However, that could also pose problems for the portland trail blazers defensively, because what is up guys? It is your man rb to breakthrough. Nba news knowledge commentary, interviews, breakdowns all that good stuff, the portland trailblazers. They did just get that eighth and final spot to play. The lakers in the playoffs this year so as promised, we got ta break down. Do the portland trailblazers actually have a chance at beating the lakers there’s a lot of different factors that do go into this some factors? I do think that people are forgetting, or at least overlooking, don’t worry about that we’re gon na break it all down, but as you guys are coming in make sure to like the video, because it truly does help the channel grow in the videos get out to The public, if you have not already make sure to subscribe to the channel, hit that notification bell, make sure to click all so that you never miss a new video. I can tell you guys right now: the playoffs are going to be crazy, we’re going to be going live doing breakdowns very often. I will also be following up some games with a full detailed breakdown of the previous day’s game, so i can guarantee you do not want to miss it and then, lastly, for those of you who are a fan of my other types of content, you more so Like the videos that i make geared towards the dr dre video i made, or the larza pippen scottie pippen future type of videos make sure to subscribe to my second channel.

It is linked in the description below on that channel. I will be getting into fitness life relationship aspect and things of that nature. So you definitely don’t want to miss out, but whenever it does come down to the lakers versus the portland trailblazers, if you have more of a recency bias, then you’ll kind of look at it this way, and yes guys. I know that a lot of times the playoffs it really is about who’s playing hot coming into the playoffs. So if we do look at the portland trailblazers, they are playing absolutely amazing right now. Damien lillard is the nba bubble. Mvp. You look at some of the numbers that he has been putting up and i mean it’s all time great numbers. If we’re talking about what he is doing leading up into the playoffs, you look at guys like gary trent youssef nurkic, cj mccullum is coming off a really big game, and these are all games and situations where they were tested, even just this past week. So, yes, it hasn’t been playoff basketball, but they have been in the mode of really being tested recently and they are playing extremely well now. Damian, lillard, he’s, confident going into this series game. A lot of people nationally are saying that you guys have a shot at the lakers, so you’re going to beat the lakers etc. And how do you see that series what’s your feeling about it? I mean i’ve been seeing everybody saying you know what we’re going to do to the lakers, but the lakers, the they’re, the number one seed in the west.

For a reason, they got the best player in the world on their team uh. But at the same time, we we didn’t fight as hard as we thought in the bubble. To just say all right: we did eight seed and go out here and just get beat up on. We feel like we have a. We have a chance in a series against anybody in this league uh. We feel like we got a chance in this series and that’s how we go approach it. You know when we go approach it with a you know, a healthy level of respect for them. Um for ourselves, not as far as what anybody else has to say or what other people think we respect them for who they are and uh. We have enough belief in ourselves to go into a feeling like we can win the series cj mccullum. Well, this is kind of the way that he feels right now, i’m comfortable with failing um, and i think, that’s. What drives me. I could have missed all those shots and i’d be here talking to you the same way and i’ll carry on with my day. The same way because i prepare, i think, that’s the biggest thing in this sport is when you prepare, you have extra confidence and i think the team is confident in me because for one they see me delivering for two. They know how i work part of that confidence too cj, as you after you made one of those shots.

You looked at the camera and you said that uh they couldn’t guard you uh. With with a few extra i say daisy. What did i say? You said they can’t guard me there you go he’s talking about that mentality, then i always say that i was a shark. We got to be a killer, no matter what no matter. What the circumstances are. I always told people don’t worry about me. I’M gon na figure out how to eat and that’s what i’ve always done. I figured out how to eat and i figured out how to provide and that’s the type of mentality you got ta have, because if you don’t kill, you will be killed out. You won’t be destroyed figuratively, obviously, and you will be going home to pack your bags, then, on the flip side, if you look at the lakers, a lot of people are talking about how they have not came to play that good in the bubble and that they’re Going to be heading into the playoffs struggling just off the rip before we do get into the actual breakdown and trust me guys if i’m wrong about this i’ll be live during the games, i’ll be breaking down the games. I don’t run anywhere on this channel. We deal with facts over feelings, but if i am dealing with opinion, i make sure to let you guys know and if i’m ever wrong i don’t run. However, with that being said, i personally think leading into the playoffs.

