I do believe a lot of people say: he’s the greatest soccer player on earth. He and cristiano ronaldo and obviously christian pulisic are up there. In that conversation he has told barcelona a team that he’s been on in a part of for a long long time. He no longer wants to play there. He wants the hell out. He wants to move. Then we find out later in the afternoon he wants to go to manchester city. I don’t fully understand soccer diggs. How does this work the biggest star on earth, the biggest player on earth, the biggest member of your team? It can wake up and say i don’t want to be here anymore and then by the afternoon he says this is where i want to go and that’s how it works, because if that’s the case soccer is the most gangster sport of all time. So in 2017, mr messi signed a contract through 2021, so he’s got one more year left that he’s supposed to play with barca uh. Mr messi is smart. He decided to put a clause in his contract that, after each season he can opt out of playing with barker anymore uh, with no no penalty at all, but here’s the thing he technically. He missed that window because the normal season is june ends in june. But with covid the end of the season got pushed back, so barcelona is looking and talking to lawyers to see if he missed that window.

Oh, no, who messi’s opt out hate him if there’s gon na be no penalty. So if it comes back that messi missed the window, he has an 853 million dollar transfer fee. So that means that means. Excuse me if he goes to man city and this opt out is with no penalties is not a thing. If he goes to man, city man, city would have to pay 853 million dollars just to get him and then pay his close to 700 000. A week salary, do you think columbus crews to be able to do this? Do you think columbus crew can do this? Probably i mean 853 million somebody’s got to pay for him just to happen for one year right, just just to get him and then they have to pay his contract messi’s a gangster dude, and somebody will pay that by the way, oh yeah, somebody will pay that, Because if it’s, potentially going to give them a little bit of an advantage over manchester united man city will pull a trigger over there. In england, the largest transfer fee ever that’s been paid right now is like 230 million for neymar. So does he really want to get into christian politics league, though i think so? Oh no, i love the idea of him possibly coming to the mls uh new york fc. I believe um, but it’s kind of that david beckham thing. A soccer great, like messi top three guy, in my opinion, i’m sure i’m, not alone but i’d – love to see him uh play if it wasn’t.

You know three years after i believe he’s gon na do three years in the premier league uh, so he’ll be 36 at the time. I believe that he’ll be coming over here um if that happens and goes through. I just wish you know it was 10 years ago and we get to see. Prime messi, though i can’t complain, big fan well alex. I think that would be a goal for a lot of people i’m, just not 100 sure that the mls can afford to do things like that. The price tag right now that they have to pay to get uh messi is 830 million dollars. I do believe. 853.. 853 million dollars. So if the mls was to pick now granted, they gave david beckham like 250 000 a day or something like that in their deal, that they made him and he came to the la galaxy and there was a little bit of pop. But did it put the mls on par with the mlb or anybody else? No brought a lot of attention costs a lot of money. David beckham was the guy. He was very attractive, very good when he was at manchester united. He was a guy. Why i went and kicked a soccer ball against a wall, because i want to have a stronger leg than david beckham. He was a guy who modeled a lot of the things that i did because of david beckham. He comes over, though, obviously big pop, but it did not put the mls up into the super stardom, so i would assume that the mls had to learn from that deal.

They’Ve made some deals, tyrion reed came over here and played zlatan ibrahimovic came over here and played, but it feels it does feel as if – and i think this is a good thing. If you talk to mls fans, they view it as a bad thing. It feels if the mls is florida. Okay, florida is heaven’s waiting, room. Okay, that is what florida is. People go down there to retire and hang out. That is what the mls feels like that for the superstar soccer community and i enjoy it because you get a chance to go, maybe see some of the greatest soccer players of all time play you get a chance to watch them play if the mls games are On tv, but the mls soccer fans are always like our league should be better than the retirement league for everybody else, and i hate to break to the mls fans. You’Re not it’s, not no it’s, not it’s, just not it won’t be and by the way i don’t think it’s a bad thing either when zlatan was playing last year, highlights all over the place him talking made waves on the internet. It made people talk about the mls when tierrionri was playing, there was waves, there’s others. When wayne rooney was playing. There was ways there’s highlights. I don’t i. I think that is not a bad thing to do, but if you talk to the mls fans, they hate it, they hate the thought of people retiring over here and i don’t know why they should yeah point your anger towards.

You know the superstar players from america that are over there. You know it’s, not on us. Hey christian palisa go get every dollar you can get out, go, get every dollar you’re the best player in the world. Christian go ahead and get every dollar you can get christian palestine by the way. Isn’T just saying i went out here and then in the afternoon and said i want to go to this team by the way.