This is something now that has gone on right, since the defeat to buy munich is still going on, with messi’s future at the club still uncertain, and in today’s video we’re going to be talking about the latest on this situation and also about the interest of man City, which is very, very real, it’s all coming up in today’s video, so let’s do it because, like i say, messi’s future right now is still up in the air. Of course, we all want him to stay. We all believe deep down. I think that he probably will stay but we’re still not sure we still couldn’t say hand on heart the next season. He will be a bastard player and, like i said before, this is the closest that we’ve ever come to messi, leaving the club and even more so given. Messi is still very frustrated and angry with the club after his meeting, of course, with ronald kuhlman, where he said rather emphatically that he felt more outside the club than inside right now. He was so so angry that that meeting immediately afterwards, what should have been get private was leaked to the media that didn’t come from messi that came from the club directly, which is yet more fuel to the fire to messi’s anger in terms of ronald kuhlman. He spoke yesterday to barcelo tv. He outright said it is a pleasure to have a player like messi in the team. He said his qualities will help this team to develop and he didn’t seem to have any problem there outright talking about messi remaining at the club.

He was even joking at some stage in that interview there about comparisons between cooman’s free, kick success and messi’s free kick success, although cooman did admit pretty jokingly that messi had scored plenty more than him, even though gooman spent less time in barcelona, but what’s really important Right now is that the decision it is coming according to reports in the media right now, messi has made his decision on whether he wants to stay whether he wants to leave. He will come out and i believe, it’ll be set out right. We won’t have all these rumors. We won’t have one way or the other at some stage. Messi is gon na publicly announce, either through the media or through himself personally or, of course, by the club, whether or not he’s gon na be staying at barcelona for next season and let’s. Remember here that he has a contract until 2021, so technically from january onwards. He could negotiate with another club for absolutely nothing. I want to bring here, though, the latest on man city’s interest, because i’ve been saying right there through this saga. There are several clubs in the world right now who could still afford to get messy. It would certainly be a massive operation, we’re talking the biggest deal in the history of football, but there are clubs with the resources with the finances to make that possible, and indeed several sources close to man. City right now have said that behind the scenes they’re going through the numbers, they are crunching the numbers.

The club’s hierarchy are basically trying to find out exactly what they can spend to make messi to man city a reality and it’s a deal they wanted to do now for year, upon year, upon year, man city have been long time, admirers of lionel messi and let’s. Not forget here that several man city executives are former bastard board members. You’Ve got faron soriano you’ve got cheeky begiristein, who of course was a barcelona during some of the most successful times under juan la porter and they’re massive massive messy fans and, of course, the biggest one of all pep guardiola. So they do have a lot of pull there. Man iman city right now are sitting there pretty nicely. Poised should messi make the decision that he wants to leave the club, and that is why they’re already planning and crunching the numbers so that, if that window does open, they are ready to strike immediately because there is not going to be a second to lose. Should messi say that he wants to leave no man city wouldn’t be expected to pay their messi’s full 700 million euro release laws, but given their clear admiration for messi and what it would do for not only their team but their entire project at man city, they Would reportedly there be prepared to do everything possible to bring him to the yeti had whatever they could do there within those ffp regulations? They would do it and let’s not forget either that city have had a way of getting around those regulations in the past.

But the reason that i am talking about man city was because it was actually very interesting yesterday when man city’s chairman actually sat down with a very public interview and he actually admitted to summer that they could change their usual tactic when it comes to transfers coming In of course, they spoke there about the champions league failure there going out to leon again man city in the champions league, not quite having that mentality and the drive to get over the line in the big big tournament they want to win, and for that reason They might try and do something different this summer to give guardiola what he needs. The chairman said when you look at the acquisitions we’ve made over the last couple of years: there’s a consistency there in the type of player that we targeted in terms of aging quality. So we will continue down that road. He said the age bracket we’re, always looking for he’s a 20 to 25 year old that’s, the kind of spot that we like, but at the same time the reason that i don’t like to box myself in with this answer is because sometimes opportunities come up that Fit with what the manager wants and with what we need for the squad that might be out of the box, and the chairman said, if that’s the case we’re pragmatic enough to make that move, nothing is set in stone. We clearly have a way of doing business in terms of targets that are well defined, but at the same time, we’re pragmatic enough to take the opportunity if that opportunity does come up and those there are very, very interesting and almost mysterious statements, because many people will Say you know what that’s nothing at all to do with messi, because man city right now are also targeting potentially a move to cooler, bali, who is 29 years old, so that would be a little bit out of the box and a little bit different there from Man city in terms of their approach, but of course that could very easily also relate to messi he’s 33 years old.

He would have, as we know, no resale value. He doesn’t have an enormous amount of time still at the very top level, but he does have still several big big years that could help man city get that champions league title that could give guardiola what he needs in his team and that’s. Why all along? I have said that we should be nervous. We should be worried about messi’s decision, because if he does want to leave, don’t think there that there are clubs out there that can’t afford him that can’t get him that he’s going to be in barcelona. No matter what happens because believe me, the second that messi goes on to that transfer market. There will be teams big, big outfits tripping over each other to get him and that’s. Why you take this situation seriously the hierarchy of barcelona? They should be aware they are still playing with fire and so that right there guys is the latest on lionel messi’s suture. I just want to say that i don’t think the suarez situation is going to interfere whatsoever with messi’s decision. A few people saying that, oh now, suarez is leaving i’m sure that messi is going to want to follow him out the door. I really don’t believe that’s going to come into it. I think messi’s situation here, messi’s decision is simply going to come down to football. It’S going to come down there to on the pitch what he’s seen from cumin, what he’s been told there from the club about the project that we are going to have in this coming season.

And that is how he’s going to make up his mind. And i don’t think we can get sidetracked here with all this other stuff let’s focus here on the football messy decision will be based on that and, like i say it should be coming anytime soon, a massive decision it will be, and you can catch up here With all of the latest on more talk, fcb and, of course, on the main channel, talk fcb, there is plenty more to come. Thanks for your support, guys, let me know your thoughts down below on messi’s future. What you expect him to do.