Here are all the details: united center bid, which was agreed on 40 million euros plus, add ons, paperworks and medicals will be completed this week now, there’s, no reason why this medical won’t be completed in the next 48 hours and i’m, hoping that we can get vanderbilt Announced before the end of the week, man united return to pre season training this week, happy fucking days and fabricio went into a little bit more detail on the whole transfer situation over on his instagram account. He said that united sent a bid, and i actually accepted without any negotiation and pointed out towards a strong relationship between edwin van dassar and manchester united as to why this deal was completed so quickly, van der beek personal terms until 2025. All done so, i asked there, except in the united states, without negotiations, it’s amazing, what happens when you offer a club, the value that they want for the player they are selling and how quickly negotiations can happen eh. But all that aside, edwin van der sar cheers to that big man van der beek van, a big. However, you say his damn name: i’m, always getting names wrong, but van der beek for 40 million euros plus add ons, which i think goes up to around 45 million. That really i can’t get my head around the staggering value of that, given that we’ve been linked with 70 million to sign jack greeley, who just about avoided relegation and 40 million for david brooks who didn’t avoid relegation, it goes to show how over inflated the prices Are in the premier league, when someone like van der beek, who’s 23 who’s been at the ix academy, since he is 11 who got to the champions league.

Semi final was a huge part of that team and sensational team that was built by 10 hog that had delict that had dion that had van der beek. He was a key member of that and he’s only going to cost 40 45 million euros, that’s outstanding value, and it is an outstanding signing by united. It begs the question why couldn’t we have done this six weeks ago, because the the value was still there. Van der beek would have cost 40 million vandasar was there. Everything was there six five six weeks ago, but i can’t complain too much because it’s happened before the season starts and van der beek is a major signing. Don’T people are gon na, be like oh look. We got bruno, we got pogba yeah, we do, but we need two to come to win the champions league and to win the premier league, which is united’s ambition now. Well, it should be anyway. You need two top quality players in every single position. Therefore, van der beek is a signing that we did need it’s, not the signings, that we need this summer in terms of the right wing, the defensive mid and the centre back as far as i’m concerned are the three main priorities. But we need van der beek for that squad depth so that players can be rotated and every single game we can have a top quality 11. and van der beek brings that to the team and marcus rashford is clearly excited about the signing see here over on Twitter him liking fabrizio’s tweet, and this there’s some sort of romance, i suppose we’re signing dutch players or ix players they’re bred differently.

The ix academy is one of the most famous in the world for a reason, they create beautiful footballers, ball playing creative playmakers. Like van der beek will be an asset to manchester united will be an asset to any team. I would say in the premier league – and he really looks like a soul shy signing somebody. Who’S young who’s clearly got quality but clearly has roon to get better. Has a great work ethic has goals in him. Creative attack minded just there’s, no reason not to be buzzing about the idea of van der beek in a united shirt, and we should see that an official announcement by the end of the week – and it should hopefully be the start of what i feel will be A crazy couple of weeks in manchester united, because those three priority signings still exist right wing centre back and defensive midfielder for me, are the three priorities. This summer. You’Ve got the time saying that soul shire still wants those three signings and van der beek should be the beginning of united’s transfer madness, rather than the only part of it now. It shouldn’t have happened this late and when we reflect after the transfer window, that will be one major thing that we all agree on that united didn’t act decisively early enough, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t make up for our errors between now and the end Of the window it’s just that we’ve got to fit a hell of a lot into a short space of time.

Now, with van der sar ix with united being willing to pay the fee that iax wanted and van der beek wanting to join united, it was a perfect storm. Things happened quickly and it was a perfect sort of transfer a couple of days ago. It wasn’t really any noise, then out of nowhere, it exploded and it happened and it got sorted within 72 hours. That is what you want to see from united. That is acting decisively a little bit late, but better late than never and that’s the way. I really feel about van der beek and when you have a quick look at the stats of van der beek out in ix. Yes, he is a creative attack minded player, but he’s also got that defensive work rate. He was the fourth highest tackler per game in the iax squad last year, and that really goes to show that he’s, one of those classic box to box midfielders someone who’s capable of going forward but not afraid to put the work rate back in defense. A bit like bruno fernandez, so you can see the reason why it’s a good signing and you can see exactly how when bruno needs a rest and van der beek comes in united shouldn’t, lose too much in terms of the overall flow and the tempo of the Game, whereas right now, if you take bruno or pogba out united, play a different style of football, someone like van der beek comes in.

We have the ability to continue that through games and through rotations. That is such an important thing, but van der beek to man. United here we go, we are now just an official announcement away from seeing van der beek in a man united shirt. How buzzing are you? How excited are you? Let me know what you think in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to united people tv.