Let me take that back number one is dame dollar damien lillard yeah get that one right just putting on another show doing what he’s doing uh damien lillard is the best player in the national basketball association. Right now plain and simple: he was the mvp of the bubble uh. He ended the final three games scoring over 30. okay averaging about 37., when you look at what he did last night. Yet again, some long range daggers give uh gary trent a lot of love. Defending lebron james and hitting the big top three give my man mello. Some love finished with 11 points, 10 rebounds. He hit a big time. Three um in the last two and a half minutes give them all credit, but what it really really comes down to is cj mccullum had a strong third quarter, but what it really comes down to is damien lillard, this side of steph, curry and klay thompson. This brother, the marksmanship the sniper like abilities, he is the best basketball player in the world right now you combine that with the fact that the lakers can’t seem to shoot okay and, ladies and gentlemen, we have a problem in la la’s in some trouble it’s, just One game and we understand that and unlike barclay, who ridiculously call for a sweep, because that ain’t gon na happen or, unlike you know, uh, you know some some folks out there that think that the lakers are going to lose this series.

I think they, i think they still may win it in seven, but this is going to be a neal biter. The blazers are not going anywhere because they’ve got a great great backcourt with one of the great players in the game today who looks like the best player on the planet right now in damian, lilith lebron and those boys are gon na have to come up with Something to figure out hit hit three point shots perimeter. Shots would be one thing finding a way to neutralize this brother is another good luck, since he practically pulls up from the parking lot. These days yeah i mean we can’t just sit here and and have a fawning contest over damian lillard but that’s. The obvious answer you know and and stephen a you’re right, he’s been the best player in the nba like he’s, the mvp of the bubble and he’s been playing at an amazingly high level that by the way in 1981, there was a work stoppage in baseball strike And so it was really two separate seasons. They didn’t play a complete season, but it’s two separate seasons and, as i remember, the uh, the the number one seed so to speak in baseball, the best frank team. You know from the first half of the season in the second half broken up by the strike had to play essentially a playing game uh to see who advanced in the playoffs and, of course, there’s not enough time to do that in this season, because the vast Majority of the regular season happened pre bubble, but it is like two different seasons.

Right now we can say that whoever was the mvp in the first half and we see this and we’re talking bucks today. Obviously, we’re talking lakers but we’ve seen that with this team, the lakers were peaking when the bubble, when the when the shutdown occurred and now they have to refine themselves. This is not the same team, at least not the same kind of they’re, not playing the same kind of way and in the meantime, however, the blazers played before the stoppage since the the advent of the bubble since they entered the bubble. Damien lillard is the best basketball player in the world. Forget about the numbers for a second, because putting up ridiculous numbers. Look at the moments in the game at which he’s coming up biggest you bring up, steph, curry and steven. A steph curry, i believe, has turned over the years into a clutch player, a money on the line in the finals type player. But he hasn’t always been that way. A lot of times. Steph did not play his best in the finals right and we don’t know let’s see. If how deep damien lillard gets into the playoffs, he could still have bad games, but damien lillard is like steph curry, but a steph curry who gets better in the bigger in the biggest moments that’s an unstoppable force. Lebron gets. I think he was rejected at the rim by white side, at least in the paint by white side, in a tie game in the middle of the fourth quarter, and down comes damian lillard and pulls up from 10 feet behind the arc and nails it three in Rhythm, like for almost anyone else who ever lived and certainly pre steph, curry that’s a terrible shot.

You get yelled at by the coach, but this dude. It was 13 feet behind the arc to be specific 13 by the way, if you take a shot three feet behind the arc, that’s a deep three right, you could add three feet to the ten feet. I said it’s ridiculous. His his finger is on the pulse of the game. Every time you think momentum’s going the other way remember they were even talking about on the broadcast. The the portland looks gassed and the lakers are coming on. It felt like okay. Here comes lebron, he’s got a d danny green if he gets a little and and damie leonard said nope game time and that’s yeah danny green’s got to hit shots. No question he’s their three point: specialist on this team and he’s not doing that, but damien lillard is the answer right now and and and he’s the best player in the world. You’Re right. Well, listen! The reason why i felt wholeheartedly remember we asked the question yesterday max what was the best chance. The lakers uh, the portland, winning the series or the lake is sweeping and, i said, is portland winning the series, because ain’t no way in hell they’re getting swept. You saw him swept into western conference finals, the very next playoff series we see they’re going to get swept again with the way damian lilith is rolling hell. No, that ain’t happen, but let me take a moment to call out the lakers did not tell you it’s, not about what anthony davis does it’s, how he does it.

Anthony davis had 28 points. 8, 24 shooting minus 20 on the court come on. You got to do better than that a.d, you all were you got to do better than that and let me sit up there and ask frank vogel a question rhetorically, albeit what the hell is: kentavious, caldwell, pope and alex caruso doing on the court for 29 minutes. They combined for one of 15 shooting kcp was all for nine. My god. Could you show a post pretty please with sugar. On top i mean just do something offense shooting in 29 minutes and alex caruso. I mean let’s, listen, listen, listen, listen! Listen! Just just because there was once a movie, uh white guys, can’t jump, and he defies that because he clearly can jumps. Doesn’T necessarily mean he can play and i’m not saying he can’t play because i like alex caruso, but he was one of six from the field. In 29 minutes, why am i bringing that up? I mean damn. Dion wait is one minute: j.r smith, zero! I mean come on frank vogel. You can’t, you can’t put them in you can’t, you ain’t getting perimeter shoot from anywhere else. Can you try those brothers pretty? Please dion waiters and j.r smith has shown an ability to get streaky and hit perimeter shots in three point: shots in their careers.