One portland versus the lakers, in which the portland trailblazers did take game. One i’m actually shooting this late at night right after the game after we did have a lit, live stream. So big shout out to everybody that did pull up. Yes, we had a lot of fun on that live stream, but, as always as you guys are coming in, make sure to like the video, because it truly does help the videos get out to the public. And if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe with the notification bell clicked on all so that you never miss a new video live stream or breakdown. I just want to start out by saying this. I had this series going five to six games anyway, as i did say in the previous video yeah. I believe that the greatness of damian lillard – he can definitely get you one or two games in this series. He definitely came to play we’re gon na get into it, but just a couple key notes that i want to mention about this game that might be overlooked. First of all, if you do look on the stat sheet, gary trent jr, he did not play so well. Offensively this game, however, if you did watch the game, his defensive effort was on point all night and he did take the main task of guarding lebron james. We all know nobody in the league. Nobody in nba history can stop lebron, especially whenever lebron is going to the basket.

The guy can literally do it every single time if he wanted to, but i really liked his defensive effort all night, even though he was off offensively well, at least until the fourth quarter, and he just came to play defensively even while he was off offensively number. Two hassan whiteside: now, if you look at hassan whiteside, you might say hey well his numbers they’re, not too impressive. I mean in 25 minutes. He only had seven points well for one. He actually did go three for four from the field. We know that his buckets are close by, but that is 75. He had eight rebounds, but he also had five blocks and guys two of those blocks were extremely clutch and again, these are just key notes that i want to make sure to mention before we get into the breakdown number three because of the heroics of damian lillard. At the end, i think a lot of people are going to overlook the heroics of cj mccullum this game. For those of you who watch the game, you know that in the first half he wasn’t really productive, a matter of fact. The only people in the first half that were really given damien lillard help was nurtude offensively, but as soon as that, third quarter did start cj mccullum. He came alive and he really carried the blazers throughout that third quarter. Now some other keynotes – and this does kind of confuse me – and this goes more so – for the lakers – for some reason that i don’t understand.

Dion waiters played one minute in this game, guys we saw in the bubble dion waiters. He had been playing really well. I don’t know why he only played one minute: this game, we look at dwight howard. He definitely got into foul trouble. Some of those calls were questionable. Some of those calls were legit. As a matter of fact, i don’t want to forget that point in this game. Again, you had to watch the game in totality to know this. I know there’s a lot of laker fans that might say hey. It was rigged the refs cheated guys. If you watched this game, there were bad calls objectively on both ends. Now lebron james, he had a monster triple double with 23 points, 17 rebounds and 16 assists, and i just got ta say some of those passes that i saw lebron james make tonight were absolutely amazing. Another keynote for the lakers danny green was off. He missed a lot of wide open shots. He missed some shots that could have really brought the game close that were wide open and then the person that they usually bring in to replace him kyle kuzma he wasn’t doing too hot from the three point line, either at one for five shooting now anthony davis. He did have 28 points tonight. He also paired that with 11 rebounds, two steals two blocks. He went to the free throw line 17 times and made 12, and what you may not see here is the defense that anthony davis did play at least early on on that perimeter.

I will say this, though anthony davis tonight defensively. He was definitely on point. His defense, both on the interior and even on the outside, and yes, i know that damian lillard. He went off in the clutch moments, but if we’re talking about totality of the game, anthony davis definitely came to play on both ends tonight. So i know some may try to blame lebron. Some may try to blame anthony davis for this particular game. I’M gon na look at the teammates in the first half of this game during the live breakdown. I definitely said: hey man, damian lillard and nurkish they’re. Not getting any help from their teammates and it’s really impacting the game. I have to say the same thing with the lakers lebron and anthony davis. They came to play tonight, but their teammates were not on point also, while i’m saying that just so i don’t forget something that was huge in this game was definitely rebounding. The lakers were out rebounding the portland trailblazers greatly. In that first half we saw at the start of the third quarter. They kind of patched it up a little bit, but if the blazers want a shot at winning another game in this series or ultimately this entire series, they are going to have to do a better job on the board. So, with those notes being talked about, let’s go ahead and get into some of the breakdown with the highlights alright, so we do started out in that first quarter, lebron james, he is being guarded by carmelo anthony.

Here we see that anthony davis. He is being guarded by nurkic, even with where anthony davis is standing, that’s a shot that he can definitely hit. So we see lebron james, he does go to the right. Cj tries to give pretty weak attempt at some help side. Defense nurkic has to stay panned to anthony davis and we see that white side yeah. He does come over for the help, but hassan whiteside is too deep in the paint to really be able to affect this shot in the ways that he wanted to lebron. James gets the n1, i got ta say anthony davis. He was definitely playing really good defense all night, but on this play the defense was lackluster. We see on this next play that nurkic. Both he and anthony davis start out right by the opposite rim. Nurkic being a big man in this situation, he’s dribbling with his head up and even before he passes the ball with the ball. This guy is out running anthony davis, then kicks it up to hezonja, but then right after the pass, he speeds up cuts back door. Anthony davis being lazy right here on defense, nurkic does get the dunk and again guys if you’re liking. The video thus far make sure to like the video, because it truly does help the channel grow in the videos get out to the public. Then, on this next play we do have lebron james. He comes down the court and again he is being guarded by gary trent jr.

