halftime that’s when harden was sitting then noelle batting that back out there’s paul flipping it up and in the kick back out, use the results and maybe an open three point shot but keenly aware that you have the advantage chris paul one dribble. Jeff green on his side initiates the contact soft touch gets himself chris paul with the rebound three seconds to work with at one schroeder to end the quarter. It’S, a 21 7 run to close the quarter, houston led by 15., an incredible beginning to the half from three point: land and harden to your point: lost possession right there for the rockets. This ball gets around hard and all the way to the rim we mentioned operate right there at the free throw line extended.

Listen two points are all not that bad, especially down the str stretch of the game and then in transition tucker reaches out the effort. Was there but too much contact on dork? That is only the fourth team foul and the first in the last two minutes, so we don’t have free throws yet well. He took away what could have been an easy basket absolutely by the thunder. I would attack right now and force some kind of contact to get to the free, throw line: okay, gilda’s alexander double cycle to intruder, dennis schruter, now gon na use a little clock and a work on jeff green schroeder, spinning driving flipping good right here, because the Time difference between the shot, clock and game clocks eat. I mean this afternoon three for 23. on threes from was able to get two point: conversions to kind of stay within, get a quick, foul, shooter’s, an 84 free thrower and he rims the first the front and if he makes this what’s the score two possession games. Uh, i think wide open going towards the rockets basket. You want to catch, it securely hold it on, because you know the foul is coming. We mentioned that the rockets are out of timeouts, too Applause, so even if they were to foul you can’t advance it to the front court without timeouts 7.8 up four and getting it inbounded. Chris paul is a good choice. He’S just gon na hold on to it and still hold on to it and then fouled with 1.

3. It was interesting too. That rockets chose not to foul as a swipe and then eventually get the foul. So i don’t know if that was something talked about in the timeout in regards to not fouling and kind of stretching it out. Well, the two big bubble stories: well, three really because we’ll see lakers portland later luca donchettes and dallas 2 2 and the thunder after losing the first two gon na be 2 2. These are some intriguing series in the western conference Applause.