Now hey anthony. What do you think about the way that portland defended you uh did anything surprise you based on what your expectations were and how do you think you guys did and trying to try to create good offensive, good shots? Uh we playing for the double team, they didn’t double team as much uh. You know kind of left me one on one. You know i’m in a post, but you know he’s going out there been aggressive. I miss a ton of shots tonight. We all did as a team. You know we just got to be able to take our time and knock down shots um from the line and from three so uh. You know we’ll we’ll be fine. You know we continue to shoot with all the confidence and trying to work the kinks out from the three point line and then uh, you know, we’ll be fine as a team, you guys did struggle from three for most of the seating games which were pretty efficient Inside the paint uh tonight that just didn’t happen, for whatever reason is we alluded to around 45. What did you see at the red was something portland was doing or why were so many shots getting missed at the room, um yeah? They got a couple good brand protectors, especially whiteside. You know he’s always you know tough to score on, especially in the paint you know, but we missed some easy ones, especially in the first half.

You know i missed a couple. You know really easy ones. You know we just got ta play through contact, you know, don’t, look for the fouls, you know and just play through it and you know don’t try to let the reps inside the game. I mean you know we’re going in and look for files early um. You know we just got to play through it and take our time and finish at the rim, regardless of a following now anthony is dave. You might have um started to answer what my question is going to be with that last answer to mike. But how do you account for the eight for 24 uh was it? You know maybe needed to play through more contact and overall, your team shooting uh was it was another rough night and uh? What can you do in game? Two um make shots for game. Two um, but i just got ta, take our time at the rim. Um let’s say just go, go strong and finish or knowing that you know their rim protects, are gon na, you know, come and try to block a shot. You know, dump it to the big guy or kick it out for threes, but we just got ta make shots. You know be confident in our in our process and our work and and when we kick it out to our shooters, you know be comfortable and take our time and knock down shots and that that’s the difference in the game, ally, kyle goon, please um! You know you mentioned your slow start.

How much did lebron specifically this as a playmaker kind of get you confident and going. It seemed like he found you near the rim on drives in transition, yeah um, you know just setting a lot of screens for him to get downhill. You know and i’m rolling to the basket, but we started playing with pace. You know he’s really good. When we run it, the team is really good when we’re running and as long as we continue to play with a lot of pace. Um it’s definitely tough to to beat us it’s when we slow down and we’re not running uh, where we kind of get in trouble. So sean played a lot of energy and we did that. Especially in that second quarter. You know and when he got the ball and he’s pushing he’s looking for gods, and it creates a lane for for him to to be able to attack the basket so um. You got to continue to play with pace and make it tough on their defense. Okay, brian another coach got asked us today: uh does it feel like the playoffs and with the whole scenario here, where you guys are in this situation, i mean does today feel different than last tuesday or than any other day down here. Oh, no, i mean they all feel the same um. Obviously we i mean we know if the playoffs, but as far as the environment, the atmosphere, i don’t, think anything really changed.

Did that affect at all. What happened today were there moments where you said we need a crowd um. No, i mean you know everything that we did to to lose. The game were was on us, um self inflicted um. I said it’s a little different, especially in the playoffs, when you’re on the run, or you know anything like that. You kind of get that home crowd into it and it kind of gets. You going put a little pressure on the opposing team, but you know we know coming in that it’s not going to be that you know we only have our bench. So you know our best is trying to make up for the crowd. She should have one more here and then i’ll toss it to you, joe barton, what’d, you think of laker offense in the last couple of minutes, as far as where the ball was, and what what you, what shots you were looking for, what shots you got. I think it was pretty good, i mean we got some open looks you know that we missed looks at the rim that we missed um got to the line. You know i missed too um. No problem is too, we missed a ton of free throws tonight um. I think eleven, so they are offering pretty good. You know, besides the the you know, poor shooting from the three and from the line, but um we can see, we see where we can be, especially in the second quarter.

You know when we’re running and playing fast. You know that’s how we want to play for all four um, and i just think you know we can’t let our miss shots affect what we do. You know, especially on the defensive end or you know, make us hesitate and not take. You know open shots still. So you know well, i think our offense is pretty good, but you know we can definitely be better for sure: hey, maybe not in game one, but do you think down the line in this series, your guys’s relative rest and, conversely, you know the intensity that they Interacted with for so long was going to end up benefiting you guys in the series uh, we don’t know um, you know. Obviously we want to continue to play fast, it’s known to play a lot of minutes, but um. You know we try to just play fast and play how we play um. You know, we know that they’ve been playing a lot of games and every game here in the bubble has been a game seven for them. So you know we just try to continue to play with a lot of pace, a lot of energy and put a lot of pressure on him. You know how we did in the second quarter, but we got to do it for an entire 48. last question. Dan mikey yeah um portland had one of the worst defenses. I think second worst of anybody inside the bubble.

How frustrating frustrating is it for you guys to have that kind of an offensive performance against them and were they better than you thought, or is this more again about just kind of you guys and what you’re going through on offense? You know they’re a good team. Uh they’re here for a reason: um it’s, not no surprise that they’re here um, you know for us it’s just about making shots. You know we’re getting every all the look that we want. You know you know we just we just got to take our time and knock him down. You know our shooters got to continue to shoot. We got to shoot better from a line from the line as a team, and you know when we get in the paint you know instead of looking for a foul play through the contact and finish around the rim. So you know you know we got. You know everything we wanted on offensive event, just a matter of making shots thanks. Thank you. Thank you.