a. How is dame’s digit giannis and the bucks rebound in a big way. Tim legler breaks down not only lakers and blazers, but bucks in matching and the timberwolves win the nba draft lottery. How will they use that number? One pick golden state: where do they pick details? Next there’s, a new york knick fan, give him a few minutes, he’ll be bored. Picking eight is the new york knicks in my name i’m in champ. Understand that all right, all right, all right, john butcher, gross michael, leaves best of the nba from today best sharp shooter of the day duncan robinson, oh rocking. The suburbs, just like quiet riot, did seven of eight from deep leading scorer 24 points from d3 to d1. To nba multi millionaire soon the heat took the game in the series two game: zero: the best run, courtesy of the houston rockets against okc houston, actually down three early in the fourth quarter, 80 to 77, and then they ripped off 17 in a row to flip It from three down to up 14. the run lasted three minutes 21 seconds james harden mostly on the bench they shot. 83 percent from the field rockets won. The game took a 2 0 series lead 98., oh yeah. They were three for four from deep. During that run, best poster what justin vernon is to bony bear giannis is to the bucks normally he’s in milwaukee off his feet, but now he’s in disney world off his feet and yeah finishing over gary clark.

Another musician, long arms, long legs, can’t buy his clothes at the mall. He’S got to get them specially made bucks come back after losing their game one and the sports center continues eaves and gucci. The golden state warriors are about to get richer more on that ahead. We continue with what has become the main attraction at disney world here, early in the playoffs michael blazers and lakers yeah booty, the one eight matchup we didn’t always know we were going to get, but one definitely nba fans and nba twitter needed in the worst way. Let’S go to it a.d lebron. How would they respond after losing game one in convincing fashion to dame and company? Well a.d. He came to la to try to win a championship and he came out in this game. Like yo, we can’t let this continue and he was all over the court in every way. Laker fans want him to be and it’s hard to believe that the lakers have not won a playoff game since may of 2012. yeah. Maybe 80 knew that stat game one. He had 12 points in the paint game. Two at the half he had 16 points in the paint: 21 8 total in the first half third quarter. How about the wildcats a.d knocks down a three from the wing and then another one hand up back to back trays for a.d about 3 30 to go in the game from the baseline. You can’t defend that too long too skilled too good.

31. 11. 3. New old sports center a.d with cassidy hubbard after the game um. But we just want to come out aggressive tonight and play with a lot of sense of desperation, and we did that. You know guys made shots tonight, which we can tell is going to be a difference in this series. God shot the ball a lot of confidence, but we wanted to come out and play with a sense of urgency, a sense of desperation that we’re able to get to win tonight. Yeah to that point, no fans, no home court advantage. How much was this effort tonight about a motivation being down 0 1 yeah. I mean you never want to go down 0 2 in a series and our mantra. This entire season never lose two in a row um, and that was our mindset coming to the game. Our benches has been one of the best benches in the bubble. As far as the motivation – and you know the the fan noise, you know that we’re not able to get so um, it was good. You know guys was gon na – was cheering up cheering each other. On and we were able to come, come get a big win yeah and you guys were able to help hold the highest scoring offense in this bubble to just 88 points tonight. So what was the biggest key defensively? Uh stopping damon cj? We know those two guys can get going at any time and our bigs and our guards did a great job of containing them.

They got to align a lot in game, one especially early and kind of got going, and we just tried to limit their free, throw attempts and limit their threes um trying to make them beat us with twos, and we did a good job of that tonight. So we got to make sure that you know game three. We know they’re going to come out. You know, guns blazing and try to get ourselves going. So we got to have the same defensive effort for the rest of the series we saw lebron on the bench. He said this team is built different. How different is this team from any team we’ve played on uh? We got a chance. We got a chance to win a couple years ago. You know if demarcus doesn’t get hurt. You know i feel like we got a chance as well um, but we got a chance. We got a chance to do something special this year and you know all you know rondo and brian talk about. Is it doesn’t come around often when you have a great team to compete for a championship, so we want to take advantage of our opportunities and this team that we have and try to reach our goal that’s to win. But you know we just try to go out and do things that other teams can’t do you know and when we you know we have such a talented team. You know, and we still try to play scrappy and when you, when you have a team, that’s talented and play scrappy, it’s, very tough, to beat them so that’s kind of been our mindset.

