But it is a surprise. Isn’T it uh. No, i don’t think so. I don’t, i just think barcelona have become too blase in their approach to spending to recruitment, to structure, and i think they always just felt well. You know we’ll butter, the little man up and we’ll off from best at the next thing and he always signs a new contract and he always stays and – and i think he’s bored of it – we talked about it straight after the game that i you know we Would not be surprised if we wanted to go to pastures, noons and and try some fresh. I think this is great. I don’t know about the boys. I think this is great here we have a guy who has maybe got what i don’t know the top level. Maybe another three years, depending on injury for producing the kind of magic that he has because of his age, and here we have him finally saying right: who wants to showcase my talents? That is not barcelona. I think this is brilliant and this is a huge and i mean huge, kick up the backside for that catalonian club. It really is 33 years of age. He is frank, he’s still got it most. Definitely the big question now that everyone is going to be asking is: where is he going to go? Uh let’s focus? Shall we on manchester city because of the relationship with pep guardiola, because they’re one of a few teams you imagine who could afford his wages? Would this work for you, i i i think so yeah i think.

As you said, you know he knows. Guadalajara and gordon knows him, so i think he knows how to handle the little man and and and make the the dressing work for works for him and and and the club uh. Of course he has the the finances for that and uh and i’m not very worried, because we know uh marketing, wise and merchandising wise that that the money comes back very easily. When you have big stars, you know those kind of players will create problems. The average players who are too much paid will create problems to a club so i’m, not worried about that. I think it’s a it’s, a very good option to see a messy with city in the premier league, but i think the city is not the only club. Who’S gon na the we’re gon na go to uh to to an offer and uh make sure they have the the the the the former, maybe uh barcelona player in uh in the in in their team. I think, if it’s not a surprise, it’s definitely an event and i’m i’m with craig. With that, i want to see that coming um. Of course, barcelona fans will be disappointed, but i think it’s, a in the world of football it’s, a relevant like uh when we saw ronaldo leaving madrid to juventus it’s, even bigger, seeing messi leaving wearing another shirt, is going to be huge, of course, because this is The only club that he’s ever known, uh, robbo tactically, say city, do get him.

How does that work? Well, i think it worked well with pep guardiola i mean it makes him have to build the team around when you’ve got a star player like messi. You have to build the team around him and that’s. What he’ll do he’ll probably play him, maybe off the front. He can play him in a slightly wider area and other players making runs beyond him. Midfield would have to be better defensively because he wouldn’t be asked to track back and do a defensive side of the game. So i think it works at man city. When you look at other clubs, i’m, not sure it would work at other clubs. It certainly wouldn’t work at inter because he’d have to play up front antonio conte would ask him to be chasing around and closing the ball down that wouldn’t work. I think the setup with man city would suit him perfectly. He knows the manager, the manager knows how to get the best out of him, and i think he would actually improve his play over the next two years, because he’s become a little bit stealth. As have barcelona. It would be great for everybody to see him play for man city. Do they automatically look at real madrid yeah, i know go to rehab i mean i don’t. I mean how big would that mean? I don’t care. I don’t care. I don’t support madrid. I don’t support barcelona. I don’t support anybody, so i don’t care stick two fingers up at them.

Go. Can you imagine i mean tell me something. I know it’s i’m being a little facetious here, but would i mean, would madrid fans accept him dan? Of course they would they love it it’s the ultimate, as you say, two fingers up to catalunya to barcelona. They would welcome him. The other way. Definitely, no doubt louis louis figo went. The other way is that right, louis vega went barcelona, real madrid, real madrid fans loved him. Barcelona fans hated him, obviously the pig incident as well and the clasico as well yeah yeah, but they were here, but this is messy isn’t it i mean all right: that’s, that’s, uh that’s about not even a one percent chance of happening. What i’ve just thrown out there but i’m just i’m intrigued, you know, and that goes back to your point. Somebody was in england was going the last time. Oh man, city, somebody actually said this: where would messi fit in if we went to man, city and i’m, like i mean that’s, a head, scratcher isn’t it for anybody who watches football. Where would messi fit and, as robo said right, when you have a player with this supreme talent, you plump him in the team wherever you want, and then you put the other 10 pieces around them. Don’T you because here’s a guy that’s got along with ronaldo, has averaged around 50 goals per season, not this year i know, but over the last decade or so, and so it’s going to be super exciting.