People are looking way too much into the lakers struggles. Let’S be clear. The regular season and playoff intensity are two different things hey and we got to be objective. Some of the things that we have seen. They truly are glaring deficiencies that the lakers do have that they need to have addressed and if you guys did not see the video where we did break down some of those deficiencies with the lakers make sure to check out my video, where i did break down The lakers gameplay versus the toronto raptors, but the playoffs it’s a totally different animal. This is not going to be a laker team, that’s playing one team, one night, then the next night or the next night has to think about an entirely different team. They’Re going to be able to sit back hone in their coaching staff, film staff, the scouting staff, all that and for a seven game series, they’re gon na, be able to focus in on what the blazers do worst, what they do best and it’s just gon na Be an entirely different animal and if we look at the regular season, obviously we know that the lakers they did take two games out of three against the portland trailblazers, but let’s get into some things that are heavily gon na impact. This series first something that nobody’s really gon na talk about or they’re at least going to overlook. People are mainly gon na look at hey, damian lillard’s playing well, cj is going off.

They got nurkic gary trent he’s, really showing a lot of potential on what he can do, what he can become one day, but a huge loss, especially for a series like this – that a lot of people are going to overlook is the loss of trevor ariza. For the portland trailblazers now let’s be clear: you’re not gon na stop a lebron james. Nobody in the league can do that. Nobody in nba history can do that. However, if you look at the lineup on the portland trailblazers trevor arizo, he pretty much would have been a better defender than anybody else on that roster would have been towards lebron, especially when we’re talking about playoff lebron. Now some may mention the defense of gary trent. He isn’t the best defender he does play hard. However, if you look at his history of defense and if he was guarding somebody like lebron, he would definitely get into foul trouble and again i’m not trying to present a possibility as a fact i’m. Just talking about patterns here and also guys, if you’re enjoying the video so far make sure to like the video it truly does help this channel grow. We always have way more than enough people to get to 5 000 likes help us reach. That goal today hit the like button: let’s get to 5 000 likes guys. I really do appreciate it. As a matter of fact, i think this is a really good segue just into the whole defensive aspect of the portland trailblazers versus the lakers.

You already don’t have any type of answer for lebron james and, if you’re the portland trailblazers as far as anthony davis, you basically have nurkic and whiteside who are going to take up most of the load guarding him. Now we do have to mention the fact that nurkich, he was not playing in those three games, that the lakers did play the blazers in, but we know that he will be a welcome addition. Erkich is a big man that can shoot the ball. He can help stretch that defense maybe bring dwight howard, anthony davis, javille mcgee away from the basket and that’ll be able to open up driving lanes for guys like damian littler, cj mccullum and more so. We definitely can’t leave that out. However, if we’re just looking at history, if we’re just looking at patterns, let’s, remember back in 2018 in a series that a lot of people did have the blazers in we can’t forget the pelicans. They actually swept the blazers and nurkic had such a hard time guarding anthony davis. But if we’re being honest, i mean who doesn’t have a hard time in the league, guarding anthony davis, he’s, absolutely dominant he’s, leading the laker team in so many different categories. And now you have that same and even better anthony davis paired with a lebron james. That is going to be really tough. If we look overall in the bubble, the blazers, they did go seven and two and the blazers have been doing that.

Basically by outscoring their opponents, they haven’t really been playing the best defense and oh you wan na know, what’s proof of that during those nine games. Where they did go seven and two only twice only two of those games did they hold a team to less than 120 points, but wait. It gets even worse. Even if we take the point spread down only one time did they hold a team to less than 115 points and again we’re gon na get into the lakers in just a moment. But if you think that in a seven game series you’re gon na just outscore the lakers, this is one of the reasons why actually i’ve had the lakers for the championship this year. Not only can the lakers really score with the best teams in the nba, but when really locked in this team is built to play defense as well, especially if we’re talking about defense on the interior. Now we know that damien lillard, cj mccullum and at this point even gary trent, these guys can explode for huge games like i said because they do have a big man that can shoot the ball and stretch the defense a little bit. It does make it to where guys like damian, lillard and cj mccullum. They don’t have to be so dependent on the jump shot. But even then, if you’re gon na depend on your scoring to get you past the lakers, i think that’s going to be really tough.

