All doing all right and let’s be honest. It’S been a pretty eventful 24 to 48 hours, hasn’t it for united fans, and it looks like we’ve. I finally got our first transfer of the summer looks like donny van der beek. Is all but confirmed as a manchester united player, this has moved pretty rapid, so we’re gon na have a look at that and all the developments and all the ins and outs of that deal, but before we get into that smash, the like button hit that subscribe Button and go and follow me over on twitter as well close to a thousand some thousand followers on there so go and follow me at mr sai whitworth, but yeah. So i brought you the news yesterday that donny van der beek united had initiated contact with iaxo over the midfielder and that we’d been interested in bringing van der beek to trafford for quite a while, really but we’re. Not we just haven’t pulled the trigger on it and it seemed like yesterday what, for whatever reason, uh that’s when we that’s, when we kind of pulled the trigger and went for it and it’s, been a whirlwind of a 24 hours, personal from not really anything concrete. From to initiating contact to agreeing personal terms to agreeing a fee as well, potentially um, mind boggling, how quick this is this is this has kind of gone but apparently it’s going to be a 45 million euros transfer fee with bonuses included.

So i think that’s 36 million pounds up front um, which let’s be honest, that’s an absolutely banging price for a player of donnie vanderbilt’s quality, um excellent player going to be interested in where he fits in and apparently personal terms have already been agreed with a five Year, deal five year deal for the 23 year old, so that’s going to take him up to be in 28 years of age, really really good bit good bit of business from united and it’s. Not very often you hear you only say that um and very refreshing to see united do it in such a quick, efficient manner. We’Ve seen, transfer deals in the past for the united, where they’ve been drawn out over months, saw it last season with wambasaka. That deal was agreed two months prior to the deal kind of being announced same thing with mcguire. Bruno fernandez, you could argue, was drawn it for six months and we’re, seeing similar with sancho, although i think there’s different reasons behind that uh. So it’s really nice to see united, be so quick in concluding a deal not battering with the fee, accepting the fee getting the personal terms done and then over announcing him um and it’s the these. The the news kind of broke over in over in holland uh with a lot of journalists over there starting to report and then finally, this evening they started filtering out into the british media, so stei stone, simon peach, james robson, all the usual suspects, all piping up And confirming that the uh that the deal’s all but been accepted and agreed, um donnie gon na be also apparently according to the mirror these quotes are coming from the um.

They told his friends in amsterdam that sol shah’s determination to sign him was a key factor in his decision, not a bad pull for a norwegian pe teacher. Is it and then he’s also gone on apparently, he’s also said that uh he is impressed by the vision social described to him about the direction united are going so it’s interesting to see that the ollie has really fought two for nail to bring donny van der Beek into traffic, it seems like a player that ollie really really fancies and again he fits in with the sort of players that we’ve been bringing in uh the sort of profile of hard working, excellent mentality. Uh good footballers obviously have to be, and especially coming through the ix academy. You’D think you know he’s going to be a good. He he’s, obviously a good player um, but yeah it’s, it’s refreshing to see this deal be done so quick and the player seems enthusiastic to join and it just seems like a matter of time before we get the old uh. Here we go from uh the king himself, fabrizio romano, but as far as everything else, it looks like everything’s pretty much done and dusted just waiting for that official confirmation and it’s it’s going to be interesting to see uh how we line up with van der beek Um because he can play in a number of positions, i mentioned it in my video earlier today about um the things that vanderbate would offer on this united side and i’m excited to see them um, but he also, we can also line up in a variety of Formations he can play defensive line playmaker, he can play as a box to box and he can also play as an advanced play maker, a number 10 sort of role um.

So he could see his lineup with a 4 2 3 1, as in one of the holding sort of number sixes or the double pivots. If you will uh, you could also see him a bit more advanced in that sort of formation as a number eight, as well uh, more of a roaming sort of block to box player, and you could also see him operating as a number 10 in that sort Of position, but he also offers up a couple of different formations. We we now have the ability to go with a kind of diamond formation. I really think that could benefit united in certain games. Um other would require a bit more from the full backs, getting forward a bit more and product from those, but as far as midfield, i think that, really, if we’re coming up against the sort of narrow team that are beating us in the midfield area, then a Four one two one: two sort of diamond with matic van der beek pogba and bruno that’s, a pretty decent little diamond, though um, and also he can play in a four triple two as well, which we’ve seen united utilize every once in a while um alongside bruno, Is either double pivot or you can play as alongside bruno as a sort of advanced advanced playmaker in that position? He also, if you, if you watch my video notice, he um focuses a lot he’s playing on the right hand, side which to united, i think, offers a bit of balance, because we know i focus down the left.

We are so for us to bring in a player who predominantly focuses down the right hand side. I think that could be really beneficial for us and i say, offer a nice little bit of balance, something that we’ve lacked in recent years. So i’m very happy with this move. Um i don’t know if this means the jack really steel is dead. Uh i don’t know about that. We’Ll have to wait and see um. I would be very surprised if you were to bring in both of them um, but i think it’s a solid, solid signing for us, 35 million it’s. Nothing when you consider some of the prices that are being banned about 35 million for a player of vanderbilt’s quality decent enough age. I think that’s a very, very good signing for united and uh if he, even if he doesn’t, immediately walk into that first team. He certainly certainly improves the gap between the quality in the first 11 and those players that are waiting in the wings as a rotation or options off the bench. And he also makes that midfield a bit more competitive as well. Because if you think of the gap between the likes of bruno and pogba and the rest of them, then they’re under no pressure to sort of so competition always brings the best out in players and for us to bring in more competition for that midfield area. I think can only benefit us so i’m, very very happy.

With the deal um i can’t imagine it’s going to be long before we’ve seen pausing with the united shirt he’s going off to um john up with the dutch side. Obviously, they’ve got stupid, pissing internationals, soon uh, so he’s going joining up and linking up with the dutch squad earlier this week, but we could see him at old, trafford um. I think i don’t know if medical has been done yet that might be the only thing. That’S stopping this being confirmed, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we see this all done: dusting all official pausing with the shirt with ollie at old trafford carrington, wherever they do the uh they do the contract signings these days before that game. For the netherlands this week um, but let me know your comments in the comment section.