He’Ll, take a shot and forced out at the 30 yard line. Now we are not contractually obligated to show and for chicago at their own 30 yard line. Applause pitch to david, montgomery he’ll stay on his feet. Some hard running for three taylor rap makes the stop get into the rest of that defense. For the rams, yeah he’s got some running mates to work with not gon na be integral. As far as stopping the run is concerned, at the second level keep an eye on number 59 micah, kaiser he’s, a guy who’s sidelined. The sideline makes a lot of tackles a lot of plays the expert leonard floyd you’ll, see him on the outside, brushing the passer. Then, in the back end it’s all about number 20 jalen ramsey, you will be hearing his name a lot tonight. He is an impact play maker, second down and seven that’s patterson behind folds, and they give it to him. You can decide if patterson has been an issue. Rashad coward will move to the left guard and start there tonight. Yeah they’ve had some injuries. No james, daniel and they’ve got their hands. Full, certainly keep an eye out for rookie darnell mooney he’s, a big player threat. Downfield alan robinson, you mentioned jalen ramsey, expect him to be matched up on a rob for most of the night third and six here’s foals to pass for the first time, comes out, firing and able to complete it’s anthony miller ability when he’s lined up in the Slot they need him to get going us nick foles found a one on one match up with miller on the rookie terrell burgess out to the 42 falls to throw again hits alan robinson.

He is their big kind of rhythm on offense they’ve run it a couple of times, throwing it on first down and attack the flats where the rams are susceptible second and two at midfield. It’S, montgomery he’ll have enough for a first down, but we’ll see the flag for his penalty marker under the bears fits all night long with his quickness and his power. They know they’re in for a full 60 minute, workout he’s, the most uh penalized player in the nfl dating back to 16 28 false starts and they had a holding penalty. There second and 12. try to zip one into patterson. Oh he’s fired up about it. Applause rams points it’s caught it’s, patterson and won’t get anywhere near the marker. Jalen ramsey came straight and he’s someone who i’ll tell you what defensive coordinator, brandon stanley said, look he’s looking forward to playing in the in the slot. That start position is an impact position. Above for us on the defensive side of the ball, here’s pat o’donnell to boot, it away symbol, webster fair catch at the knock in the backfield he’ll get the first carry for the rams. Try the left side on for size and that’s a nice gain on. First down roquan smith team leader in tackles for chicago we’ve, talked a lot about khalil mack, but these front three are really what make this bear’s defense go a key mix. We talked about roy robertson, herod he’s, under represented on this defense.

At the second level, roquan smith will be all over the field. Robert quinn comes over from the rams a year ago, and this secondary has gotten more and more aggressive, as the season has gone on led by kyle, fuller, nice, skiing of 11, on first down Applause, henderson pick up five on the plate: Applause, second and five goff Um, the keeper finds robert woods pick up: it’s malcolm brown, the running back from texas, one of those guys who’s, just a straight downhill runner, cooper cup, one of the best third down wide receivers in the nfl and robert woods. Their big playmaker down the field number 17.. I think it’s woods, there’s cooper cup able to get close to midfield aggressive. This bears defense in front has been khalil mack out of the game for now. Good protection for goff Applause get good protection for goff. Just first down in 10. goff’s got some green in front of him. If he wants it, he does and he will slide down how about perry going next gen. I did not see that coming he’s a man of many skills, second and four again: good pocket goff. Just missed his milk and keep an eye on him out here in this bunk, set on the edge Applause quick screen at everett. Nowhere near to be running down skilled players out on the perimeter, always ready for the johnny hecker pass. This is merely a punt signal for the fair music.

If there’s, no pa announcer, you can hear everything second out at seven foals trying to go to demetrin from their own 10.. Here we go rams. Rushing forward patterson out of the backfield he’ll pick up a yard. Applause got plenty of green in front of him. Applause, good return by webster out to the 47 yard line it’s a 56 yard. Punt put your kids in front of that movie. Sometime brian’s song, deep shot jared goff airing it out for josh reynolds and he can’t kyle fuller. On the other side, you know they’re going to go to johnson here’s goff under pressure took a bump state on his feet. There is a flag down as everett hauled a problem for this offensive line, one on one when they can scheme to get him singled up. Second, most double teamed player in the nfl behind only aaron, donald and for good reason: here’s guff on the keeper on the left side, he’ll, throw on the run it’s van jefferson, the rookie they’re talking about yes, it’s, a cat review that last catch can’t review. It now goff will try the other side of johnny munt he’s swung around a week long just excellent sideline awareness he plays. Like someone who’s been in the league four or five years he doesn’t play like a rookie and sean mcvay. He told us this guy’s going to have a heck of a career second and three. Ladies Applause from the chicago 15.

henderson lowers his shoulder picks up the first down he’s down rolling on the run and completing it’s mud picks up here with all the different interference in the backfield, see they hustle up to the line of scrimmage now here’s goff. Looking to his left and throwing that way, it is caught touchdown, josh riddles and the rams strike first buster screen is late. Getting over reynolds, samuel sloman is the rookie kicker out of miami of ohio and extra points have been an issue not there. Why does jacksonville get the bad weather shout out, dr seuss, on first down and ten for the bears trailing seven, nothing here’s falls thrown across his body and it is caught.