Now something else that we do have to take into account is that the lakers they are missing, rajon rondo now i know many of you think that hey rajon rondo he’s, not that big of a deal, but this is different because we would have gotten a chance To see playoff rondo and with that another guy that’s going to be a huge loss for the lakers, definitely avery bradley back in the regular season. Whenever we did see the lakers versus blazers, where the lakers they did take two out of those three games, both of those guys were playing – and those are also two guys that you could have really utilized to try to somewhat contain damian lillard’s cj mccullum, because guys, If we’re being objective, who on the lakers, can really guard damian lillard, who on the lakers, can really guard cj mccullum? If you look at how those two guys did play the last few times that they did play the lakers, we obviously know that anthony davis on the pick and roll. He can definitely provide you some pretty good defense on the perimeter. However, damian lillard and cj mccullum and a lot of possessions, it was actually easier for them to score just iso one on one now, even though the blazers do have shooters on their team, you’ve got collins that can shoot the ball. You got nurkish that can shoot the ball because of the lakers athleticism and length in the interior.

I really do believe that if we see the lakers really give pressure to damian lillard cj mccullum out there on the perimeter, i think it would be the lakers best bet to really force those guys to penetrate then rotate and have to kick out to shooters and Make guys like yusef, nurkic and collins beat you from the three point line because see in the regular season, and obviously this isn’t talking about nurkish whenever we have seen the portland trailblazers go through those scoring droughts. This is typically the situation that we did see now. What’S interesting here is carmelo anthony. If the portland trail blazers were to play a small ball lineup that could pose some problems for the lakers. However, that could also pose problems for the portland trail blazers defensively because see. I know that this guy does get overlooked, but if you do look at dwight howard and what he does do whenever he comes into a game, obviously he’s, not the dwight howard of 2009, but he’s still running the floor. Offensively and defensively he’s still getting early post position even on the fast and secondary break. Also keep in mind that anthony davis and dwight howard they’ve been pretty good passers to one another as well as javel mcgee. So, in my opinion, for all the defensive problems that the lakers pose to the portland trailblazers here, the best bet that the portland trail blazers are going to have is going to be to outscore the lakers and in a seven game series against the best defensive team.

That the blazers have played in this bubble, you’re going up against a laker team where lebron james was out of the playoffs last year. You know that he’s motivated and just me personally. I don’t believe that lebron james is gon na, allow it to be said of his legacy that he went out got a top five player in the league had a guy on his team that was leading the lakers and points rebounds blocks, p e r, etc. I don’t think lebron james is gon na allow to be said of his legacy that he went out and got that type of guy to be paired with him just to go out in the first round. You look at a guy like kyle kuzma. He is really on a hot streak right now. He is playing well both offensively and defensively. Right now, you know we saw a great play from kyle kuzma his rookie year, but i do believe that his confidence is riding on an all time, high right now at just the right time for the lakers, the portland trail blazers. They don’t have any answer for anthony davis down low yeah, i believe the blazers they do have a shot in this series, but just for my prediction, just for my opinion and again i will be breaking down games. I will be live if i’m wrong about this. Again, i’ll be live i’m, not running anywhere, but just given my opinion, i personally don’t have this series going anywhere past five or six games.

I do believe that the greatness of damian lillard can get you one. Maybe two games in this series, but even with that guys, like damian lillard, cj mccullum, gary trent they’re really going to have to greatly outplay the lakers here: youssef nurkic and zach collins. If these guys are hot from the three point line, those first two or three games, i believe that that could bode well for the portland trail blazers, and then we also got to talk about this and again we go more into detail in that video that i Did drop breaking down the lakers and the toronto raptors in that game that did take place, but yeah we’ve definitely seen at the lakers. They do have problems with a quick scoring guard that can shoot the ball and, like i said, i don’t believe that the lakers have any answer for damian, lillar or cj mccullough. These guys like to shoot a lot of jump shots. I don’t believe that you’re going to be able to live by the jump shot versus this laker team. But if you are a real one, make sure to like this video right now, because it truly does help the channel grow in these videos get out to the public guys let’s get to 5 000 likes. If you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the channel hit that notification bell, make sure to click all so that you never do miss a new video again, if you do like the other types of content that i do make you’re around the fitness life relationship Aspect make sure to subscribe to my second channel.

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