They were there in january, before we signed bruno fernandez, they popped up again in june and now they’re back in a big way. So here is everything you need to know about: van der beek to united and all the latest updates, where they have come from who has said them? Are they reliable? What is the latest situation? What are the facts and what exactly has happened? Gon na cover, all of that for you in this update video on van der beek to united, make sure you subscribe to united people’s tv. If you’re new share the video, if you could, it helps us but let’s talk about van der beek to united. Now the latest updates again have been led by the telegraph out in holland that newspaper they are saying that there are noises in amsterdam. The interest from united and barcelona for donnie van der beek is becoming more concrete and he was absent from ix’s squad to face iron track frankfurt because of transfer developments. Now it was mike vervege. However, you say his name, the dutch journalist he led with the story back in june he’s, leading again with the same story now now there’s a few facts that we can put towards this now. Donnie van der beek was left out of that game of the squad. Sorry for that game against amtrak frankfurt, as you can see here, pictures of him in the stands and he’s also been left out of today’s game against union berlin.

As you can see here, he’s training on his own and reports they’re, suggesting that he’s doing individual training and he’s on the verge of joining manchester united that’s. What fox sports out in holland are saying, and another fact is that eric tenhard the ix manager confirmed that it was because of developments that prevented him from playing that game, so ix’s manager confirming that van der beek was left out because of developments in quotation marks. What developments could that be likely that he wants that move away and that something is happening in the background? United and barcelona? Are the two clubs at this point being linked to that and then fabricio romano had plenty to say on it. This is what fab said. He said united have been in contact with van der beek for many weeks and been scouted for months. He’S considered an opportunity but they’re waiting for an official bid. Barcelona are denying any contact saying that van der beek would love to join the premier league. He can leave for 40 million euros and points out united’s excellent relationship with iax. Thank you very much. Everybody for that relationship, but united there interested in van der beek have been for we. As i said, we were linked with him back in january, so he’s definitely been on our radar. No official bid has gone in why he’s 40 million euros or someone who’s young champions league quality, just a no brainer in this market.

If you’re looking for value you’re not going to get much better than that, but no official bid according to fabricio romano, yet but united, firmly linked as a favorites there. And if you look at all the other reports that emerged yesterday, loads was sent gerald romero. Who, i think, is a spanish journalist, saying that donnie van der beek was not an option for barcelona. Oriole dominic, who is closely linked to mark over mars, said that united were about to sign him espn saying that united were favorite to sign him with the mirror saying that the only way united mess miss out sorry is, if there’s, an unexpected bid from real madrid Or barcelona, so barcelona and they’re, a club who are, i think, they’re pretty busy right now with a certain player, so they might not be making any signings any time soon and real madrid if they wanted vanderbig, it would have already happened by now. It would have probably already happened last summer, maybe, but it seems like united, are the complete frontrunners for van der beek that’s. What all the stories are suggesting and for richo they’re, confirming that united won him united interested in him, but that official bid hasn’t gone in. Yet now there are some more facts that we should consider at this point van der beek he’s keen on a move away. He’S already spoken out about his future in the past. He said nothing is certain yet i’m, still a player of ix.

If there had not been the coronavirus, it might have been different now he’s keen to move on from ix, because ike’s have told him that he can and that’s. Another fact ayax have said that he can leave previously they’ve gone on record, to say it so it’s it’s, not as if vanderbeek is pushing for a transfer away. He’S had a great start to his career iax, but like pretty much every ix player, he leaves ix and goes somewhere else. It was delict juventus. It was um de yong to barcelona, and vanderbate was the one that stayed and now it’s vanilla, bait, he’s going to be the one that leaves and united are the front runners for him. 40 million is an outrageously great price for a player. Who clearly is not a priority signing for united i’ll get into that in a bit, but could massively improve this squad and united are in for him now? My opinion on this whole situation is, i don’t think vanderbate would be left out of the iax squad unless there was real developments and not just like whispers and murmurs. Clearly, something is properly happening behind the scenes, whether that’s, just united or something else. Clearly, things are moving to the point where i ex don’t want to risk him being injured, maybe to stop that move from happening. They’D rather leave him to the side, and let that happen. My opinion is that what i don’t understand why united it didn’t do this at the start of summer.

Look if he’s good value now he was good value at the start of the summer. Why waste time and look we could have already signed up anyway? Look i’ll, forgive everything if we sign him before the premier league season starts, but vanderbilt is clearly not a priority for united we’re a bit spoiled in that attacking midfield role, but he can come in and then we have less minutes for pereira and less minutes for Mata and more minutes for van der beek, and for me that is a significant improvement in the squad, because bruno will probably get injured next season. At some point, pogba will probably get injured in next season. At some point, you need quality players outside of that starting 11 and someone like van der beek massively improves that and we need a squad capable of playing your barcelonas in your real madrids on a wednesday or a tuesday and playing your liverpool’s new man. Cities on a sunday currently our starting eleven could play either of those games, but not both games in a week, we’d be dead, so we need to get players like van der beek to improve that squad quality and it’s. A no brainer for me get that deal done. Champions league quality, ball playing central midfielder capable wants to move on, wants to play in the premier league would love clearly, i think, to play for soul shy. Why not that’s, probably not true? Well, it might be true but i’m making that one up.

I think why not this united team is now exciting is an exciting prospect going forward and van der beek would want to be part of that, and vandasar would have plenty of good things to say about what it means to play at old, trafford for united, so That is the latest on van der beek to united it’s, all coming from the telegraph again and mike vervig i’m, going to call him mike from now on, because then i can’t balls his surname up. He was the one leading with the stories back in june he’s, leading with the stories now and the dutch press are saying it’s a bit more advanced than the british press are saying and i’ll be honest. I think the dutch press should know a bit more about this because they are far closer to the vanderbig deal. But do you want united to sign him? Do you think he he’ll be a good signing for 40 million? Do you think he’d be good value? Let me know what you think in the comments below but van der beek to unite. It seems like united now are the clear front runners for him. Barcelona aren’t, interested real madrid dropped out, and no one else is there and for 40 million for a play. Like van der beek, you are not going to find better value than that really in this current market, so united need to move, should move, get it done, get it signed.

Then we move on to sancho.