Well, i got my two hours of walking in today didn’t i, in spite of the heat stroke weather, i really really um really hate it, because it’s so hot, but um it’s got to be done. That is not the best area you know. Uh, just like one block up here is where we have the nine thousand um. You know what cases so um, but you know i have to get the exercise and the indoor aerobics doesn’t suit me either so tomorrow i think i’m going to try another vocation. So now let’s see okay for lunch. I had bought what it did. If you haven’t been following me, if you just started hi, i bought um half a month. Food really really cheap this last week, and so i bought a lot of turkey and a lot of chicken cans. So i had a can of chicken with mayo mustard, pickle relish, and i had a little lettuce, uh, tomatoes, carrots and salad dressing, that’s. What i had for lunch, so i had plenty of veggies today and so a couple of months ago i didn’t take out my tea. I changed my videos up to make it like. My followers were in the kitchen with me and why i did. That is because i love to um, be in the kitchen, with my grandmother and my aunts, but that’s how you uh learn too, and you know your friends like your friends and uh hanging out and sisters and stuff my son and i many many years, and we Would talk and stuff – and you know the followers have been leaving really great um comments.

So i found i found some channels that are younger women and i started following this was a great video: how to make teriyaki chicken homemade donuts at home, peach mcentry, and she had this uh tyson um tyson chicken and i can’t find any our shelves. You know stuff is missing and there was no. There was like one bag of tyson bbq chicken thighs, but they were like 18 for a package. So after my walk, i went to walmart and um. I thought i was buying um chicken tenderloins, but i got this uh, these chicken breasts and they’re seven in here for uh 590, something so they’re about 75 cents each, and i thought i think i like these better now that i accidentally arrived on them, but um After i bought them and it was too late, i discovered that um, smart and final has um chicken thighs uh 99 cents a pound limit too. So maybe i can uh fit some in my freezer we’ll see. I have a smart and final, very close, so i made chicken so i couldn’t i couldn’t do the teriyaki chicken i had issues i couldn’t find any. That was the issue and that’s an issue. I mean the i couldn’t i could find chicken, but i couldn’t find teriyaki chicken, so i made my chicken breast. Oh my breading came off bummer i made my chicken breast and what i did. It was still a little bit frozen, so it gave me a little trouble and i dipped it in egg and then i put garlic, salt and pepper and then flour and this smells really good.

And then i boiled a baked potato, but it needed a minute or two longer, so i just put it in the microwave to make sure it was done, and then i had some walmart corn and so that will be tasty. So you know a long time ago, when i was still working, i had videos uh by meat, cheap meat, 99 cents, pound vegetables – like you, know canned vegetables and potatoes, rice or sweet potatoes. That was a whole entire message. It was a very simple message: the people i used to work with it wasn’t what we were doing at work, because we were kind of like doing the same thing at work, although i’m sure they didn’t think so, but it was what um happened after work. My long hairs are making my life. I can see why older women just hackle their hair off it’s, hot and it’s awful, and so you know i would go home from work and i would usually make something pretty much resembling this. This is some diet, pepsi that i put in my water um, and that is this. Is it and then i have some barbecue sauce, so this is really a dirt cheap dinner. This chicken was 75 cents. The potato was a dime and that’s. You know a little corn, i buy these 50 cents at um walmart, so you know you figure. This whole meal is cheaper than going out for a hamburger, and so when you do this habitually here is a really good comment.

What did i do with that? It was a really good comment. I really liked it. So i have a notebook and i wrote all the comments that i could in here and the comment was uh gin toki my mom was able to make ends meet by eating really dirt cheap meals through the weekday and friday and saturday fairly, decent meals. Well too late, i had a cheap meal last night, but this is a decent enough meal. You know for tonight, and so my meal plan is not quite done, but i will finish it up as soon as i get around to eating two polish sausage meals and a fish stick meal and i’m starting a new one. Tonight is chicken potatoes, corn and i have strawberry yogurt from walmart and then for snacks, eating cereal and milk, and i got this idea off of this channel of peach mcentry. I was watching her again today. She has a really good channel and so after dinner. If i want to eat snacks, i will just have some cereal and milk. If you get the right cereal, like corn, flakes raisin bran, shredded wheat, bran cereal and milk that’s pretty much a complete protein, most people aren’t getting really really fat by eating those kind of snacks. It’S, probably like me, eating a lot of sugar, so i listed items on ebay today, that’s what i do for a living now, that i’m not doing hair anymore and thank god, i’m, not because nobody can work as a hairdresser in this town.

