What do you have to say for yourself today, so the portland trail blazers will not sweep the los angeles lakers, and you know how much i love charles and i was on this show yesterday and i did acknowledge that if the lakers really played like an mvp Candidate in lebron, james and all nba performer and anthony davis – and they really were focused, they would be able to take care of business in five, but greeny they’re not focused, and i hear a lot of people gon na talk about kcp, going old for nine and, Yes, danny green has to make shots. Caruso has to make better decisions out on the floor, but you know what’s gon na need to take place if the lakers gon na advance in this series they need dominant lebron, james and anthony davis. Far too many times, i was watching the game. Lebron james is being guarded by gary trent, jr, he’s being guarded by carmelo anthony and dropping those dimes. He was surgical out there getting his teammates involved, but a lot of those possessions. I need lebron to sweep the basketball through and attack the basket to score, and so now, all of a sudden, gary trent junior carmelo anthony, are in foul trouble and not in position probably to make those late game shots like they did in yesterday’s game. And lastly, the lakers play right into portland’s hands with their two big lineup. I know they don’t want to play adf5, but in this series you got to if you’re not going to start kuzma, you might as well consider it or put them out there that’s.

You need more offense he’s, not a defender, but in order to keep up with portland for a seven game series they’re going to have to score more so there’s going to be a few adjustments that i think the lakers can make and should make and i’m. Not picking the point of trailblaze to win this series, but i do say if the lakers don’t make those adjustments, the portland trailblazers are putting themselves in position to go ahead and knock them off so rj. We talked about this game at the top of this hour. Let me ask it to you this way: lebron and the lakers down one, nothing giannis and the bucks down one, nothing which of those two do you think, is in bigger trouble right now, which one of those two is going against future hall of famers that’s. Really the question and and a hundred percent it’s the lakers, but to to some of the things that jalen said, he talked about foul trouble. Well, portland was in a ton of foul trouble. They had multiple players with five fouls. It never really changed the game late, but ultimately, what he is saying – and i agree – lebron – has to be more of a score right, so he was dishing the ball. He was doing it. He had 15 assists with guys going over nine guys going two for eight and he still had 15 assists, but to your point, he’s got to be more aggressive scoring.

That is the advantage. You are right: anthony davis, standing outside shooting threes that’s not going to get it done, because, ultimately, if you’re going to go tit for tat with the portland trailblazers, if it is a tie game with five minutes to go i’m picking the trailblazers, if it is a Tie game with two minutes to go i’m picking the trailblazers just because they have so many proven shot makers. So many proven shot makers. You could dish it to carmelo gary trent jr has proven it. Damn. Learler has put himself in the position to say he’s. One of the greatest of all time late game shooters, so you don’t, want to get to three minutes two minutes in a tie game because that’s going to benefit the portland trailblazers, the lakers have to dominate and they have to dominate early to give themselves a buffer. Yeah r.j makes a good point again: lebron had 16 assists in the game last night, in which i’m just looking at the numbers, danny green, shot, four of 12 kcp shot o of nine alex caruso shot. One of six so give me specifics jalen what what does lebron stat line need to look like in game two for them to win. He and anthony davis greeny when you look down in the stat sheet got ta have at least 65 to 70 points combined period, because the portland trailblazers scored 100 and still won. I think that’s the only time in the bubble that they’ve done, that they were one of the worst defensive teams in the bubble.

You know what allows them to defend the lakers more is when the lakers play anthony davis, alongside of javel mcgee and alongside of dwight howard we’re, talking about their lack of shooting right well playing. Those big guys now allows the portland trailblazer to clog the paint. So, therefore, you got to get a guy like kyle kuzma in the game. I know he’s a struggle sometimes defensively, but he can score the ball and that’s. What you’re going to need to do to open up the floor. You got to put a d at the 5 more thank you for watching espn on youtube for live streaming.