Our coverage starts at six eastern right here on espn and then later on, the game at eight nick foles and that entire bears offense, trying to figure out how to stop aaron donald. So for more on this matchup let’s check in at the domino’s pregame headquarters, where lisa salters is standing by lisa donald, not alone in his dominance, as a defender tonight, tell us about two guys who can make quarterbacks regret their career choice laura tonight. We have that rare nfl game where the headliner for both teams plays on defense, bears linebacker khalil, mack and rams defensive, tackle aaron donald were both first round picks in 2014 and have combined to win three of the last four nfl defensive player of the year awards. When we asked donald about going up against mack, he said he isn’t really looking at the game that way, but he did say that he always wants to put on a show and wants to outplay everyone else on the field. Khalil mack was listed as questionable for this game and missed some practice time this week because of back soreness, but according to head coach, matt neggie. He is good to go tonight, as is defensive, end akeem hicks, who missed back to back practices this week because of illness. Hicks told me he was congested, had a bit of a sore throat and was kept away from the team because of covet protocols, but all he had, he said was a common cold, laura we’ll, see in about three hours and 45 minutes that’s.

When monday night football kicks off – and i mean it you’ve watched tons of film on this bears defense. You just heard what lisa reported about them being at full strength. What are you seeing, though, out of this bears d, they’re really fun to watch? I mean there is a lot of bad defensive play around the nfl right now, but the bears are one of the bright spots and they’re. Why they’re winning games they’re also good in a way that equips them to stop a lot of the league’s best quarterbacks, because they can get pressure without a blitz? They get pressure out front with four. Yes, you’ll hear a lot about khalil mack, but robert quinn is doing work. A couple of teddy bridgewaters picks came off of stunt’s run with quinn and below nichols. Who’S, also good, of course, keem hicks. Meanwhile, in the secondary, this is one of the more disciplined units in the nfl. They are so well coached laura. They play a variety of coverages. They don’t make a lot of mental mistakes, they’re phenomenal. However, they have a flaw and unfortunately it’s a flaw that lines up with the what the rams do really well, which is they’re soft against the run. Now part of the reason why the rams offense looks so good this year and looks actually similarly to how they looked in 2018 is because they are running the ball extremely well on first down they’re averaging 5.

45 yards per carry not good for defenses, so i wouldn’t Be surprised if the rams come out with a run heavy script and to me that’s the ball game right there. If the bears can get jared goff into obvious passing situations, i think they have the advantage, but if the rams can stay ahead and run the football well, they’ll have the edge yeah meena mentioned some of those guys up front that could get pressure on the quarterback, But on the back end, kyle, fuller, eddie, jackson, jalen johnson. The rookie has been phenomenal this year as well, so they they have guys on every level. Tomina’S point you can take advantage of trevathan and roquan smith, but the bottom line is this: this team is built. The way the nfl wants to be built now, when you talk about getting teams to third loan, third and five or more – and i play with guys like that, there’s – usually special packages, guys that you change interchange, you bring a group off the field. You bring a group on well chicago, has three down players and akeem hicks, and robert quinn and khalil mack and mackavious mingo, who comes in every once in a while. They all can get to the quarterback and win one on ones. That’S. The thing we talk about with the team that we’re that they’re playing with the rams, aaron donald finds matchups chicago doesn’t, have to move a lot to find match.

Ups, they got every guy can beat one on ones all right, so i don’t think that jared goff is watching her show right now, dan, but you know if he is, he might be thinking well. What am i going to do against this bear’s defense? So what does this all mean for goff tonight? He should be. I was trying to find. I asked mina to give me a good analogy here and she failed me so i’m, using my analogy. The bears defense is, like you know, one of those credit card companies like there’s, hidden fees everywhere, like they’re, not going to give you anything free all right did that one hit not really all right, so yeah, all right, there’s, nothing free with his defense, like every Yard you have to go earn, especially in the pass game, because in the past game, you’re always looking as a play caller like okay, who on the defense, can i go attack or what part of the scheme can i go attack and there’s? Nothing in the bears. Defense that you go yeah, you know what there’s the guy i get free yardage out of the guy, because there’s really good defenses. That will give you free yards. You know like last year, san francisco they’ll give you free completions indy this year, they’ll give you free completions the chargers. They’Ll, give you some free yards, the chicago bears. They don’t like you got to earn every yard and every completion so jared goff.

