We just kind of kept going back to it. Um. You know i didn’t want to tell brian to have i didn’t. I got to take some of the pressure off of him. You know only three shot attempts in the first half and i missed a ton of free throws, but you know i didn’t want him to. You know just carry the team the entire time. I wanted to take some pressure off on me. You know you got guys trying to get into them and make it tough for them, picking them up 94 feet. So just trying to take some pressure off where you don’t have to come down, then you know and try to score every time they facilitate so just kind of take some of that pressure off, and you know once again guys make shots which open up the floor For him and myself, you know you can’t really help help off this much when we’re making shots. So i say just getting the ball in the sweet spot and shoot them all confidence. You mentioned lebron’s aggressiveness. He was getting into the paint all night long. What is that like playing with him when he’s in that mode? You know, as opposed to the times when he’s been facilitating a bit more. You know we need him like that. All it’s arm it’s tough to stop it’s fun for us, you know, and he still makes the right plays, and you know i told the guys it’s our job when he’s attacking us it’s our job for us to make shots.

We have to make shots for him and you know guys able to do that again tonight: hey it’s dave. I know you told us how uh between games one and two lebron was. You know, encouraging uh to get you back on track. Have you had any conversations with him since we’ve been down in orlando, about getting him encouraged and getting him into um? This challenge that is ahead of you guys you’ve been doing it for a long time, dave there’s, nothing. I can say that he hasn’t heard or seen already so uh. My job is to kind of be there um. If you want to talk about something you know i’m there but he’s when in the game he’s so locked in i’ll be talking to him sometimes, and you know he just stares straight ahead. You know, like he heard me. I just leave it alone, but he’s uh he’s been doing this for a long time been in this situation for many times and um it’s, not much that he hasn’t seen. So you know, i still say what i got to say and even if he don’t respond, i know he’s listening. Oh hey, kyle, okay, um, a.d, um. You know how? How much do you think about how aggressive your aggressiveness and physicality can kind of wear down the the portland front court? It seemed like nerfed at the end of this game was pretty tired from keeping up with you i’m just trying to run just play within our schemes.

You know we want to be around the team um. You know they have too big on the floor. They started too big on the floor tonight. It kind of seems to be played that way throughout the series, and you know we just want to run. You know we’re very good. You know when we’re running um playing, then you know been a fast break, and so you know my job is once we get the rebound. You know either. If i get out push if not i’m running the floor and just kind of let them guys adjust to us and just kind of wear them down me. Obviously they’ve been playing a lot um. Actually, since they’ve been here, we’re playing like game sevens, so um it’s, our job to you, know just kind of keep putting the pressure on them and keep running as the bigs and that’s. What all we’re trying to do, bt, yeah a.d, you guys, i held them to – i think 22 points in the fourth quarter and they shot like 33 percent. What was the key to that defense in the fourth quarter? Um? It was just the entire second half i mean we. Let them get too comfortable in the first half, especially david c.j. Only mello came down to third and got pretty hot, but um. We just wanted to make it tough for him. You know no, no threes, knowing that late game that’s what they try to do.

You know i hit mello in the corner for three, so we just try to take that away and make them beat us with twos um. So our guards have been doing been great. On the ball regarding david cj and just making sure that um, you know they they they feel pressure anytime. They come off screens or isolations, and you know channel them, channeling them to the basket and it’s our job to fix and make sure that we protect them. Tanya um, you talk about about how you like to get out and run and um, obviously there’s. Also a lot of energy expended playing defense against these guys um. What does it take to stay stay so consistent with the defense? You know over these three games, as adjustments are being made and even like the potential that they had effort. So the defense is all about effort um. You know you got ta want to play. Defense um and everybody in our locker room has taken that challenge. Um. You know, especially with these two guys, and so you know we we want to be a great defensive team. You know we we don’t want to rely on our offense to win games. We wanted to do it on the defensive end, that’s kind of what happened in that second half, but everybody has taken a challenge to to guard the man 101 and also know that you have help on the bank side if you do get beat, and our communication Has been great for the most part, but we want to make sure that we continue to be aggressive defensively uh, especially again, thank you cj and make them work for every shot.

Taylor anthony for you specifically what’s the thing that you did best this game and the thing you did that needs the most improvement. Um improvement free throws. I miss having free throws very unlikely for myself um. I just got to take my time at the line. Uh could have cost us the game, but you know as a team, we struggle from the line. We have to be better and um. I was able to you know, get back to the mid range uh kind of space the floor out. You know what that may rain today. You know guys were able to attack downhill, so uh that that picker pick and pop picking short road game. For me, i was very effective tonight and last question mark medina. Your skills are pretty obvious, uh i don’t know i mean i got no choice to be honest, um i mean we’re, two guys just like to have fun. I mean we like to work. You know we we like to win um, but you know off the court. You know we just kind of clicked um two, you know guys who like to have fun too. You know guys my big kids, you know and play xbox and you know have game nights back in l.a like stuff like that is just kind of um, unique um and you know we’ve known each other for a long time but um.