We will be talking about elements that have been released on promotional materials and on the teaser video. So if you’re staying spoiler, free, don’t watch anymore, but after you’ve seen those and you’ve seen the season continue to watch this video and if you don’t mind a few spoilers. Well, hey, stick around it’s a great interview and they’re, absolutely brilliant. We will be having a second part where we’ll be talking about future episodes of season five and what could be happening with season six, but that’ll be a few days after lucifer season. Five has aired, but that’s enough from me. Let’S get this view going Music right. So guys, as you can see, i’m joined here with joe and ildie hi, thank you. Thank you, it’s, so exciting. To see you again. The last time i saw you guys was in the uk at looks con and just before season four aired. It feels like forever and a long time ago and now we’re about to have season five a. How did the split come about? Was that a conscious decision or was that something netflix kind of put forward it uh it? It came about because at first we were gon na, be uh, a ten episode, uh season five and then a number of weeks into uh breaking the season. They were like what, if we did sixteen instead and the the pitch being because they’ve done it with a couple other shows, i think, sabrina in particular, they did eight and eight and so um at first we were like uh wait.

We have this beautiful 10 episode arc and oh no, but like what usually happens for us on anything when we get thrown a curveball uh. What because comes a problem becomes a solution later and all of a sudden we’re like wait. No, we have all of this story, of course 16. and like actually i don’t know if we’ve talked about this much like uh when i was on like white collar and all those usa shows, we always did mid season finales so like i always loved them. Um and uh, and we we would do something sort of so we would do like end of fall season finales on uh, but this was, i think, the first time that we’ve ever really done a true sort of immediate many seasons, really let’s be like true. I used to love white collar, still watch it religiously yeah it’s great to do it because we would do like a fall season in the spring season. So you always wanted cliffhanger that felt worthy of not necessarily a season finale but big enough to come back for it. So i remember interviewing tiffany for one of the mid season finales years ago, it’s weird how it all comes together, isn’t it full circle yeah. So i got 200 questions from fans eager to kind of pick your brains, so i’ve had to try and pick through some of them that are relevant and one of them i’m. Just looking at my screen above here is from emily and it says: did it take you guys a long time to come up with the whole plot of this season, or did you already have an idea about it after season four? That was emily all right, gosh uh, i can say we had one big part of it – uh, which is actually more in season 5b than it is in season 5a, and so, when we realized, we had like joe was saying when we had went from 10 episodes To 16, we realized we needed to add another element and that’s when we came up with, i think it’s, not a spoiler, because it’s in the trailer that’s, when we added michael hmm, i think a lot of fans were asking for michael as well weren’t there.

A few yeah yeah and it’s something we talked about a bunch too and we had been playing with. I think he was on the table as a concept but it’s that’s when we really leaned into him and we’re like okay. This is, this is gon na give us a great antagonist um for the first half and there’s an opportunity to really dig into all of that. It looks like tom, again i’m being very careful what i say here, but i think it’s in the trailer as well. Tom’S accent has changed. Is that a conscious thing that user went with very much? I mean basically early on joe and i sat down with tom and talked to him about michael first, we had to be like you, okay, with working twice as much, sometimes and um. So that was the first part and then he was as always more than gung ho and excited and like oh, my gosh, i get to play somebody totally different and then we started talking about the character and – and it was it was really just a collaborative thing Because, obviously, we’re not going to go, hey, do a russian accent and you know just put something on him. It had to feel organic for him too, and we just knew the one prerequisite was that he’d be as just opposite: polar opposite of lucifer as possible, and so everything kind of built off of that we, we came up with like the internal differences first um and The personality you know how the personalities differed and then all the physical mannerisms kind of came after that.

The body language is very different as well, which is we had to pick up on because, usually you just think. Oh the voice and the acting. But this actual body language as well it’s, just totally different, which is really impressive, yeah and so much of the fun of this – is watching tom show off what he could do, and i talked about this. A ton but it’s like tom makes everything seem effortless. He makes everything seem easy, but it’s so much work and what’s so great about michael. Is you get to see him uh uh, showing off in a completely different way, and you get to understand how much work he puts into it? How much is posture? How much is body language? How much is like i’ve loved watching the fans? Look at screen grabs and be, like, i think, that’s michael, i think that’s lucifer and they’re picking up on the things that lucifer’s actually tom is actually doing, which is the very very conscious choices he makes about how each character carries. Yeah they’ve been going very in depth same well, he’s wearing that shirt in that promo picture and that’s in the trailer like it’s great, smiling. In that way, lucifer wouldn’t smile that way and listen, sometimes it’s just happens to be a weird moment, but oftentimes it’s like no you’re you’re right, that is, that is a clue that is, that is a choice it’s, sometimes just in his eyes.

