Well, what we’ve got two transfers? One imminent one potential very good potential and we’re also going through the midfield from last year’s team and we’re gon na rate them uh on their performances. But first looks like a done deal. Yeah it’s been we’ve, sat it all this weekend and we’ve spoke about the lack of activity, but it looks like something’s been done. Obviously so much trigger united moving quick rumors that spurs were mooching about deal, looks like it’s going to be done and donnie van der beek so great play. You know. Obviously, you look at two years ago: champions league semi finals, some of the players who was part of that great team. What should have got to the finals don’t mess up against great addition. You know it’s do we need another midfielder? You know we’re going to speak about last year’s midfield, but it’s a great addition. You know he’s a great player. He’S come from this day at school, so he’s got the technique. He’S got the ability, so it’d, be a great addition for them sounds as though he’s got the role for replacing both of them uh, pogba and fernandez. He plays in their position good addition to the squad that’s what i would say: yeah she’s great. He was only 23. he’s gon na he’s gon na get need time to build up, obviously in the premier league, but dutch league’s a lot different. This is more physical but great to have him on board when he signs, you know so scores goals.

Scores goals sets up goals, just a great technical player, so what we have been missing for a long time and let’s get him signed and let’s get it over the line and we will speak about. Obviously, he’s, not our player yet, but until john or matthew peters is on that pitch he’s got a scarf above his head, the top on he signs the form and he’s a great addition to the squad. So so we need a few more well. The the they’re saying it’s, 40 million uh, look at that van der sar yeah over there. He’S done the deal. No messing yeah sounds like it uh medical this week, uh he’s playing for holland, so hopefully the saying it will be done before. Then. All these uh personal things have all been sorted out, so looks a done deal. I know you don’t like to say you know i don’t like children on there, but, like you said it looks like it. Firstly, done now we were talking about greelish and he was talking about 80 million and madison. So we’ve got this kid for me, he’s around about the same age or a bit younger he’s been at the school of ayat since he’s been, however old. So a very happy one. She signed yeah young lad as well, yeah young lad. Now we’ve got uh, dale or de los, or some people call him uh upper mcconnell. Now i know we’ve spoke about him a couple of times, but go back a few months and uh.

There was conversations and i was having them conversations with certain people about him. Uh leipzig plays in the back three plays in a back four great tackler, great passer, uh young lad, and he was coming to the united many years ago. Believe it or not, i’ve got to be honest, i’ve not seen much, who have seen him in the champion and champion. No. I know that restarting, i know very impressive, very strong some of what we need that aggressive in in the back four to the technology yeah. So let’s see if a bid gets put in mainly a right footed player uh but does go on the left gets his tackles in and he can pass the ball very good pastor of the ball. Now i believe, he’s strengthened, that without maguire uh and the way he goes forward and all that great addition puts pressure on what we’ve got there now now. There is big talk about this player. Uh it’s got release clause, uh 50 million euros uh. So that can be met. Uh and i don’t see why not. I don’t see anyone else is one of the most outstanding center halves. I wonder 21 yeah. Will you check him don’t? You not me like saying i’ve seen him in that uh got to the semi final champions league this year seen him in the matches after and i was very impressed with him. So if he’s available, the price is right and we can get this well, we need a center after you know that i mean we’re we’re screaming for him.

You know that physical presence, you can let the center forward, know in the first minute that he’s there so let’s see what happens. If we get we get something done then it’ll be another great addition to the squad. Well, if we get him done, we’ve got about a week to go uh before the back. All back in full training, they’ve got international, so let’s hope they do and uh we can move on from there. Do you know what i mean right so we’re an all given kid and done a rating of the week for the defenders, yeah we’re gon na go through the midfield, give it give us seven for the decision. Maybe i might have gone to six but that’s me. You would right we’re going for the midfielder today, we’ve got paul, pogba we’ve got bruno fernandez, seven premier league assists since he signed in general, we’ve got fred, nemanja, matic, stockman, scott mcdominay, juan mata, and then we’ve got lingard pereira and ghana. So we look at the midfield troll and i think, and obviously with uh donnie van der beek coming in it gets stronger yeah a fire midfield was okay, they stepped up so for some big matches, but some matches for me. They didn’t put that down and made that mark, and it was a bit disappointing when i’ve seen some of them getting nuts off the ball and getting bullied. I think i think they started to make the mark against city tottenham.

I think that’s. When i i mean my ratings i’ll give in a minute uh, but i think the ratings that’s when it changed. I think we spoke right before and obviously was three and all down here against the manager changed it at our time. Bro brought matic john, which we still got beat three. When we go to the etihad, we win one nil, yeah match it scored, and you know my view on matic yeah. I think you should play every game. Uh surprised, you never started off in the semi final, but there you go, but for me for me that he’s a man that i’m not saying build the team around, but if he can play as much as he can if he’s fit then he starts. I think should go with fred with the legs and he’s talking fred and galatasaray, so it’s all going to be madness. Until his win this year, yeah well let’s uh let’s start with pogba 14 games. Was it yeah disappointed? So because you know you’re looking at that match where he did come back and the manager played him against roxdale in the carling cup, however cup it is, was he needed to play in that no disrespect to roxdale, but he didn’t play for that after that game? Uh and for me we know what he’s about so yeah. He can he’s a world cup winner, he’s one world cup finals, but for me, he’s he’s got a comment in this piece.

