While the blazers have put in 110 effort since arriving in orlando to sneak into the playoffs in place of the memphis grizzlies. That same level of effort, can’t be said about this new look: lakers team, leaving lots of questions unanswered heading to the first round of nba, playoffs, frank, vogel’s, disappointing eight game sample size so far could be taking off a green assault. Considering the lakers had already locked up the first seat in the western conference and vogel also made it known that his main intention for the orlando return was to integrate his new players. Dion waiters, jerry smith and mark keith morris to ideally rebuild better from where they left off, but now there’s a gray area as to whether the entire roster is struggling to find a rhythm or, if it’s, internally understood they’re coasting until the first game of the playoffs. When they’ll hit the switch, the good news is that, during the stretch, vogel was able to play his entire roster to see who will and will not be included in the playoff rotation against her first opponent, that being the portland trailblazers considering perimeter, defense will be critical For the lakers going against damian lillard and cj mccollum, frank vogel doesn’t have much of a choice than to go with his usual starting five of contavious cowboy pope, danny green lebron, james anthony davis and javel mcgee. I am aware that kyle kuzma thrived as a starter. The last time we saw him but leaving danny green as a lone, capable elite perimeter defender against the scorching, hot damien, lillard and cj mccollum is just unfair.

Starting contavious. Cowboy pulp, along with danny green, would be the only appropriate defensive scheme to mitigate the blazers. Coming out of the gate strong from beyond the arc, given the starting lineup, the ball will have to be in lebron’s hands at all times, which works out perfectly in this matchup. The blizzards don’t have any starter. To stop. Lebron carmelo would definitely struggle damien, lillard and tj. Mccollum are just too small, like i’ve, said in past videos, if playoff lebron were still alive and well. We would immediately know in the series the blazers have porous defense, having allowed a shorthanded, memphis grizzlies team and a crippled brooklyn nets team to score. In the 120s, the blazers don’t have a single defender capable of slowing down lebron. So this matchup makes a perfect environment for lebron to make a statement, but also objectively anthony davis. Definitely has his work cut out for him against zach, collins, use of nurkic and hassan white side. We will definitely be seeing vogel play some 80 at the 5 and each one of the blazers big men gives 80 a different challenge. Collins is a lengthy shot blocker who could also space the floor. Yusuf nurkic is one of the most killed big men in the entire league and loves to get physical in the post. Something davis has tried to steer away from with his vocal preference of playing that powerful position. Then there’s a song white side, who’s, a perfect scary combination of strength, speed length and athleticism to give ad a handful granted mcgee will be starting minutes at the five.

But we have also seen how magee on the floor really ruins the spacing of things to stagnate. The offense off the bench, the lakers have been consistently playing: dion waiters, alice, caruso, kyle, kuzma, marquis morris and deute howard. That will more than likely continue to be a lakers primary second unit until rajon rondo makes a return. Sometime later in the playoffs dion, waiters has been able to put together some promising games, but is still yet to string them together to be a consistent, high quality contributor off the bench. His shot selection as a primary ball handler off the bench will be critical to how the second unit performs without lebron, but it definitely helps that alice. Caruso is paired alongside him, as well as someone who plays on ball off ball, create for others and pick up. The better guard in the opposing team, a dion, waiters and alex caruso backcourt, has really diversified the lakers second unit to get other players involved now that they have two ball handlers. Who could also play off the ball, then there’s extreme x factor to this playoff series. Kyle kuzma the reason kuzma had so much success. The last time we saw him start alongside lebron james and anthony davis was because he was being smart off the ball. He was able to start with some timely cuts and find himself open for easy, looks to build rhythm early, and we all know how the rest of the game panned out.

Not only was he aggressive on the offensive side of the ball, but he was aggressive on defense as well. Putting together hands down the most complete game. He’S had this season, if kuzma could carry over the confidence that he had built and replicate such an effort off the bench for lakers in this series as a third star, the team wouldn’t have to worry about the blazers at all another forward who has been turning The corner on both sides of the ball for lakers is markief morris, who frank vogel has put a healthy amount of pressure on to find his rhythm vogel recognized. That morris as best is a high quality contributor for a playoff team and perfectly fits the laker system. As a tough defensively versatile forward, who can also space the floor at a high rate, we haven’t seen much of that since morris’s arrival, but over the last two games, he’s, definitely taking the steps in the right direction. Finally, for the last projected rotational player for the second unit, we have dwight howard, like anthony davis, dwight howard as a lakers, big man with the second most minutes. He definitely has his work cut out for him, especially if he’s consistently pinned against us on white side. The reality is that dwight howard doesn’t hold the upper hand in his matchup, but if he could ease the damage, whiteside would cause by not giving up second chance opportunities and properly guarding the pick and rolls that’s.

All that frank vogel could possibly ask for. So let me know down in comments below how do you guys feel about this lakers 10 man rotation. I excluded names like j.r smith, taylor, horton, tucker and quinn cook, who have played in the bubble, but i wouldn’t be entirely comfortable with playing them in the playoffs. But that’s it for the video.