You know i mean i i feel like i’ve said this before in some some little interview somewhere, but we would watch him at table reads because we we read the scripts beforehand, just get the cast together and read it. So we can all hear it and get a sense of the entire episode and he would do entire scenes just with himself like like a schizophrenic or somebody with multi personalities. You know what i mean it was like and it was so fascinating. It was like a school of a class of acting, you know what i mean just to watch it, and i think i recorded a bit sneakily at some point. I’D have to get his permission, but i feel like i have to share it. Just do it just do it incredible: it’s, brilliant it’s, brilliant don’t, ask uh permission, beg forgiveness, love that thing love that saying and it’s funny how that kind of leads into the next fan question i have is by blog 88 when cast members are in the writer’s Room are they allowed to influence the story of their characters or some scenes? Are they given ideas for the story or in the scenes in the last seasons, were cast members, given any idea what to do? How much kind of that’s a great question? I think what input do they have yeah? So what we do every season is we spend a couple weeks figuring out uh what we think the arcs of the characters are going to be, and then we bring the cast in so every season.

The cast comes into the room and what we like to do is we try to have a sense of where we want to bring the characters, but also, basically, both have our actors absorb it, but also have input within it. Um because we like as much as we write the entire show, they are the keepers of those characters and it’s important to respect that and value it and also steal any great ideas. They have and pretend that they were ours, which is very, very important, uh and so it’s. Always this great experience that we love to do we did it over zoom this year, uh, it has been posting the the photos of it um and you know it’s, sometimes it’s, it’s insights, sometimes it’s requests things like the the actors have always wanted to do, or Things that they feel like the characters should do, and sometimes it takes us a couple seasons to get to those moments, uh, sometimes it’s stuff – that we can address right away. Sometimes we’ll tell them what the story of that we’re planning is and they’re like. Oh yeah, no, i love that that that the thing i want to do would step on that, but we always want to hear them out and always want to um welcome them into our process, and sometimes they have very funny quirky little asks too. Like i i remember amy garcia was it it wasn’t it wasn’t last season. I think it was the season before, like i just want to wear a blue wig.

Just i don’t know why maybe i’m going to a con it’s so funny and we’re like okay. We will get that blue wig in there yeah, but it’s just funny, like sometimes there’s just funny. I notice you guys like to try and do cameos as well and there’s one episode, it’s very meta when we’re talking about producers of the show and everything like that, and i could swear joe. You were in that one i don’t know so uh. It is not me, however, jason ning one of our writers, uh, pitched uh, because i think what happens is you get like a list of like um actors who can play it and there was one that had a bald head and a and a beard and jason Was like it has to be this guy, it has to be this guy because joe that’s, you and uh and so uh interpret as you will uh the frustration and annoyance of our writers towards me, yeah joe didn’t, read into that at all. No, no, i was i didn’t cry at night. Do you not do this thing where writers have their like face on the wanted posters on the wall and stuff, like that, just as a kind of little nod to everybody, because i’d pay to do that? I’Ll pay to have my face on a wanted poster. It’D be good for me. We do have people on our wander posters, yeah, it’s, our crew, mostly it’s uh, our crew it’s, a lot of people from our production office.

Yeah we try to like almost all of them are so like yeah sound cruising like it’s good. I love that it’s, absolutely brilliant, and now that on netflix you have an hour. Yous have kind of got those extra 20 minutes and i’ve seen last season in this season. That you’ve got more time for kind of the other characters, develop their storyline, so mazes, say, carol, character, building, linda’s character building. Is that a huge impact on season five again as well? Those characters going to get big story lines again, obviously got ta, be careful with spoilers yeah. I mean, i guess just that we are you calling us long winded. Is that what you’re trying to say no a lot longer this season than they have been in the past? We just kept pushing it and pushing it, pushing it and ended up. Almost every episode is like in the 60 minute range um and we apologize it’s good it’s good. I like story development, so it’s the only one under 50 and it is barely under 50. and we’re. Like hey look at us and then by like episodes. Five uh, like every episode, is 55 56 57 that we’d still end up cutting like eight minutes out i mean we would we wouldn’t. We were just filming and getting so much more and i think, but to your point i i think you know in having the 16 up that’s another thing we got from having 16 episodes instead of 10, we got to have bigger stories for all of our cast.