This is the grab the game by the front yeah. There was lots of people there uh good players, ex players, all right in pogba uh for last season, and it just never happened. Well, we spoke about before once you get many reasons you spoke about before before the lockdown that obviously, for many reasons, the center midfield uh was that of mitt romney and fred yeah, who played well. You know you look at the game against setter, played well uh. Fred did well, and you were saying he was unlucky not to to start after lockdown, which he did against chuckling got off and for me he was one of those players that shouldn’t be like you guaranteed to know the first player coming off yeah. But you look at fred’s stats, yes, bringing in i’m, not statman. No, i don’t know but we’re now brought in right a quality. Dutch dutch player now fred’s his stats, just don’t cut it. Now. No goals no assists for us to progress. Is it? Is he the man now obviously he’s not gon na be sold, even though there is rumors there’s rumors of him going to galatasaray or out on loan or being sold? I do feel sorry for him because, like you say he was playing great with mcsomini and then pogba came back in uh for the last part of the season. Uh pogba, you know you can sort of like throw it away, fernandez that that the stats they all don’t know they say all they say.

Fernandez is just like a breath of fresh air, fantastic player, this season i’m, going on to one what uh play, which i thought was used very sparingly after locked down and i’m a great lover of him. I think he makes a team tick he’s, one matter. You know people saying oh he’s, too slow, he’s, 2d, he’s, very, very intelligent, and for me he wasn’t you. He seemed to mainly used in the face it’s, not a 90 minute. Man, though, is it and i get everything what you say great great, but the thing is we’re going forward now: we’re looking to build a team, but surely with that we shouldn’t give him the deal what he got. You know he sees. I don’t know you know. I just like him, i like listen. I like him uh but he’s, not the future uh he’s not there to take us to the heights we’re talking about future match tomorrow, he’s the future. You know i mean i love the kid. I think he’s, a great player he’s only gon na get better with age and games. You know he’d come onto the scene and he got that injury dinner. Yeah he’s playing, he might have been newcastle or someone i’m, not sure, and he was out for a long time. He come back, scored the great goal against uh and then i wouldn’t say he struggled, but he didn’t seem to get a lot of game time. But we know there we’ve got one for the future, but looking at the probably two of the last three people on the list is jesse, lingard and pereira, i think they’ve got to go out and roll if not be sold.

Jesse lingard no jesse lingard his time’s up is that his time here at united, i know, through speaking, elect, plays that southgate trusted him and liked him. He was always in the england squad went to the world cup played there, but i think he started for england, but if he does go on loan on his stage, we wish him the best because he’s a united fan, yeah yeah. He loves the club, but unfortunately i think if we want to move up and try and go to the likes of city and liverpool we’re getting better quality, we need better quality. Disrespect suggests he tries his hardest, but yeah sometimes you know. This is not your best, though no we’ll have a look and if he does go on loan soon yeah. We wish him as far as i’m concerned you’re concerned he’s, not the future and he’s, not the midfield we’re. Looking for with one signing it’s going to help out it’s going to change, add quality to it, add youth to it and that’s for the future, and i think so. Let us know what you think and i think these up and coming ones from the under 23s. Guyana, levitt, i think they’ve got to go out and loan because they’re good enough, you know yeah. They are good enough, whether they’re going to make a career as another matter, but they are good enough. Let’S send them out to the championship and let them play against men every week and let’s see what they come back.

Well, you look at becca when he went to preston yeah. He went out a kid. Come back a man yeah, so we hope that for them too, another ones who got along because no disrespect playing in the reserves under 23 he’s not going to help these kids they’ve got to be playing against men every week and are both and i’m. Not just mentioning there’s always galbraith the kid who’s, the northern irish kid let’s send them out so let’s give him that year, experience let’s see how they come back max i’ll attend them for this midfielder united this year. Let me go with mine first, so yeah. I think uh i’ll give a before lockdown and give him six out of ten after lockdown i’m going eight. You know with the fernandez. You know you look as going forward. You know yeah, we look at the you know what the bitterness is for me. The goal against brighton, the breakaway it was united of old midfield, bing bing bing bing in the net, so i’m going eight i’ve got a what’s name. It i’ve got a goal with you before before lockdown six, six yeah right that’s before lockdown, but eight i’ve. Given him eight so yeah i’m in a good mood, can’t give an eight i’m i’m gon na have to give a seven, seven, seven, five and that’s based on just running out of energy. So i give him an eight sony. Give him a seven give us your comments below what do you think about our mark? Give us your comments about uh vanderbilt you’re, making your mate john from upper mcconnell, but better known as john to his teammates yeah it’s john upper meccano four years in itself.

Four years today, uh well this weekend this weekend, fair play, you may wish you could join yeah i’m, saying well done mate, but i’m about four minutes. So there you go yeah well. What he’s on about is um four years sober, uh and as webby says, he’s got four minutes and we we know play for you paul, please thank you very much anyway. We’Ll be back later in the week, so hopefully we’ll be back with some breaking give us all your your comments. Give us your likes your dislikes and we love you all. Thank you. Please subscribe to the channel.