Can you talk about uh, going down to too short and uh? Three, your message to the team about not celebrating at the end of the fourth quarter. After the final buzzer um, i thought it was a just a great effort by our team. From the from the start of the game, i thought we came out with the level of focus and energy that we needed to against. You know the best team in the league we defended, we played together. I thought we shared the ball and you know we didn’t have any major lows. Obviously they they made a run, it’s a game of runs, but when they got down the stretch, i think we just you know we kept our heads down. We kept working, we made the plays on both ends to be able to pull out a win, but we also, we know that it’s only going to get harder from here, it’s just one game and the job is far away from being done. Uh, you know but i’m proud of our effort and getting the first one and when the too short came on i was i was feeling good. You know my hometown was: east: oakland was being represented in the arena, so i had to show my love since terry has been here. The word trust is used a lot with you guys. How has he uh kind of imposed that into your guy’s culture and how important do you think it is to you guys and how did it kind of play through tonight um? I think he.

I think that the biggest form of trust that he shows is the freedom that he allows guys to have. You know whether it’s me or is rio coming in and handling the ball or is winning being put in a position where he has to start because zach is out and playing good minutes and being in position to help the team, and he just he does that. All the time you know just the way he communicates with guys individually, i think it’s, a a certain level of freedom and comfort that he comes with as a coach. That allows allows guys to be their best um, and i think when people come here and they feel like our team, they see it and i think they just become comfortable um and they know that you know they’re, welcome and that you know we feel like they Can help our team, so he deserves a lot of credit for that uh, because i’ve experienced it myself, even uh, coming in as a rookie point guard and leading the league in minutes – and you know what he’s allowed me to do every year in my career, um He’S done that with everybody, so he deserves a lot of credit for that and winky los angeles, hey um. You guys have been in kind of this push now for almost three weeks. How comfortable are you guys in these sort of make or break moments and have you seen the confidence kind of just grow and grow yeah? I think i think our confidence is has just grown, has grown each game because it it hasn’t, always been just a crazy scoring run.

You know, we’ve had to come up with stops. Uh we’ve had to make the extra pass. You know different guys have had to make big shots. Mellows hit a bunch of big shots on big possessions, gts hit big shots on big possessions in the memphis game. Cj hit big shots um in the dallas game. I hit big shots. Nerk has gotten big rebounds and made free throws at the end of games. Suge has come up with you know, big plays in the pink, so we’ve, just we’ve seen so many different guys come in and make uh game changing plays in in such important games. That is, it’s made us more comfortable with each other. You know when the game gets tight, you know, so we still, we don’t lose trust when, when the game is more on the line, we just we continue to trust each other, because uh we’ve been in these games since we’ve been here, uh christian benfield, new york Daily news: hey, can you just talk about the efforts of no? He was big time and you know i we knew coming into this series. You know once we got here that you know they got a lot of guys that are active in the paint. You know. Javel mcgee a.d dwight, they you know they big in there. So we need our big guys to have a presence in the paint on both ends of the floor. So um, you know this series is, is big for us, as far as you know should be on the floor and i thought tonight how he protected the pain he blocked shots.

He changed shots. He rebounded. He just had a positive impact on the game. You know. I think without him out there tonight we don’t win this game, so we need that type of effort from Music sports northwest dave. This is going to be a different dynamic for you guys you’re a bit of an underdog in this series. Although a lot of people are picking you to win it, but you’re up one game over now, are you concerned at all about your team’s mindset in this situation of getting a little, i mean you’re in a situation now where you could actually afford to lose the Game and still be okay. Well, that doesn’t really make sense. You know to come into a game. Thinking you can you can lose a game. I think you come into every one trying to win it. You know the key in the playoffs is the first team to win four games, so i don’t think it makes any sense to to ever come into a game saying we can lose one. I think you always want to try to extend your lead in the series and that’s what that’s, what our mentality is. We also know that it’s it’s only going to get harder from here. You know they’re they’re, a great team they’re, the number one seed in the west for a reason, so it’s going to get harder but i’m not concerned with our our mentality going forward, because i know i know my team.

You know, i know, i know who we are. I know god’s uh personalities and i know their style individually and the leaders of our team myself, cj mello nerd. The team is going to go as we go. You know as far as the mentality – and i know what that is so i’m not concerned about it at all. Okay last question casey hold on I mean you, you mentioned just about not not having done anything yet necessarily not not having one series, obviously um, but how important is it to keep that that kind of game? One mindset going into into the next game, or just that that notion of the way you guys have been playing the entire time and that you feel like you, don’t, really have a whole lot room for error. Therefore, like you have to play every single game like it’s a must win. I think everybody has two because you know your season is is on the line um and we we should be proud that you know we pulled the first one out. You know it takes a lot of work to do it, but uh, i think um you just got to move on to the next one. We didn’t have some big discussion like. Oh, we haven’t done anything because we have we won a game, but we we smart enough to know it’s like we won the game, that’s a good thing. Now we got to prepare for the next one um.

You know we’re not just overly trying to act like we’re, not proud of what we did, because we are, but we also not you know, going to rest in it and pat ourselves on the back. You know we’re gon na try to figure out the things that we didn’t do well, that we could do better next game and just try to give ourselves a chance to to win the next game.