If you look at the clubs, i’ve got the finances that can do it. Manchester city chelsea have spent big already man united, have the clout yeah there’s, no doubt about it. Manchester united have the financial clout and and the uh the pedigree to go after a player. Like this uh now, from their point of view, they’re trying to peg this huge back, uh let’s get back to liverpool in the city. What a statement that would be! I i just don’t know how all the finances would add up, but but believe me, manchester united, easily have the clout to pull this off frank. Where would you go why why don’t, i don’t think why we don’t think about seeing messi in the league, one in paris saint germain. You know you see missy, oh well, you still there’s french thing you’ve been going on now or why? Why there’s? No, you don’t, think paris hasn’t got the money for that, you know and yeah and puppy neymar and missy. But if you were messy frank, would you go to psg like? Would you not prefer the challenge, maybe of a more competitive league? Maybe, of course, going to the premier league is a real excitement for any players, because you know that you you can. You can win stuff, but i don’t know maybe going to bayern munich city, liverpool juventus, but you have to consider paris saint germain as well. If you want to win another champions league, so you know percent has to be taken in consideration.

If messi wants to win another champions league, where would you go? Robbo i’d go to man city, because one of the most important things about a player’s happiness is knowing the manager making sure the manager knows what you’re all about. What makes you tick and guardiola is the manager of man. City he’s had him before he got the best out of him when he was playing at barcelona. He was the manager of barcelona. I think they would work magnificently together and that’s such an important thing for a player to know the coach know that he’s going to get the best out of you and that’s. Why? If i was messy i’d be going to man, city craig brought up a good point, robbo, and the fact that manchester united are one of the few clubs that have got that financial clout. What a statement it would be marketing. It would obviously be a dream. How would you sort out this team around messi in that sense, if you’re united it’s a little bit more difficult because at manchester city they dominate possession? You know when you look at the games. They’Ve got 70 possession most of the time, so he can go and afford not to defend and go and be go where he can get the ball and get on it and make things happen at the moment manchester united aren’t at that level they still having to Battle for possession they’re still having to work hard to make sure they get on top of the opposition, so messi might not get so much of the ball, so it’s a difficult one for olly gon na solsha.

I don’t think he would be he’d like him, but i don’t think manchester united would get him. Man city has to be the club for leo messi. Would you choose city craig? Overall, you choose someone random just to just annoy everyone, rochdale united that’ll, be it do you agree with robert, maybe it’s fit at united isn’t as seamless as it is a city yeah. Well, look something we talk about. You know you want to go there and you want. You want to be playing for every trophy that’s out there and rob was absolutely clear. United are a building block at the moment to potentially – and i say, potentially get back to being amongst the big boys again city are a couple of really good defenders away from doing that, and so we know they’re going to lose david silva uh. But we all said we already know: they’ve got an unbelievable amount of attacking talent, so this just adds to the goal threat and it just means that city then have to go out and say right, it’s, absolutely crystal clear what what we need to do. We’Ve been able to bring this guy in, we need we’ve got a good goalkeeper. We need to show up the back line, whether that’s by player, player, recruitment or a defensive coach, whatever it is, but then they know exactly what they need to do and but he would be then going into a team that, as rob was said, one he’s had Great success and a relationship with the manager two they dominate games for fun.

Three they’re gon na be in every competition fighting for the next couple years, because they’re back in the champions league, as we know, and four they play an unbelievably great and attractive, entertaining style of football. So on the face of it uh. If he’s going to be going to england, of course, bayern munich offer most of those things as well. Apart from the coach. But if he’s going to be thinking about england – and we we’re not being presumptuous about this, then manchester city will look like the best fit for him for the next 33 years. Uh gents. Thank you very much, i’m sure it’s a conversation that we’re going to have a lot over the next few days, the destination for lionel messi on the day that he said he wants to leave barcelona. Well, thank you very much for watching espn on youtube for more sports highlights and analysis be sure to download the espn app and for live streaming premium.