We got to dig into to each of them and give them something to really like really needy to play, and we, if we hadn’t, had the real estate, we wouldn’t be able to do that, and – and i think also to that point – i think the more emotional Uh stories, just they they play longer, uh like banter, you burn through banter, really quick, but one of the things season. Five does is dig into so much emotion and that ends up with uh chubbier episodes. It’S worked well it’s because, like say character, development storyline is so important and in regards to storyline what one of the people on twitter veronica’s asked. What episode was the biggest gamble in terms of being able to realize exactly what you wanted for season 5a? What was the biggest gamble? That’S, a good one, hmm um, i mean one of them might be, i would argue, is uh well like i don’t want to tease it uh. How do we achieve that was pretty crazy, yeah that’s, yeah you’re right that’s, the obvious one, but and every and something everybody knows about. So i think there it is, but that would not have happened. Whole show if we had not had 16 episodes um, but it came on the first day we found out. We were gon na have 16 episodes that came like almost fully fleshed out, so it sort of fell out of everybody um, but gamble, gamble, gamble, gamble, i’d say the other gamble.

Uh with just a tease is, was 502. all right, we’ll leave it at that. You’Ll see why well 502 is my favorite of the lots. I absolutely love it. It also has my new favorite song in it as well. Um, all i’m gon na say, is vending machine. I think we can get away with that. I love that. That is just one of my favorite scenes and i love that song um again i’ve got to be very careful, but i think we can get away seeing vending machines, brilliant brilliant, and i think you put that in when you’re a little i did yeah. I remember we were talking about the teases uh before we started and i just i love them, and i know i know ill. Do you too it’s just so much fun and it is it. Is that weird game of like wait? What does that mean? Like you? Look at them going. I wrote that episode and i’m, not sure exactly, but also it’s funny, because it’s this is all so long ago for us, like we’re we’re halfway through breaking season, six right now and it does it feels, like you know, season. Five. A is a season season. Five b is a season we’re like three out of three seasons later in a weird way, and so it’s nice yeah, it’s we’re dying for people to watch these episodes, so they can catch up. So we can talk about them because we love them so long to finish this first part because it’s going to be two part video, how can you best tease 5a for those watching ready for august 21st on netflix? Oh eldie’s got a tease ready.

I love putting around the spot. Yeah come on uh yeah. Of course it tease four five, eight um uh double the tom ellis, double the fun four times the emotion ten times the heartbreak there you go. I’Ll definitely go with emotion. I think let leslie and rachel have nailed it. This first part like there’s a lot of wow moments with them. Yeah we one of the things that we really wanted to do is is is just emotionally destroy our characters. I say flip, but it i also mean it in as much as that. Like uh, we wanted to test their strength and show how strong they are through it and and that’s. One of the things you do is you, you know you, you put your characters through hell and and have them step forth and and show their mettle, and that is very much what season five is for all of these characters. I also think you’re gon na laugh uh harder than you have uh. Sometimes i i think this season and the second half also scratches kind of every itch. I think kevin kind of nails. Some of the comedy episode, four i’ll just say, comedy wise up there with kevin it’s. So good. I mean he’s like it’s, so funny how the actors start to like sit on your shoulder and tell you what to do like you. You know the fact that we’ve tortured for detective dan douche it’s, all because he’s, so that his delivery and the way he handles being tortured is so funny.

We just can’t get enough well in particular for episode. Four, i remember when we did the table read and dan and kevin came in with his version of that character from the noir and just the entire room was just shitting themselves and laughing uh. He made a choice and, and everyone made a choice and that’s what was so cool about that episode? Is you see these actors being able to flex a little bit and show off what they can do and it was incredible and that’s, probably the perfect, tease to end this part ready for part two after everyone has seen season five a see you guys, then Music, Hey guys, thanks for watching don’t, forget to hit that subscribe button and also hit that bell, so you can get alerts on content that is personalized for you. You can also check out some of our latest videos.