This is derrick ray joined in the commentary box by lee dixon and we’re approaching kickoff time in what promises to be a spectacular fa cup final. It is manchester united taking on chelsea hi derek. Well: i’m, biased because i’m english through and through what a special place for a cup final. This is, i absolutely love this place and those players are in for a real treat, what a chance to put your name up in lights. Really, looking forward to this, i really am and here’s the lineup for manchester united victor lindelof plays alongside harry maguire in central defence. Fred starts alongside nemanja matic in the center of midfield and anthony martial is the main striker today, marcus, alonso mateo kovacic mastery of the passing game mount across lacking guile and accuracy and scope for the cross in full control of the ball here, olivier giroux, at the Ready georginio Applause, the first of the contest well it’s, always best to get your nose in front in the final really puts the pressure on the opposition. Well, it’s, brilliant, positive football that’s. What the fans paid their money to come and see what a goal, and they are back underway, chelsea with the advantage Applause, james here’s, luke, shaw, Applause matic on the ball here is fred greenwood, manchester, united, getting higher and higher up the pitch. What can they produce from this position? Bruno fernandez? Has it that’s really greta with the block Applause mount here’s coverage it’s with william Applause, georginio, mateo, kovacic and teammates to play it too dangerous it for now, nemanja matic? Has it Applause, james Applause, james on and on? He goes Applause shaw as he makes in the middle clumps, clear, georginio Applause mounts the ball with marcos alonso now, they’ve lost it and, in the end, he’s run out of space Applause, georginio Applause, william and the cross from willian attending to his defensive chores, kante and Now, william, coming into it, maguire luna, finance Applause, lindelof, now anthony martial, martial, it looks promising it looked as though he might have been on side, but he was just a fraction off.

Oh i’m, not so sure i’d like to see that Applause again kante Applause. Now, william, the fourth official has indicated opportunity he’s going forward. Well here, a decisive clearance, it was Applause, has it and the whistle is sounded for half time in this game the two teams have switched around and are ready now for the second half. This is aspirin. Applause mateo kovacic, pass through the middle for william possession lost Applause. Martial here is fred keeping the ball moving. That was a move of great promise. They could easily have been in william kante it’s with xihu. Well great, read there to Applause. He intercept be able to profit from the wide position: Applause greenwood, an unfortunate interception, Applause, tremendous intuition to win it back, mount it’s worth marcos, alonso mateo, kovacich Applause, a bit sloppy in possession Applause matic. Can they get in behind them on high alert and he’s knocked it out of play? So a throw in is the decision both managers deciding this is the time to change things around. Both teams going to the bench and space for the cross, shawl cutting infield here, fred here’s, kovacic, mount tammy, abraham and one thing he does know how to do is shield the ball. William, fruitful, looking attack, read it magnificently and intercepted. Maguire here is fred georgeno matteo kovic. Now can he deliver accurately marcus, alonso marcus, alonso Applause, it’s neat, passing confidence on the ball, looked as though they meant business, but now they’ve got to try again greenwood lindelof, now juan bisaka on the second half, the signs are positive, they can’t relax lee, but they Ought to be pleased all the chelsea players will be looking up at the clock.

Time is ebbing away. They have such a delicate lead. Will they rue those missed chances? They could be costly. Well, they had a decent reading of that ball in georginio and golo kante. Here is willian kante and plenty of scope to be creative in that wide position, and now, william, coming into it he’s protecting it well crisp tackling one minute remaining it’s with mctominay Applause and the final whistle the cup issue is settled.