Some of them are working. You know i was at the mall today and some of them like to live on the edge they probably have to and uh. I was feng shui in the apartment and it’s getting decent. Now you know it’s starting to come around. If you just work on projects a little bit at a time they start to swing around, so i have three three areas. I have food storage and i’m, putting that in small um what 15 day boxes that way. I know how many months i have and i’m. I have um jewelry and i’m. Putting that costume. Jewelry here is an example. I sell this stuff by the tables full. This is a road runner and i sell this kind of stuff, actually it’s, pretty damn cute a four quarter, and i have tables of this. One of the men’s told me uh they weren’t making any money because it’s 30 dollars to get in, and i thought yeah because you have to take a lot of stuff so i’m boxing all the costume jewelry up for the next time. I go the swap meet and then i have clothes tons of clothes. I sell those on ebay and the rejects are going to the swap meet so that’s part of the feng shui there’s such a problem plus i never got rid of my kitchen stuff, so i’m going through that, and you know you can tell i never get rid Of stuff so and then i’m eating the stockpile down so that’s, one way to really save money is to eat the stockpile down, and so i’ve come to the conclusion that this um this quarantine and selfies.

This is not. This is not ending, at least until the end of the year, so we have to adjust if you’re older and you have to exercise. You have to find a way. If you can’t work at your job anymore, you have to find a way you have to uh. What is the word evolve like it or not. You know. If we go more socialistic hate to say it, we have to adjust to the way it is not to the way it was. A lot of people are saying: we’ve we’re having a revolution. You know around the election time strongly possible. I am preparing to evacuate. I don’t want to get caught in the middle of any of those riots uh. They were really severe out here. Burning looting, it was awful. A couple of people were injured, really bad. So, okay, you heard uh princess beatrice married eduardo mapili. I saw pictures of them. Uh, really, i think she was one of the prettiest brides. We didn’t get to see the wedding because you know of the coven um and she wore the queen’s crown. I was ex. I was expect inspecting that crowd uh. I thought fergie and diana were two prettiest princesses um americans we’re like fascinated by royals, we don’t have. We have rich people, we have supermodels stuff like that. We have movie stars, but we don’t have any bona fide princesses born down through uh the royalty, and so we didn’t get to see um, andrew or fergie yet, but they’ll probably sell photos to the inquirer, i hope so so um.

I have a couple of mementos. This is um diana and prince charles it’s, a good likeness of prince charles, not so much of diana. This was commemorating 10 years mary and then i bought this little cup of charles and kate, so i only have two cups i don’t have either of the two princesses of andrew and i don’t have the queen mother and i don’t have harry yet. But if you get a chance to pick those up in a thrift, store i’d say grab them. I saw a couple, but they were overpriced. So i said i don’t want to grab them right now. Let me see if i have enough time. Okay, i have to talk quick, so what i want to do is keep my eye on china and see what’s happening in china to try and figure out what’s going to happen here. So, okay, things are going very poorly in china. The three gorgeous dam is ready to to loose water. If it loses it down downstream, wuhan is, is flooded or if they backwash the back rush into chong changa changa aim my chinese isn’t too hot it’s bad, either way the crops are being flooded and is causing a lot of problems. But there is like a looming problem if it hits wuhan and it’s set to hit in three days and it hits the nuclear plant. You know the bible predicts wormwood uh. That could be really bad also they are sneaky and they have uh nuclear plants all over.

So no telling my what might happen the rain’s been going on 50 uh 50 days. Um, oh and the banks are being overrun by people, because the bank, the people, don’t trust the banks and that’s, causing a lot of trouble it’s causing um. This has been going on these uh withdrawals from the bank since june and it’s july, the middle of july, and so um what’s happening is, is causing uh capital shortages. Otherwise, you know they’re grabbing all the the chain, all the the cash out, and so then the banks are being left with no cash cash um. I think it would behoove us all to hang on to our cash as well uh, i figure we could spend ours when warren buffett spends his. You know okay and then we’re having major floods hitting assam it state in india and millions hit by floods in asia. South and west southwest, so these floods are a big, huge problem, especially if they hit the nuclear plants. So if that happens – and hopefully they would be able to you – know, secure the nuclear plants, so real bad stuff, uh didn’t happen, but most likely really bad stuff. Would happen, and so then also there’s, all the millions of people, so at this time the least of their problems, um are the coronavirus, although skeptics could say that they want to flood uh wuhan. For that reason, not enough to um, you know totally kill everybody, but enough.

You know the bad thing. The bad thing is that’s, where their military is is located the bad thing for them. So now let me taste this i’ve been making baked chicken for years. So you know, of course i know it’s going to be tasty, so that’s about 1.50, and so tomorrow i know i i figure the best way to deal with this. This is just take it one day at a time for the rest of the month. I have to spend very little money because i um bought food already for the rest of the month and i have food stockpiled and i’m going to be eating that down until the end of the year. Another reason i’m working pretty hard on the feng shui is. I want to get everything nice before the holidays. The next holiday is going to be halloween. I don’t do much for halloween.