Tonight he’s got to break the huddle and, knowing like all right, i got to be at my absolute best with where i am in the pocket. The timing of my throw. I got to know that i’m going to get beat up a little bit because everything’s going to be difficult that’s. What makes this bears defense so good, yeah um, if you’re a quarterback you’re like oh, no prayers for my completion percentage against the bears they’re holding opponents to a 57.1 completion percentage. This season that’s the best mark in the nfl unfortunate news for the browns to get to now with obj, and the wide receiver tore his acl yesterday against the bengals expected to miss the remainder of the 2020 season, adam schefter with us. What do we know adam about beckham’s prognosis? Listen laura! He said today himself that he’s got a torn acl. He will not play again this season. He turns 28 years old in a few weeks here and you have to think here. Will he be ready for training camp next year? Will he be ready for the start of the season that’s the trajectory that we now have to start thinking about with odell beckham jr again training camp opens in about nine months. The season opens in about 10 or 11 months, and these injuries usually take about a year, and sometimes it takes two years before a player really regains his full form of form. So it’s going to be a challenge for odell beckham jr to come back from this.

But i’m sure he’s up to it and the work begins here fairly soon for him yeah, especially a guy at that type of skill position. It can certainly be difficult for them to fully recover we’ll keep our eye on that. But how is this absence of obj gon na affect this brown’s offense? Well, the mayfield beckham jr connection, didn’t, really! Click in year, two mayfield completing just 55 of his attempts to obj this season compared to a rate of 79 to all other wide receivers. It’S kind of shocking notice, too, the drastic difference in mayfield’s qbr by target too so it’s something dan, not working necessarily with obj and and with baker mayfield. First of all, how does that happen, and then? Secondly, do you think it really is going to impact this browns offense without obj? I experienced something like this with matthew, stafford and calvin johnson in detroit now they had a lot more success together, but it was like this commitment to always find a way to get him the ball with baker mayfield and obj it’s, like this baker, mayfield gets his Play call and his immediate first thought, with obj on the field is where’s obj, what’s obj’s route, and then it goes to all right. This is my play versus the defense. Now, if you take odell off the field, his thought process goes: okay, what’s, my call what’s. The defense – and he just lets the play operate itself and he throws to the guy that gets open the first play of the game.

The other day is the perfect example like they have a curl flat route to his left versus cover three defense. That play is built. It was designed to beat the cover. 3 defense and he’s got odell on his right and he’s going to run a go route. The only reason he would throw the odell to go route is because it’s press coverage, the corner’s off 10 yards, and he just throws it to odell. Just because o’dell had a go route and then, like 20 plays later, they have the same call and he just operates to play with odell off the field, and i think that’s. The thing is, baker gets so consumed or had had such the willingness or want to all right. Odell’S got this route, it doesn’t necessarily matter what the play is. I want to throw this ball to odell when odell’s off the field. He goes. You know what the play is: the play and i’m just going to operate it versus what the defense is giving me. So i listen. The reality is odell’s still a playmaker, and so the offense will miss his play, playmaking ability, but at the end of the day we can’t we can’t, run from the fact that baker operates better and bakery banker operates more efficiently with odell beckham, not in his thought Process as a receiver and that’s crazy to say but it’s the truth, it goes against the grain of what you would think and many said one of the strengths of that brown’s offense would be all the weapons that they matthew struggled with in detroit like and once Once calvin retired matthew got to an understanding of like there’s, five or six guys that i can throw the ball to and i’m good enough just to throw it to that person, yeah it’s, not necessarily obj’s fault or anything like that.

All right we’ll keep our eye on that, but you know what time it is stay tuned to find out who makes this week’s edition of big man. Pollen with the big swag marcus got a little surprise up. His sleeve he’s got the shoulders going, keep it locked on.