Um for the entire playoffs well serious tied at one congrats on the winning d. Thank you all right, a little more perspective here and just exactly what a.d did in this game. According to elias 80s, the fifth player, since the shot clock became a thing nearly 65 years ago to put up 30 points and 10 boards in a playoff game, while playing less than 30 minutes and kids get out to google. So you can educate yourself on some of the all time greats other than that company clyde lavellet tom heintzen, kevin mchale, but joellen b did it just last year against the raptors all right speaking of perspective, we want to talk some real hoops. We bring in tim legler here to sportscenter all right tim, clearly a blowout win for the lakers, and everyone says this is the response you would want from a championship team. But what was it about anthony davis’s play that led to this type of response? I love everything he just said in that interview, because rarely do you hear star players talk about that level of desperation this early in the series but that’s exactly the approach he needed to have. I thought he set the tone he was just going to be physically overwhelming for the portland trailblazers. He showed all his versatility but in particular the way he started the game defensively. This is an incredible play right here. Look at the speed to track damian lillard to the rim, that’s a lay up early in the game, their best player that can get you going here again, both lebron and ad just occupy the low post in the front of the rim and just beat them up With their physical power and then the skill started to take over, i mean a.

d was really feeling it tonight from the three point line. He got into that rhythm, no one’s going to come out there and guard him and then finally the face up game. The quick one step gets, the contact gets the finish. I just thought he had posed his will on this game so early and showed you everything that he’s capable of doing gave you the full full package, tremendous job here too, look at the effort. He falls in the corner, gets up, gets the rebound and it triggers this break. That kind of summed up ads night for me and he wasn’t going to have any quit in him. He was going to give you everything that he had and he set the tone for his team. I love their approach tonight. They needed this kind of game, particularly defensively they’re, the number one seed they didn’t really play that well offensively in game one, but they also let their two best players get away from them at a key time that wasn’t going to happen tonight. They they took care of that early enough. I love the response that the lakers showed you in this one, particularly anthony davis. Well, dame lillard was that guy for the blazers in game, one of this series, but suffers a dislocated index finger on his left hand. Now the x rays legs were negative, so that’s good news, nothing’s broken in that finger, but how much of an effect can that have on his shot? It’S not his shooting hand, but it is his left hand yeah and that’s one of the most understated injuries when it comes to affecting your shooting.

When you hurt something on that off hand, the way that affects you, it can affect the way you catch the ball. Clearly, if that is really tender and sore when you go into game three, you know when you catch it. Sometimes that can affect how cleanly you catch. It certainly going to your left for that step. Back three point shot that he loves going in that direction. That could be affected. We’Re gon na have to wait to see what he says after a day of rest and then by the time you get to game night for game three, but it could be a factor um. You know also going to the left and finishing at the rim could be a factor i think for me, you know it’s something that we’re going to have to wait and see because it’s a total different level of severity. With that type of injury, it can really affect you, or it could be something very, very minor. I want to hear that out of damian lillard um sometime, probably closer to game time for game three in the meantime, cj mcconnell can pick up the slack. I think he is ready to have one of those cj mccollum moments. He’S been quiet for these two games, but remember what he did last year in game, seven against denver. He took over that game. He is capable of doing it. Don’T be surprised if cj mccollum picks up some of the slack for a little bit worn out damien lillard right now to be honest with you, with all he’s had to do to carry this team.

Cj mccollum could have one of those moments and he may need to if they lose game three, they could lose this in five that’s. How important i think game three is to make this potentially a six or seven game series. All right. You mentioned here from dame lillard before game three we’re going to hear from him here on sportscenter momentarily so stick around for that and legs. We need to stick around as well we’re going to talk about the bucks and how they respond to that game. One loss that’s right mike also hear from lebron james lakers. First playoff win. As you mentioned in over eight years, it won’t be eight years until they’re.