Apiece now remember he hit a rough shooting night in game. One. This time, davis dropped a game. High 31 points 13 for 21 from the field. Also of interest is how effective he was at the center position last night, according to espn’s stats and info the lakers outscored, the blazers by 15, in the 15 minutes in which davis played the five second spectrum adds the portland shot five for 22 from the field. In the minutes that davis was at center so made an impact on both sides of the floor scotty. Why does a.d playing center change so much for the lakers? Well, he’s, a tough matchup. I mean first of all, there’s. No one can match up with him on any team, but when you put him at the five it’s such an advantage because of his speed, his ability to play outside opens up the lane for lebron to be able to get into the paint and make plays. But you know seems to me like he wants to be more of a perimeter shooter, so i think playing that five position gives him a huge advantage. And for me, i got to give frank vogel a lot of credit for making a game to game adjustment and here’s. What i mean you play a d at the five as opposed to the four game: one you’re playing javale and a.d. Okay. That allows the portland trailblazers to play nurkic’s white side at times that’s four, seven footers on the floor, yeah for a.

d there’s, nowhere to really go now you go and put one, and he let him play the five. It takes two seven footers off of the floor defensively for portland, now, 80 can move and groove, and you can space those shooters out. You got a ton of space to room there’s space to roam and that changed up the way that series looked yesterday i mean it’s interesting i’ve talked to anthony a lot about playing at the five versus the four and he says over and over i don’t mind Doing it, i just don’t want to do it all the time to the point that, especially during an 82 game, regular season, i just get so beat up and we’ve seen his injury history and all of that frank vogel has said that anthony has volunteered at times He even said at halftime of a big game whether they were losing hey put me in at the five. I think that’ll work better, that sort of thing scotty. How much should a guy is it something they should still use in spots or from now on in the playoffs? Should he just be starting at the five? How much, if it’s not a position that he wants to play all the time, but is happy to play some of the time? How much is some of the time? Well, i think some of the time is important. I mean especially when you’re playing with a guy like lebron james let’s, not forget how versatile lebron is.

I mean he can play anywhere from one to five as well, but when you’re able to play lebron james as a four and play anthony davis as a five there’s, not too many teams in this league can match it with those two players, especially at those positions. It puts a lot more speed out on the floor and it gives lebron that that lane that he he wants that open lane with four shooters out on the court, because he’s a dominant player himself and i think for a.d playing him at the five. It takes. That second, seven footer off the court as chauncey, said and allows him to work and also he’s a better rebounder when he plays at the five he can get in there and get offensive rebounds, which the lakers need yeah. No, i agree, i agree with him. I mean i mean as a coach. How do you manage that right? If a guy says i don’t, do it all the time, but i want to do it. Do you at some point say it’s the playoffs young man you’re just doing it so exactly where i was going rach i mean that’s good during the regular season. You worry about getting, beat up and things like that. But, as you well know, scotty this is the playoffs. Every game counts, getting beat up is all a part of it, but that’s the sacrifice that you make and i’m quite sure that right now, a.

d saying i don’t care. What you play me at right now. This is go time, it’s time to go, try to win yeah. I think you’re right. I think he is volunteering whatever we want and then we’ll see what they end up doing alright. On the other side of that game were the blazers, they lost damien lillard in the third quarter, due to a dislocated index finger in his non shooting hand. When asked about his status in game three well last night, lillard said oh i’m playing and today coach, terry stotts confirmed that in fact dame will play, but he will likely be wearing a splint so chauncey. How does dam’s injury change the series with the lakers i’m? Always fascinated when they say shooting hand you use both hands, you do but i’ll tell you what the one thing i liked, first and foremost about it is there’s. There won’t be any discussion he’s playing in the game and he he did that to show the leadership. But anytime, you have an injury to your best player. It’S gon na it’s gon na have an impact on you. Yes, it’s his off hand, but in this game he dribbles a lot with his left hand, you play defense, you touch and you grab. You know people the defender guarding you it’s, going to be slapping down on that, like it it’s something to worry about it’s going to be bothersome, but this is dame lillard and he’s going to come to play and he’s going to be ready.

I expect him to be be great again. I mean and that’s just the toughness that he exudes i’m going to disagree, because i i’ve dislocated a lot of fingers playing in the playoff playing in a regular season. And yes, if it on your shooting hand, it will affect you, but i see this being on this passing hand that it’s not going to affect him, and i think damon is playing with so much confidence and so much poise right now that he feels that he Can beat the lakers by himself and, and i don’t see that this injury is going to affect him at all as far as scoring the ball, what is going to affect him is the wear and tear that the lakers are putting on him right, they’re, starting to Wear them down they’re, sending bodies at him they’re starting to fatigue him and now that affects his offense. Well, he’s played a crazy amount of minutes. Remember just to get here right. They basically played 10 or 11 playoff games in a row, and terry stotz had no problem him and cj. They were over 40 minutes. I mean it was just it was a lot, so i can see him getting tired, i’m interested what you said about guys, trying to slap the hand how much, especially in the area you played in, but but also certainly in the early 2000s, like what would you Do to a guy if you found your head dislocated.

I just know me: you know um i’m. I want any advantage that i can get. So what do you do? What would you do i’m going to be very physical, i’m, going to be slapping that hand i’m going to be pulling i’m going to be doing everything that i can, because i know that if that was me they would be doing the same thing to me. So it is what it is: it’s just basketball. Well i mean, i think, if you’re the lakers it’s got to be the game plan, it’s got to be hey force, him left, he’s got a dislocated finger, let’s, keep him going left and hey. If you go to the hole we’re going to give him hard files, yeah we’re, going to make him earn his points or we’re going to make him utilize his teammates to beat us dame is up for the challenge. Make no mistake about it: yeah yeah, it’s, it’s it’s, going to be good it’s saturday night on abc 2, so get ready for fight night thanks for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.