This is official i’m going. I want to leave barcelona i’m fascinated too, and we don’t suppose we’re ever going to find out how we’re going to get inside his mind. What does he really want? Does he want to link up with neymar again at paris, saint germain? I mean what an attack that would be with m bappy. Would you like to link up with pep guardiola again? I don’t suppose he spends his his evenings wondering about how he’d get on a way to burnley on a tuesday night. I mean, but i think this time he might be going but who can afford his wages, it’s 90 million pounds a year that that narrows it down to maybe two or three gloves. Yeah done. Sorry, sorry and my in my experience – and i don’t know if shaq’s the same – maybe maybe not and my experience with players and certainly me, but other players – i’ve played with and known one of the draws for a move is the coaching staff, the management uh and, Yes, the finances come into it, but listen he’s going to get his pay is going to be out of this planet, no matter where he goes. So it is the squad the challenging for trophies. But in my experience – and i did it myself – i went – i took moves because of management, but i was i was drawn to people that i could work with go on with and understand and i i believe, that’s why man city amongst other things, will be absolutely In the driving seat here, shaq yeah – i i agree with craig um – give the relationship between between messi and prime guardiola and the kind of ridiculousness that was rumored to come between them, um towards pep’s final days at barcelona, um how strict he was with the diet And didn’t want messi included, um drink drinking soft drinks, uh except carbonated soft drinks.

I i think messi’s moved on from that and realizing now at 33 that if he is to continue playing at the level that years, those things have to be have to be taken. On board, so i think that relationship can be mended. I i still feel um it’s, just as likely that that he stays in barcelona now i know a lot of things have to happen. There have to be a lot of people leaving not just the boardroom, but similarly, questions are around ronald kerman who’s just been hired, he got lazy, i mean i. I just feel that i i am one of those that can’t see. I find it hard to see lena messi, anywhere else and and that’s what’s kind of dumping. My own speculation here um, but it seems it seems as if it’s just gone too far for this now hasn’t it i mean uh. You know the the the the thought that it might go legally as well. It just seems that he’s on the outside done that he’s he’s made his mind up and reading down through her colleague said law’s article today, if it does, if they haven’t, already lost them. If they tried to block it through a legal means – and we know he had this clause in his contract – that he could potentially leave for nothing at the end of the season, we believe that said the 31st of may, but in this extraordinary season the season didn’t Finish then, so there’s going to be this big legal battle about whether that’s going to be shifted till august 31st.

But if barcelona go down that road and try and block it that way and said said in his article they’ve definitely lost him, because you know they’re now going to try and keep a player who absolutely doesn’t want to go there. So what’s he going to do. Go on strike, barcelona have a real conundrum. Here i mean what’s, the buyout cause 700 million or something who the hell is going to pay that the answer. Nobody, so this excuse the pun, but this could get really messy. I’M. Sorry. I’M. Sorry for that, all that all that all night he’s got excited about that thanks.