a, your shot card tonight, eight threes and then just everything right at the rim, seven for ten in the paint plus all the files that you drew anything you noticed on film in the last couple games or in this game That made you attack that much i mean i’ve always watched film, especially in the playoffs extensive amount of uh minutes. My minutes, our team managed the way they’re they’re playing me the way they’re playing our team um every game calls for different. You know situations and uh tonight i just you know wanted to try to be aggressive. You know you know and uh see if i can get to the paint see if i can find my guys um and i was able to do that early get to get to the line. Even though um i missed a few of them early on, but i felt like i had a good rhythm and uh just try to you know just try to make plays like i said for my for myself and my teammates uh. So tonight you passed tim duncan for third for seconds in all time, playoff wins, it’s, just derek fisher that’s left at 161., knowing how difficult it is to win in the postseason. Can you put that in perspective that total amount of wins that you have um? I mean i get it. I get asked the question a lot. You know and it’s just um it’s, always surreal for me um when my name is associated with any of the greats and obviously we know how great tim duncan was um in this league uh.

You know with that with that franchise. I had my battles with him. Also was a teammate with him um in the olympics and just um just seeing you know what he was able to accomplish. You know not only um in the regular season but more importantly in the postseason and uh he. Basically he lived in the postseason. You know that that was his address. You know so um. You know for for me to be linked with uh with the great and the big fundamentals. It means a lot not only to myself, but my hometown, um and whoever you know has been following my career, hey, lebron and steve. I want to stay on the duncan line of questioning uh. Obviously you played it three times in the finals. 2007 was the first time, and there was that moment. You guys shared after game four you’re going up to the podium and he grabs you and says it’s going to be your league someday one. What that moment meets you in the moment and also going further did the way he handled you uh with grace. As an opponent did that have any effect on you the way you’ve um, you know kind of interacted with opponents throughout your career um. How did i feel at that moment? We had just got swept so i didn’t feel great about it. I actually felt like and uh, and he gave me a smile by saying that um so um, but at the same time i was still just thinking about you know.

Was it something i could have done better in those four games, that kind of helped us win a game? Obviously, i knew that they were the better team at the end of that uh at the end of that series and they showed it um and for me i’ve always i mean no. I i don’t think that had anything to do with how i handled my opponents or people i’ve always been that way. Um, you know throughout my whole life um. You know just just my personality um, you know it’s just who i’ve always been and um. You know. Having so much knowledge of the game, the game has been given to me for my little league coaches and my uh, my au coach coach drew joyce. My little league coach, frank walker, um, keith danbrough, and they just gave me so much game um, not only but not only on the floor, but also off the floor. So um when you have that type of knowledge and you continue to grow over the years. I feel like it’s, very important for me to to give back to the next generation if they need it when they want it so um that’s, just who i’ve always been you know from from day one hey lebron uh shifting back to tonight, um, where what has Been the key to you, guys, uh kind of summoning and maintaining this defensive intensity against against their firepower and um specific to just the series.

Has it allowed you guys to kind of find your offensive rhythm throughout games, it’s kind of presented itself in different ways, but the defense has been pretty solid throughout i mean for the first day of training camp. We wanted to be the best defensive team in the league, so nothing has changed. No, the mindset has not changed. We’Ve had some explosions offensively this year before covet. Obviously, but you know, the main thing has always been the main thing and that’s the defense and and that’s just who we has always been and there’s going to be games where your offense just don’t, you just don’t, make shots. You don’t play well, but you have to be able to defend and give yourself an opportunity, so that’s, just who we’ve always been that has not changed. From the first day we stepped on the floor of training camp kyle, goon lebron, ed, um um. I don’t know. I think we uh, we definitely work well together for all the questions going into the season of you know. If myself and a.d can work well together, i think we’ve shown that throughout the course of this season, so but we just try to work off one another. You know there’s going to be times where you know just like in game two: he had it going, he carried us, he had it going and i just tried to do other things make sure we keep our offense flowing, keep our pace going and things of that Nature, but he had it going and uh you know we want to continue to go back to him um tonight we both had our opportunities and we just tried to make the most of it.

You know putting our teammates in position to be successful. Um, you know doing the right things and making the right reads: um, you know and and living with the results mark medina lebron. Maybe you have obvious chemistry. Why do you think the personality is um, because we are we’re, two guys who know who we are. We know who we are as human beings we’re not trying to be nobody else, but our own identity, our own selves, and when you know yourself and you confident in what you do both on and off the floor. And you know what you represent, then there’s, no there’s, no ego, there’s, no ego. We just we want both of us to succeed both on and off the floor. We want our families uh to to be happy um. You know we want each other to try to be as happy as possible, but there’s no egos. So are you able to um figure that out, like in life who you are and what you what you stand for, then nothing else.