I didn’t go to class a lot early, so i obviously have american history 14 times this season. The blazers have allowed 70 points or more in the first half. This is the first time they’ve allowed 80. this season, what’s that what’s that and the the last time does it look familiar ernie last time a team scored 80 and a half in the in the playoffs. It was lebron’s calves, 2017 finals that look familiar. Does that look familiar yeah? You never got one of these. You never got an ass whooping yeah, not with a not with oh yeah. Oh the sarge resting piece, oh yeah! This is right here. Let’S just go that’s the worst christmas gift i ever got. I didn’t know they. I didn’t know they were gon na do more to put cars on there. My parents talked to me. They talked to me out of it. Oh yeah, whatever oh, hey, timeout, uh american express teammate man. 80 points that’s a lot 22 from lebron 18 from may d, katavia’s caldwell pope had 10 in the first quarter, um yeah read it and weep 80 to 51 lakers in game. Four normally kenny does not have pictures in a blowout, but he’s made an exception. Today. I do i have because i have an exception: yeah yeah, i have an exception. You know, because we always talk about lebron and how great he is, and this is what makes him the king and you know the multiple things he can do in one possession to me is what makes him great.

So now you have kyle kuzma, coming around kramer off a great screen by howard. Howard actually got a good guard, got him into the lane, but then whiteside does a great job of getting back on defense, but not only if i’m doing that i’m going into screening and i’m going to the bubble again, because this is what really goes on in Play on basketball, Music, oh ho, i’m, in the bubble! So now, if you’re lebron james, you got to be in sprint mode, a lot of guys just come back and say we’re going to just stop the ball. Lebron goes into sprint mode, knowing that his size and strength will overcome the portland trailblazers. So get me out of here. Let the king do what he does so now as he’s running back on defense. He signs him up block it off, and this is what makes the king the king. This is what makes him great. This is why he’s the best bring me back in because, most of the time, you think he’s going to come in here to score, but no he’s going to actually come in and bait you to find the shooters. So he goes from defense to offense, to passer to winner. Get me out of here and let’s go show them what it’s done king get into the lane, find your shooter knocked down by kyle, kuzma, Music and cole and it’s it’s kobe days. You must hear the creaking on those stages: oh there’s.

No, i got more. I got. I got peripheral baby i’m. A point guard guy. You got uh, you got anthony davis here in the first half shaq yeah. You know he’s me and chuck. We kind of challenged him after that. First game you’re stepping up you know when you got one of your leaders playing like this, showing on the pick and roll. You know it’s a lot of guys in other games that are back but he’s very right there and active and right here. This is what they brought him in for block shots. Do what you do you can do it all? You have the ability to do it. All right right here, mid range game right here: don’t shoot the three take your step in get comfortable that’s a high percentage shot for you dominate right here, come on white side. Get this work, that’s tight! The tie a d stepping up! Can you do it in the second half most points and a half for the lakers in the playoff game since 1987., it is 80 51. You don’t need to say anything. Here’S shaq, ready just pretty to scare the jet. I had the mask on and everything baby.