The flaw good drop off pass by caruso, anthony davis, rewarded for running the floor gets the contact and the hoop. Those are energy points to tip in that’s a fan base that’s been spoiled with all the amazing success as davis nice move across the lane. Oh, that was close as trent tried to draw a charge morris that one won’t go rebound davis back up and in ultra aggressive he leads all scores with 11. lakers by eight j.r smith, back out to davis davis across the lane. Nice adjustment such agility for a man, his size, defense, davis, right there to help shot blocked by davis, great recovery from anthony davis he’s been outstanding to stop this ball game offensively and defensively. Damien lillard turns to corner blocks big time shot. Blocker making plays that’s how you impact the game, not just with your scoring backs in double team. Three posts double teamed again finds davis for the slam just got to make the right adjustments because you’re not going to win this battle now for three straight halves has been very, very good it’s. A portland team that, prior to this series, was averaging 126 points per game in the restart davis for three anthony davis, 18. First half points – and this is the largest lead of the first half o’clock in game. Clock about a second and a half difference. Davis drives finishes, and the foul anthony davis, with a strong finish, loves to go left face up a little crossover seeks.

The body of nurkic drives right through it and he’s stronger than you think, hobbling up a bit davis backs it against gabriel ducks up and under shot backs at home. Energy on the offensive end has been terrific, gabriel tries, but can’t get it to fall. Beautiful all perfect outlet pass davis to caldwell, pope and terry stotz needs a timeout. Lakers have blown this one open here to start the third well enough 22 and it’s anthony davis energy, pursuing the basketball, the throw ahead wants it more than anybody else on the floor. Making his presence felt oh well hope with the finish and the reaction by lebron james, the nature boy in the background on the screen, hope guys thinking he says: we’re just built different. We are built different, trying to go back door and davis got hit by gabriel.