As he does come down. He does get the double pick and roll from anthony davis and kyle kuzma, but instead of staying with the pick anthony davis, he actually slips the screen and that’s pretty much whenever you set a screen. But before the defender even gets there, you just go ahead and slide and cut to the basket and, as you guys can see here because of that gary trent, he was expecting there to be a screen and maybe some help on that right side. So he’s thrown off lebron james does have the advantage. He goes to the hole and he does score right over gary tramp and whiteside. Now, in my opinion, watching this game, i believe lebron james should have did that a whole lot more in this game really attacked the basket consistently because early on lebron james was really passive in this game and trust me guys, i get it. He wanted to get teammates involved early. I expect to see a far more aggressive, lebron james in game two. I believe he will get to the 30 to 35 point mark in that game. Now earlier we highlighted that lackluster play by anthony davis, but on this play right here you really do see the greatness of anthony davis. We already know that he is an elite interior defender, but on this next play damian lillard. He does come off with the pick and roll he was initially being guarded by kcp and then he does draw anthony davis on the switch now against even guards damien lillard doing his shimmy and then going behind the back.

It has a lot of guards just caught off balance and he’s, usually able to get the shot up. He crosses over goes behind the back and even with all of that, space, anthony davis is still able to get to damien, lillard and block the shot, and as soon as anthony davis does see that the ball is going to go towards lebron. He sprints out beating everybody, damian lillard, cj, mccullum and nurkish down the court, and he does get the dunk then on this next play, and this is more so whenever cj mccullum was starting to become alive, damien lillard does get the pick from nurkic. He then gives morris the in and out, hesitation crossover and he does drive to the left, keep in mind. Lebron james is guarding cj mccullum, even with anthony davis, stepping up lebron james. He hedges over damien lillard realizes this and kicks out to cj mccullen now lebron james. He attempts to close out but he’s a little too slow. Cj mccullum knocks down the three, but now let’s go ahead and take it to the fourth quarter. So we do see lebron on this next play, he’s being guarded by gary trent cj mccullum he’s playing off acousma a little bit, and then we do see caruso. He does go around for the cut. Now we see this a lot of times in basketball, where somebody will cut but it’s almost being used as a screen, because the defender still has to fight around even that guy cutting lebron james being the great floor general that he is.

He does see this kicks it out to kyle kuzma kyle kuzma shoots a quick release. Jumper knocks down the three tie game now on this next play. Whenever you’re talking about the best players, the most clutch players in the game, one thing that you don’t want to do is give them, looks trips to the free throw line layups, especially in the fourth quarter, because it’s nothing for these guys to get their confidence rolling And we see that begin here because in the second half, especially in the fourth quarter, up to this point, damian lillard really was not playing well, but that all changed with this play. So we see that nurkic he does have the ball. He tries to dribble which, in basketball a lot of time, what coaches will teach you is that if you are a big man whenever you’re in that paint area, there’s no need to really dribble the ball, because a lot of times smaller guards will come in there And they will deflect it steal it things of that nature. So we actually see that right. Here, nurkich, he tries to dribble the ball. Caruso does come in and he gets a hand on it, danny, green and anthony davis. They show great hustle right here, diving on the floor for the ball, then caruso here he’s a little late to get up even whenever he does get up. He does not keep track of damien lillard damian lillard gets the pass right here, and the closest player to him is the player that was on the floor, one of them danny green and with two seconds left on the shot clock.

He does give the pump fake to danny green. He pulls the three point shot and he does knock it down and it was that shot that really got damian lillard going in the fourth quarter. Now on this next play, we have lebron james coming off the pick after this play. A lot of people said man. This game is over so caruso. He does get the ball to dwight, howard, lebron, being guarded by carmelo anthony lebron. He explodes off of the pick given by caruso. Now some may say that this was a moving pick by caruso. I would just say that there was a lot of missed calls in this game and, yes, both teams favored from it, but with that happening lebron james. He sets up for the three and he knocks it down. 87 to 81, six point lead for the lakers and on this next play. This is more so what i was talking about whenever i said hey, i feel like damian lillard. The greatness of him will definitely get you one or two games. Damian lillard comes down the court and he does get a high pick near the logo from whiteside. Now i would say that this is pretty good defense by anthony davis. He is above the three point line already as one of the lakers main shot blockers and he was the main shot blocker right there out on the court with kuzma lebron, danny green and kcp damien lillard comes off the screen and literally at the logo, pulls a Long three point shot and he knocks it down and then on this next play.

This is one of those dagger plays. Obviously damian lillard just had one next play after that we saw gary trent. He had one but on this next play, we do see that lebron james, he is guarding damian lillard damian lillard calls for the screen. He gets it from nurkic. Now i got ta say this on this play i’m, not really sure what kyle kuzma was doing. I feel like he definitely put his teammates out of position because, as damian lillard does call for the pick from nurkic kyo kuzma doesn’t step up, he literally stayed on the right side of the floor. Now, i know some of you might say, hey well, it looks like they might have been playing his own well to those of you who have played basketball before you know that, yes, whenever you’re playing a zone, yes, you have a zone to cover. However, if there is nobody in that zone, if that entire space on the floor is not occupied by an offensive player, you’re supposed to go help kyle kuzma, he does not do this. This makes a situation where anthony davis has to step up on damien lillard, leaving carmelo anthony wide open. He catches and he splashes to three and if you’re, a real one, make sure to like this video, because it truly does help the channel grow in the videos. Get out to the public, if you haven’t, already subscribed to the channel hit that notification bell, make sure to click all so that you never do miss a new video make sure to check out my breakdowns of other games right over here, but there’s, not too much Else i want to talk about sincerely.